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May 2011


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What’s Inside Hey Kids! How are you? hope you will be fine with the grace of Allah. Thanks for downloading this month’s Funtonic. This is the first issue of our magazine, we’re starting from 6 pages and we hope you will help us improve our magazine. You shall print the magazine with your printer so you can read it easily anytime…. This month’s issue we are featuring software reviews and techniques in Computer Trix . Read the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Show Talk. Create an Ultimatrix in Activity Page, read the stories, trick your mind with the Brain Tests, and read much more. Also do not forget to check the new look of http:// Now you can also create games of Star Wars The Clone Wars on the site. So hurry up read the magazine and start playing games at Funzone.

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Computer Trix Create your free Website By Saad Hasnain I have used many of the web creators to make my site funzone. I have discovered that Weebly is the best web creator on the internet for creating a free website. To create a website go to http:// You must sign up by writing your name, email and password. Then you will be asked to name your site. After that you can then write the URL of the site. In the website designer add a textbox and write about your site. You can also add multiple pages and add more stuff to your site. If you want to earn money add some ads through Google Adsense. So hurry create a website to start your own business!

Software Review: Google Picasa Google Picasa. Picasa by Google is a very useful software used for managing pictures and videos. With it you can make a movie of your photos and upload to youtube, make a photo collage to add a beautiful look to your pictures. You can also add colorful and bright effects to your pictures, the most advanced feature of this software is that it can detect faces in every picture, it will scan your pictures and then ask you for their names, then it will automatically add your pictures in an album. So download it for free from google and organize your pictures in one place.

Tricks and tips: Mouse Cursors If you are bored with your default mouse cursors you can get some new cursor packs at Craft corner at our site. You can get instructions when you download the cursors. So hurry download them and customize your mouse!

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Ben's secret identity is revealed to the entire world, and he is now a superhero loved everywhere by kids and teenagers, but distrusted by many adults. Kevin and Gwen find out who revealed Ben's secret and where he lives, and the three go to "pay him a visit". The informant turns out to be a young boy named Jimmy Jones, who has followed Ben's exploits ever since he was ten-years old. With Jimmy's help, Ben and company discover a series of alien attacks in Florida. An unknown alien steals a nuclear device from a prototype interstellar rocket. They follow the thief to his ship, which he intends to launch using the nuke. This would destroy central Florida. Once defeated, the alien, named Bivalvan, reveals he is a refugee named from the Andromeda Galaxy who was kidnapped by an alien named Agreggor. He is left restrained, with assurance that the Plumbers will be along to bring him back home. Ben reluctantly returns to school with some encouragement from Julie. The students greet him with applause, including his old bullies Cash and JT. Some time later, Bivalvan is found and recaptured by Agreggor. Agreggor is the Main villain in the first season. Later another alien Galapegus tells Ben how he escaped from Agreggor alongside four other aliens. Agreggor kidnapped them in a plot to permanently absorb their powers. Though the aliens escaped from Agreggor's spaceship, they crash-landed on Earth. After a hard struggle Ben and his friends fail and Agreggor becomes Ultimate Agreggor. Ben and team then realizes that Agreggor absorbed the powers of those aliens to protect him from the guardians of Map of Infinity. Will Ben, Gwen and Kevin protect the Map of Infinity or Agreggor will become a Nepodent?

Want to get play games and watch free episodes of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien go to

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Cut along the dotted lines. Adjust size by inserting the left-hand tabs into the matching slits

About Ultimatrix: The Ultimatrix, unlike the Omnitrix, it resembles a wristwatch. The central component, the selection interface remains the same, while the watch band was replaced by a glove-like band extending up to half of the wearer's arm. Albedo When used, the Ultimatrix had a red color scheme. After Ben took the albedo, the device returned to its original green color. The selection interface is identical to the original dial, with the intergalactic peace sign that changes color to reflect the mood of Ultimatrix.

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Factoria Read amazing facts

1. Carbon dioxide is heavier than air. It is used to make fire extinguishers 2. Gold was firstly discovered in 1848. 3. In a very wet cave where there is a lot of dripping water, stalagmites build up in a wide layers, instead of forming spikes they look like a tower of cakes! 4. Human body will produce more heat than Sun if it becomes same as the size of Sun! 5. When water is gathered near a mountain with a great pressure it can break the mountain! This also proves that unity is strength! Want to read more facts, join Kids Club and read amazing facts everyday.


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Brain Tests:

Funtonic Issue 1  

A magazine for kids of all ages

Funtonic Issue 1  

A magazine for kids of all ages