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Helsinki, 11.11.2008

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SOCIETY CFA® SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM – 2009 (CFA Finland – CFA Suomi) The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) Program is a globally recognized standard for measuring the competence and integrity of financial analysts and other investment management professionals. Three levels of examination measure a candidate's ability to apply the fundamental knowledge of investment principles at a professional level. The CFA exam is administered annually in more than 70 nations worldwide. Already more than 82,000 CFA charterholders are playing leading roles in today’s global financial industry. CFA Institute® is offering 10 scholarships for the CFA Program’s June 2009 exam through its member society, CFA Finland. All scholarship applicants must fulfil the following requirements: •

Minimum a bachelor's degree OR equivalent (e.g. 180 or more relevant credits completed) booked no later than December 31st, 2008. A student candidate must be in the final year of his/her studies.

Applicant must fulfil all CFA Candidate requirements to register in the CFA Program.

The scholarship will cover the cost of registration and enrollment fee of any examination level of the CFA Program. The scholarship recipients’ share of the cost is $220, saving $860-$1175 for the candidates. The assigned CFA Program curriculum and one online sample exam are included in the exam registration fee. Please send your resume (max. ½ pages) and a short (again max. ½ pages) description why you would like to become a CFA charterholder. Please also include short answers to the following three questions: 1. What is a LOS and why is it important in passing the CFA exams? 2. How long (in hours) does CFA Institute estimate a successful candidate should prepare for each exam on average? 3. What was the pass rate for Level I exam in June 2008? You can find the correct answers to these questions on All scholarship applications must be sent to one of the following addresses or e-mails no later than January 9th, 2009: Tommi Walther PCA Corporate Finance Oy Eteläranta 12, 00130 Helsinki

Tero Lehtinen Pohjola Capital Partners Oy P.O.Box 308, 00101 Helsinki

For further information about the CFA Program, CFA Institute and CFA Finland please visit and and/or contact Tommi Walther, CFA (email:


For further information about the CFA Program, CFA Institute and CFA Finland please visit and and/or...