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Quarterly Newsletter Saafconsult B.V. Newsletter February 2012

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Introduction This newsletter is a bit late. My apologies for this, but it has been a very busy period. However, things are moving rapidly and I have much to tell you. There are many new developments, starting with our partnership with hydrophil iC. Work is getting more exciting as the company grows and more people become involved.

Partnership SaafConsult has entered into talks with hydrophil iC ( for a future together. Through a close partnership and our complementary geographical and technical portfolios we expect to be able to grow together, and to develop into one of the foremost water management consultants in the broadest sense. hydrophil iC is a member of the iC group of companies which offers services in all major infrastructure sectors. The group employs about 350 staff. Within the group, hydrophil iC is the competence centre for water. The company works worldwide in a wide range of countries – from Austria and other industrialized countries of Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe to developing countries and regions with emerging and transition economies. Hydrophil will help us grow, and we in turn will provide hydrophil with our network and expertise. This way we can jointly implement high-level consultancy assignment and indulge in our joint expertise. MONITORING & EVALUATION FOR WATER IN NORTH AFRICA PROJECT Expression of Interest

SAAFCONSULT B.V. Netherlands Office President Steinstraat 9 2312 ZP Leiden The Netherlands M: 00962 (0)7 973 75 727 0031 (0)6 526 36 031

SaafConsult B.V. et al January 2012

map shows water related projects projects since 2001of hydrophil iC This map showsThis water related hydrophil iC’s clients comprise the European Commission, the United Nations, the World since 2001 Bank, regional development banks, other international finance institutions, regional organizations (e.g. river basin commissions), ministries, governmental agencies and


Quarterly Newsletter Saafconsult B.V. Newsletter February 2012 Selected Projects February 2012: We have been asked to work with hydrophil on the formulation of a concept note for a new project within the framework of the“Rolling program of Interventions for Additional Supply of Water for the Gaza Strip” January 2012: SaafConsult, in cooperation with its partners hydrophil iC from Austria and NSCE from Egypt, won the project, “Integrated water resources management: how relevant is it to water operations of the African Development Bank? IWRM quality at entry review and CSP review”. A selection of 10 countries from the Bank’s portfolio has been made for this assignment, to be finalised by May 2012. The IWRM quality at entry review will search for evidence of IWRM approaches in Bank financed and managed water activities in Africa over the period 2000-2010. It includes a review of Project Appraisal Documents (PAD) to assess the quality of investments from an IWRM perspective or to assess the extent to which investments could be identified or labeled as IWRM interventions. The project will also include a review of Country Strategy Papers to assess the extent to which decisions regarding water investments in a country are discussed at this level.

This map shows water related projects of SaafConsult since 2005

Find more information about the projects and project experience of SaafConsult B.V. on the website: http://www.saafconsult. com/p_experience.html

Quarterly Newsletter Saafconsult B.V. Newsletter February 2012 December 2011: SaafConsult was contracted by Friends of the Earth Middle East to execute the Jordanian side of a “Study of the Economic Benefits of Rehabilitating the Lower Jordan River for Palestine, Israel and Jordan”. The objective is to provide decision makers, donors, regional actors insight and appraisal of opportunities for development that would result from a rehabilitated Lower Jordan River. Next to that we’ll identify positive-sum outcomes to responsible river management and rehabilitation of the LJR. The work will be executed in close cooperation with consultants from Palestine and Israel over a period of 6 months in 2012. November 2011: SaafConsult has signed a contract with LEAD Pakistan for a long-term involvement and cooperation in the field of transboundary water resources, specifically on water sharing between Pakistan and Afghanistan. SaafConsult will be providing expertise in the field of transboundary water policy and governance structures, dialogues and processes, drawing on its experience in Bosnia, the Jordan River Basin, the Indus Basin and the Nile Basin.

SaafConsult has been contracted in November 2011 by the Austrian Development Agency to execute a study on “Water for Production” - review of recent implementation experiences and identification of strategic options to support the WfP sub-sector as a component of the planned Joint Water and Environment Sector Support Programme in Uganda.The project ended last month, January 2012.

People SaafConsult has recently expanded through an increase in workload. Our team now consist of: - Marie Körner, a senior socio-economist with much relevant experience in water supply and sanitation projects; - Vincent van Haaren joined us as a Water Project Consultant. He will be involved in the project of Friends of the Earth Middle East considering the Economic Benefits Study on the Lower Jordan River and in the project of Integrated water resources management: ‘how relevant is it to water operations of the African Development Bank?’. - Sabrina Doetjes started end of October 2011 as an intern for SaafConsult. She will continue to support the company with administrative activities and will be involved in some projects as a Junior Consultant.

Quarterly Newsletter Saafconsult B.V. Newsletter February 2012 CarboWet CarboWet is a foundation registered in The Netherlands. The foundation aims to develop a methodology for the certification of greenhouse gas storage in wetlands. The main objective is to try to determine a value for the sequestration, so that we can trade the credits to obtain continued funding for conservation and rehabilitation of wetlands in the Mediterranean region. This objective falls within the emerging trend of calculating ecosystem values to allow balanced socio-economic decision making on conservation and development.

Find more information about the CarboWet Foundation on the SaafConsult Website: http://www.saafconsult. com/carbowetFoundation. html Activities so far have included the completion of preliminary research in Azraq, Jordan, end of 2009, in close cooperation with the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN). This resulted in a thesis on carbon storage in Azraq entitled, “Wetland Carbon Trade”. In close cooperation with the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL), Istanbul University and with the assistance of the Rubicon Foundation we have now developed concepts for the initiative that can take it forward. SaafInvest B.V. has provided seed funding of up to € 3000.- for first steps. Ele Jan Saaf

newsletter SaafConsult February 2012  

SaafConsult Newsletter February 2012

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