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Motivation In this world where we are blessed with numerous bounties of GOD and many of our wishes are fulfilled at an instant, still there are people out there who do not even have money to afford single meal a day. Such circumstances are bore by 57.2% of World’s population who are living below the poverty line. MKPWA believes that now it is every individual’s responsibility to eradicate poverty and aid these people in all possible manners we can. We would serve as a platform for you to aid the needy but your commitment and contribution is required in terms of donation. Saving a little chunk of your income and donating it to our NGO is not a big deal for the blessed ones. Please help us in saving millions of lives who want to live for their families, who want a better future for their children. Do remember every paisa counts; every contribution of yours can save a life.

Mankind Public Welfare Association has been setup with aims to serve the mankind. We look forward to helping poor and forbidden people in all possible ways we can. MPWA ‘s contribution in our society would be mainly focused upon providing free medical facilities to poor and needy, as well as providing education to the deprived, poor children. We plan to step towards a healthier, safer and educated Pakistan. Every individual’s contribution in our organization would serve as beam of light that would enlighten our path to a developed Pakistan.

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WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT ME ? It is estimated there are 300 million children worldwide who are subjected to violence, exploitation and abuse. Over 20 million of these children are orphans children from birth to 17 years old who have lost one or both parents. These are children subject to disease, child labor and child trafficking. Your involvement with our non-profit organization Mankind Public Welfare Association can change a child's life forever. Through our orphan care aid to countries, unique fundraising events, and mission opportunities, we work hand in hand with families, donors, and churches to make life better for children here and there, today and tomorrow.

Our team dedicates this ORG profile to our loving Community and all MKPWA members, who always helped us in solving all of trouble with their love, affection, encouragement, inspiration and boosted our morale to fly high to accomplish our goal and every time wished to see us glittering up on the skies of success. Our utmost indebtedness is also reserved for our social workforce for their esoteric attention and limitless efforts to make our life fruitful .Also we are passionately thankful to them for their moral support and devoted prayers to keep our spirits up during the difficult phases of this task

Pledge Form Donor Information please print Fill-up scan and send to the


Pledge Information I (we) pledge a total of $____________________ to be paid:

1: Education and Health

Name Billing address City, ST Zip Code Phone 1 | Phone 2 Fax | Email

☐Now ☐monthly ☐quarterly ☐yearly.

a:Education for orphans b:Skill development programs c:Languages programs

I hereby pledge to Mankind Public Welfare Association that I will Sponsor for:

1: Health programs

Please select one:

a:Medical camps b:Health Care centers c: Diagnose programs d:Health tips

2: Child Abuse and Children Rights 3: Pollution Control a:Environment clean

1: Education For ORPHANS 2: Medical Camp ( for a medicines) For a month

Rs: 1000

For a yearly

Rs: 12000

__________________________________________________________________ I (we) plan to make this contribution in the form of: ☐cash ☐check ☐credit card ☐other. Credit card type | Exp. date


Credit card number Authorized signature Gift will be matched by (company/family/foundation) ☐form enclosed☐form will be forwarded Acknowledgement Information Please use the following name(s) in all acknowledgements:

wish to have our gift remain anonymous.



☐I (we)

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Mankind Public Welfare Association has been setup with aims to serve the mankind. we look forward to helping poor and forbidden people in al...

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