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Quarterly Newsletter Saafconsult B.V. Newsletter September 2012 Contents: Introduction | Projects | Pipeline | CarboWet Foundation

Introduction This is the third newsletter of SaafConsult this year and the first after the summer break. Things are still moving rapidly the last three months. Even in this summer there were new developments, new projects and new opportunities in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa. Let me start with an update of the on-going projects at the moment.

Projects Tunis In Tunis, SaafConsult won the African Development Bank project “Water and Sanitation Project Evaluations’ Review and Synthesis”. This is the first time that we win a project directly with the AfDB and not through another company. The main purpose of this assignment is to contribute to the on-going reflection within the African Development Bank on quality water and sanitation project design and implementation for better development results on the ground in order to reinforce the effectiveness of the Bank’s Management and Water and Sanitation Department. Our main tasks for this project are: • To assess the quality, and validate six project com pletions reports (PCRs) in the Water and Sanita tion sector (see list in annex); • To synthesize the evaluative findings, conclusions, lessons learned and issues from the available 2010- 2012 Water and Sanitation PCR-ENs and PPERs (see list in annex) • Provide substantive comments and suggestions on the i) draft evaluation report on Integrated Wa ter Resources Management (IWRM), and i) review of River Resources Management (RRM) Consultants involved: Ele Jan Saaf en Vincent van Haaren

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Photo’s by: Heleen Saaf van der Beek Sabrina Doetjes

Quarterly Newsletter Saafconsult B.V. Newsletter September 2012 Projects and Pipeline Nepal Ele Jan went to Nepal in August for the “Planning of Completion Phase for The Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Western Nepal” a project with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Ele Jan was the International Climate Sustainability and Ecosystem Based Natural Resources Management Adviser for this project. Consultant involved: Ele Jan Saaf Tajikistan In Tajikistan Marie Körner is the expert for the SDC funded “Drinking Water Tariff Research and Development of the Tajikistan Water Supply and Sanitation Project”. The project is to review Tajikistan national, and relevant international, drink water tariff practices and develop a set of recommendations to present to members of the TAJWSS network and for potential implementation in 2 pilot districts. Consultant involved: Marie Körner European Commission - Jordan In Jordan, in cooperation with HTSPE, we have signed a contract with the EC to evaluate “The Programme Management Unit (PMU) of the Greater Amman Water Sector Improvement Programme. The EC funded project: The Programme Management Unit (PMU) of the Greater Amman Water Sector Improvement Programme (GAWSIP) has been completed in 2006, however some activities were continued under the Al Meyyah project and phased out by the mid of 2008. Consultant involved: Ele Jan Saaf

Quarterly Newsletter Saafconsult B.V. Newsletter September 2012 Palestine Together with CEC Palestine, we have been invited by the Palestinian Water Authority to write a proposal for Water Sector Capacity Building Project to prepare strategies for Transboundary Water Resources Management and programs for Palestinian Transboundary water resources in absence of a comprehensive agreement with Israel on water. Consultant involved: Ele Jan Saaf , Sabrina Doetjes UNDP - Jordan For the UNDP in Jordan, we are asked to map and assess existing and potential linkages between climate change adaptation (CCA) and disaster risk reduction (DRR), Assist the Government of Jordan to design a Framework for Action and a detailed three-year Action Plan to promote potential linkages between current efforts to promote climate change adaptation and current disaster risk management efforts with the objective of increasing natural and human resilience. We are asked to identify and develop a project proposal to be supported by UNDP. Consultant involved: Ele Jan Saaf Presentation International Conference on Fresh Water Governance for Sustainable Development 5th - 7th November 2012 : Drakensberg, South Africa Ele Jan Saaf and Belynda Petrie (One World Sustainable Investments, Cape Town) will give a presentation about how Transboundary River Basin Management can contribute to peace and prosperity. The presentation aims to present case studies from the Jordan River Basin, the Indus River Basin, the Zambezi Basin, the Nile Basin and the Limpopo Basin. The common denominator of these case studies will be to identify and illustrate the core strengths of transboundary river basin management as more than just a format for planning.

Quarterly Newsletter Saafconsult B.V. Newsletter September 2012 CarboWet CarboWet is currently writing a proposal to to be eligible for CrowdFunding possibilities. We’re submitting our proposal on the website of Crowdfunding Facilities (http:// Crowdfunding Facilities is an online platform for non-profit organizations who are open to new ways of attracting money. We think that CarboWet will fit in because our research is like the projects presented on crowdfunding. They are real projects, with a real promise. Best regards, Ele Jan Saaf Managing Director SaafConsult B.V.

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Newsletter September 2012 SaafConsult  

Newsletter September 2012 SaafConsult

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