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MEDIA RELEASE – Social Eyez Company 9 May 2011

Current issues of social media monitoring in the MENA region “Social media are holy temples to our freedom” A lecture was held on the 9th of May,2011 at Zayed University by Mazen Nahawi, President & CEO of News Group, Social Eyez Company. Social Eyez is the world's first Arabic & Persian language social media analytics company with a focus on the Arab world. It monitors tens of millions of sites from all over the world using world class technologies in order to capture the content that is relevant to their clients. Nahawi talked about the media in the region of the middle east and how it changed from the 80's and early 90's till recent times. From sharing ideas with the audience, he emphasized that all social media users in the middle east region who were born in the 90's are taking the power of social media. For more illustration, he gave an example on how the media responded in the early 90's when Iraq invaded Kuwait, which was by not giving the whole truth because it was a shame to broadcast that an Arab country invaded another. Nahawi highlighted the power of social media on the Arab world nowadays and how social media helps in triggering revolutions, mentioning the Egyptian revolution as an important example.


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Media Release  
Media Release  

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