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The Salvation Army is a Christian Church that meets community needs without discrimination. It offers practical support and spiritual guidance to men, women and young people so they can live to their full potential.

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De cem ber 2008

Pass on the volunteers cheer;pass this on to someone who may be keen on volunteering.

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Our Mission Statement for Volunteer Involvement The Salvation Army welcomes volunteers as partners to march along with love and passion, in serving and enriching lives without discrimination. We recognise that a meaningful engagement and partnership with volunteers will allow us to mutually g low and grow.

The SA-V IV D Bumper Issu e

Feature Article BEING IN GOOD BOOKS The Salvation Army Library Enterprise (SALE) was recently nominated for the President’s Social Service Award 2008. Here's how it all started.

Visiting S.A.L.E. Take a walk along the corridor of our Upper Serangoon Road Thrift Store and you will discover that the book section is one of its key features. Come on a Saturday morning and you will greeted by the chatter and laughter of our S.A.L.E. (Salvation Army Library Enterprise) volunteers, as you find them working their way through the books donated to The Salvation Army. When am I ever go ing to

Down Memory Lane...

finish t his?

Four years ago, there were piles of books at the Upper Serangoon Road Thrift Store, and only bargain hunters would have bothered to go through them, hoping to find a literary gem.

A trio of book lovers then approached The Salvation Army and offered to organise the book area. And so, SALE was born.

It took much hard work and numerous volunteers to sort out and categorise the books. Bookshelves of neatly organised books eventually took shape. Finding a book is no longer a hassle, because there's now a systematic book section in place, making book hunting a much more In the begi nning... Th e pi oneers who start it enjoyable experience. all ...

December 2008

“It’s amazing seeing how this group of volunteers grow and how the volunteer leaders always help to make the volunteers feel welcomed. And it is really heartwarming to hear how from fellow volunteers, many have grown to be good fri ends; spending time together going for picnics and even for overseas trips.

~ James Lim Soon Leong, Volunteer Resources Manager, The Salvation Army.


Feature Article (Continued) Successful “Book Quests” Customers hoping to buy a book or two have ended up with a full trolley. And our friendly book volunteers are always on hand to help customers in their “book quests”. The “New Arrivals” section is also updated every week so there is always something appealing to customers. A Day in the Life of a S.A.L.E. Volunteer Ever ready with smiles and open arms to welcome new volunteers, the pioneers ail s t o Th e tea m never f have seen their “family” grow over the years. From just a handful, there are e a n oth er on th wi mmu ni ca te co now more than ten regular volunteers who come s fi nd th e bo ok s “...I started to to h elp cu stomer fo r. to the book-sorting room to mend torn pages and th ey are l ooki ng enjoy doing set aside damaged books for recycling. It is what I did. The evident that these volunteers like what they're infectious bubbly nature o f doing is evident and their hard work and enthusiasm has not gone unnoticed. the staff there also helped, The Salvation Army, continues to this day, to be immensely grateful for the as I began to see the success and commitment of these volunteers who we affectionately call our Saturday events as more of “book volunteers”.

fun than work. I met new fri ends there, and met up with some old ones...I think I will continue this project even after I have completed the necessary hours, just to help out and to do something useful ” ~ Zhi Kai, Student volunteer from AngloChinese School (Independent)

After their Saturday duties, the team would often head out together in search of good food around Singapore. Here is a team of volunteers who are not just passionate about books, but food as well. A team of volunteers who eat together, stay together! This maybe explains why the team is so closely knit and why the project continues to be successful year after year. Student volunteers seeking to fulfill their CIP (Community Involvement Programme) are also welcomed by the team. Some enjoy the experience so much that they decide to “sign on” as regulars!

Over the years, our book volunteers have remained dedicated to their work; making their way down faithfully every Saturday morning, to sort, price and shelve donated books. And you can be sure that they won’t be leaving anytime soon, either. So if you have a love for books and would like to bless the needy, come on down and join us! A fa mily p ortra

oks ” by our Article “Being in Good Bo Ms F iona SA-V Editorial Vo lunteer Cher. on Fio na is a student a t Anders Junior College and is a lso a vo lunteer with the S alva tion LE). Army Libra ry Enterprise (SA and ting wri , ding rea joys She en photograp hy and hopes to rism through spread the spirit of voluntee ies. her photos and stor


Have a story to share? Se nd us your a volun teer p rticles an d p rojec ts with hotos of your The Salvation Con tact our A rm y today Volun teer R ! eso u rc es Man ager volun teer@S at MM.salvation Visit the SAa rm or V Blog @ htt p:// spot.c om

2 December 2008

Feature Article RAIN OR SHINE; STAFF OR VOLUNTEER A loving heart and passion is all it takes. The Salvation Army pays tribute to a dedicated volunteer who not only served as staff in The Salvation Army, but continues to this day to lend a helping hand as a volunteer.

Not Forgotten For many of us, we can recall the love, joy and time spent with our parents. But for some children, this may be something which they long for; something which some of us may take for granted. For children, whose parent(s) are incarcerated, childhood can be a very trying time of transition and pain; one marked with little stability but with drastic changes. Many of these children have to deal with loss and loneliness in their formative years alone. These are the children Aunty Beatrice works with. Aunty Beatrice, o r “Aunty B” as she is fondly known, has been a volunteer with The Salvation Army for many years. She now dedicates her service to Kids In PA US (Play Activ ities Under the Salvation Army) and Prison Support Services; a co mmun ity outreach programme that reaches out to 213 ch ildren (about 200 families). Kids in PAUS (or KIP for short) provides prisoners, their children and family members emotional and practical support such as befriending, counseling and providing access to financial assistance during and after incarceration.

Inspiring, Joyful, Loving & Dedicated Aunty B joined as a staff member in 2001 and is continuing her service as a volunteer today. She continues to inspire the staff and beneficiaries in KIP with her selfless dedication and joyfu l service. This 67-year-old kindergarten teacher is no stranger to wo rking with prison in mates and their families. Before KIP, she had experience volunteering as a counselor and coordinator. When she was approached to help with the children’s ministry, Children Helping Other Children, in KIP, she agreed immed iately. Meeting Aunty B for the first time, I was immediately charmed with her broad smile and bubbly nature. She has an attractive personality that draws people to her. As we spoke, it became obvious that she loves her work and the children at KIP. She spoke about them with such enthusiasm and earnestness. “You have to love them (and) bring yourself down to the level of the children. Be with them. Join with whatever they’re doing. Be part of what they are doing. En joy! The important thing is to enjoy with them, enjoy each other’s fellowship.”

Aun ty B’s welcomin g and b road smile…

And this love is so evidently demonstrated in her service. For example, you will find Aunty B making and preparing materials and toys for the children, out of her own resources, in order to help KIP manage costs. Her skills and experience in teaching has also helped her in her interaction with the children. And as a result of this, the children always look forward to seeing her and experiencing her warmth and infectious cheerfulness.

“Passion Keeps Me Going” Despite the extensive amount of time and effort in preparat ion for wo rking with the ch ildren, Aunty B never feels weary. She owes this to her passion for this ministry, making her assignment with KIP a mean ingful and en joyable one. The only burden she has is the inability to help the children beyond a certain point; being unable to do follow up work. Apart fro m that, she remarks, “It is a joy to volunteer. Vo lunteering makes you happy. There is satisfaction when things work out well.” ff o r Article “Ra in o r Shine; Sta rial Edito V SAVolun teer” by our And her efforts are deeply valued, as Ms. . iang Ch Volun teer Ms Cara Katherine Peh, a Prison Support Service Staff,

It is a joy to volunteer. Actually volunteering makes you happy. There is a satisfaction when things work out well.” ~ Aunty B

December 2008

affirms, “She is like a resource to us.” Indeed, KIP, being a self-funded community outreach programme, has a need for more resources. And it is volunteers like Aunty B, who KIP partners with, help make KIP’s work possible and help raise part of the $350,000 a year needed to run the programme.

n Cara is cur rently study ing i nior Anglo-Chinese Ju of Co llege and is a member . ard Bo l the school's Editoria


Feature Article LOVE-LY MEMORIES FROM PROJECT ‘LOVE FOR A DOLLAR’ A team of student volunteers sacrifices their holidays to organize a fundraiser event to touch lives. But little did they expect that they will also be touched by others’ little act of love. Here’s an excerpt from their stories... A Little Wallet; A Valuable Gift He was young—probably about six to seven years of age—and he had a pair of glasses which made him look really adorable. From where we were, we saw him tarrying near our booth for some time, seemingly being shy to approach us. Finally, he bravely made his way to our booth and asked for his gift to be wrapped. I soon realise that the gift he had in his hands was a leather wallet. I started talking to the little boy and asked him who the present was meant for. He shyly told us me that it was for his mother. We continued our little talk and I managed to find out that the wallet cost him $60 and how he had spent a long time saving up for this Christmas present for his mother. Reflecting upon this brief encounter with this little boy, we have come to appreciate how this little small boy taught us about love. And, despite all the tiredness of having gifts after gifts wrapped, this little boy has renewed the warmth in our hearts, as if helping us to remember why we were doing this project. And how often have we been so frantically moving about in life that we fail to stop and just see the beauty of this world and of the relationships in our midst. He loved his mom and scrimped and saved just so he could get her something nice… It was as simple as that. Perhaps that is why people sometimes say that children have so much to teach us grown-ups. To us, it was both a valuable gift of love; both for his mother and for us.

Making a difference from where we are If I were asked to name the most memorable person I met during the entire project, it would be the DJ whom I met at Plaza Singapura. I can still remember how it was a slow start to our project and the response was poor and discouraging; people were simply passing us by or walked away when they realised that they had to contribute a donation for the giftwrapping. Just then, we heard the DJ and an idea struck me to perhaps ask if the DJ would help us in publicising the project. Just as the little boy tarried around our booth, so did I tarried around the DJ’s booth, not knowing how to start asking. But finally, I mustered enough courage and went up to the DJ, sharing with him the rationale and details about our project. Then, I asked him if he would help us publicise the project so we could raise more funds and he agreed readily! We were so thrilled and at first, we had expected him to help us with merely one announcement. But little did we expect that he would continue to do so once to twice every hour and for the whole duration of the project. It was a simple request but what he did simply overwhelmed us; we did not have the means to pay him for his service, but yet he unconditionally helped us with our project. And as a result of his generosity, customers started to flock to our booth. From sitting around, staring into space, we were suddenly back on our feet with barely any time left for meals. We are really grateful to Mr Deejay and can only credit him for helping our booth succeed in our project. On the final day of our project, we gave him a box of chocolat es to thank him personally for his help. That evening, he even ret urned to us after his DJ duties were over and passed us quite a number of presents to wrap. It’s often becaus e we do not dare to make the first move that we miss out on seeing how kind people can be. It is without doubt that this project was indeed challenging and time-consuming to put toget her, but it is not the time spent that mattered but the humbling experiences we had which has taught us many a valuable lessons.

4 December 2008

Feature Article People who left an imprint of love... Throughout the project, we met many people and different ones of them, in their own ways, encouraged us on in our project. Of Mahjong & Love—On the second day of our project, we met a chatty customer from Australia. She had bought a mahjong set and had want ed it wrapped. She shared that the gift is for her husband and continued to chat with us throughout the time she was at the booth. For a long time, we have considered mahjong to be pretty much an Asian game. So it was really interesting seeing this lady buying a mahjong set for her husband. As we worked on the gift, the lady continued to share how much her husband enjoys playing mahjong and also drinking. She goes on to share how she dislikes her husband drinking, which explains the choice of gift, a mahjong set—her little expression of love for him. The next day, she returned. But this time round, she had with her more gifts to be wrapped, commenting that she had wanted to support because it’s a meaningful project with a meaningful cause. She stayed at the booth much longer and continue to share with us about Australia, Sydney Opera House and so on. When we had finished with all the wrapping, she made yet another generous donation and bade us goodbye. By then, our spirits were uplifted, to have share a brief conversation with a customer, who not only support ed our cause, but also livened our day at the booth. Sweet Treats—Throughout our project, we met a number of people who affirmed us for what we were doing. One particular lady customer commented, “it heartens me to see young people like you committing your time to do such things for society.” Others showed their support through their generous donations. But one customer left a deep impression in us. It was Christmas eve. This customer came to our booth and took us by surprise when he came with an entire box of birds’ nest to be wrapped. We also noticed that he was holding a box of donuts bought from the mall. We wrapped his gift, thanked him and handed him his gift. But to our surprise, he handed me the box of donuts and uttered “this is for all of you” before going his way. It was a heart warming gesture because we had not expected to be blessed in such a way. He had been in a hurry but had to wait ten minutes for his present to be fully wrapped. But yet, he gave us all donuts; the first meal we had since our duty began. It was a memorable Christmas eve indeed for all of us. For showing such thoughtfulness towards people he did not know, he stood out from the rest of the crowd. Those donuts were sweeter than any other donut I had ever tasted because of its extra topping…a topping of a stranger’s kindness.

C atch the tea m action again t of volunteers in his y ea Dec—24 Dec 2 r from 13 follow ing C ap 008* at the ita Buk it Panjang Land m alls : Plaz a, Lot On e, J unction 8 an d T am pines M all. * Pleas e c hec k on s peci fic operation hours of th e cha ri ty gift- w ra ppin booth with th e r espec tiv e m g all s.

rom Project Article “Love-ly Mem ori es f -V EditoSA r ‘Love f or a Do llar’” by ou a C her. Fion Ms teer rial Vo lun on ders An t a nt stude a is Fio na a lso a is Junior College and vo lunteer with the S alva tion LE). Army Libra ry Enterprise (SA and ting She enjoys rea ding, wri photograp hy and hopes to rism through spread the spirit of voluntee ies. stor her photos and

5 December 2008

Feature Article (Continued) Congratulatory Messages for International Volunteer Day r... From our Territorial Commande De ar Volunteers,

nity to ay 2008 I am glad o f the opportu y fo r the valuable se rOn this Inte rnational Vo lunteer D Arm in The S alvation yone ver e of anks th re ince s the ex press to you ts and re side nts. vice yo u give to us and our clien mo re e fy’ and y our service helps us to be ference Arm d the ehin y b ‘arm reat a g f Yo u are part o im to make a dif amongst nee dy people. It is o ur a ion by vo luntary fective and efficient in our work ribut cont kno w that your ou to y nt e wa d w an s live s ple’ for goo d in peo achieving this go al. service plays a significant part in rward to in your se rvice with us. We look fo tion isfac sat and sure plea find I trust that y ou vice abo ve self’. hip with us as togethe r we put ‘ser tners par your continuing Thank y ou and God ble ss you. Yo urs since rely, David Bringans Co mmissioner Te rrito rial Commander

International Volunteer Day Greetings from all in The Salvation Army

From our Volunteer Reso urces Ma nager...

Ring ing the kettle bell… Befriending o ur beneficiaries … Entertain ing b eneficia ries throu gh song and dance… Cleaning and improvin g the ben eficiaries’ enviro n ment … Men toring ou r beneficiaries in their scho ol work… Prov iding con sultancy to help u s do better in carin g fo r ou r beneficiaries… Read ing or te lling stories to ou r children … Distributing food ratio ns to needy beneficiaries … Processing do nations-in-kind … Teaching spo rts… Celebrating festive events with our beneficiaries … Making hand icrafts with our beneficiaries… Assisting with project management … Help ing in therapy pro grammes …

This is but a s napshot of how o ur volunteers have been so wonderfu l in giv in g of themselves to those in our Salv ation Army Ho mes and Centres. Giv ing their t ime, skills , experience and love are b eyond a mon etary valu e becaus e they are ‘heart g ifts’. As we celebrate Intern ational Vo lunteer Day on 5 December, we would like to s ay a big ‘Thank You’ to all volunteers . The Salvation A rmy salu tes you for always being available and willing to assist in many ways. You r unselfish service h as helped the Army provide a broad er range of services to our beneficiaries. Every role p layed by a volunteer makes an unden iable con tribu tion to a colourful tapestry of love and care; each volunteer being u niquely different but yet b eautifully bound together in lov ing serv ice. Than k you on ce again and Happ y Intern ational Volunteer Day! James Lim So on Leon g Vo lu nteer Resources M anager

6 December 2008

Upcoming Opportunities Christmas Kettle Appeal (22 Nov—24 Dec) – The Christmas Kettle Appeal is a unique fundraising project that enables The Salvation Army to continue its work with the needy and underprivileged. Every year, staff and volunteers take to the streets ringing bells and encourage passersby to drop a donation into the kettles. We would like to invite you to join us in this tradition and make a difference.





Commitment Level: Two-hour shifts on Mon-Sat Regular/Adhoc Requirements: Volunteers 15 years-of-age and above Location: Island-wide Remarks: Groups are welcome to adopt-a-pot for a period of time. Volunteers keen to carol or perform may also get in touch with us to explore further.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Fundraiser — A team of student volunteers has initiated a fundraiser for The Salvation Army by providing gift-wrapping service in malls, in return for donations. This is in aid of The Salvation Army’s programmes and services for the beneficiaries in our care. We are inviting volunteers to join them in this meaningful project.

Commitment Level: Shift 1: 11am-4.30pm & Shift 2: 4pm-9.30pm. Preferably able to assist the whole project period, 13 Dec-24 Dec 2008 (Mon-Sat) Requirements: Friendly. Volunteers 15 years-of-age and above. Group volunteers are welcome Location: Tampines Mall (East), Bukit Panjang Plaza and Lot One (West) Remarks: Volunteers will need to attend training on 6 Dec 2008 or 10 Dec 2008.

Video Production Volunteers — Do you have an interest in producing video presentations? If so, we would like to invite you to assist us with video projects to (i) promote the work of the various centres, (ii) train volunteers and/or (iii) introduce volunteerism in The Salvation Army. Commitment Level: Regular/Project-basis Requirement: (i) Creative and experienced with video production and editing, and (ii) has his/her own basic video production equipments.

Chinese Instrument Teacher — The Bishan Chinese Corps is seeking a teacher to impart skills in playing Chinese musical instruments such as the Er Hu. Commitment Level: Regular; Sundays (11.30am-12.30am or 1.30pm-2.30pm) or on weekday evenings. Requirements: Volunteers must (i) have keen interest in working with and guiding adults in learning to play Chinese

VOLUNTEERING TIPS: Taking the First Step To get started on volunteering, consider the following: • •

• • • •

What causes or issues matter the most to you? Do I want to volunteer for something that uses skills I already have, or do I want to do something completely different? What do I most want to learn by volunteering? What don’t I want to do as a volunteer? Do I want an ongoing, short-term or one-off assignment? Who do I want to work with?

Extracted from World Volunteer Web at http://

7 December 2008

Upcoming Opportunities We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. If a man's gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to his faith.

musical instruments, (ii) able to commit to regular service, (iii) have reasonable proficiency in playing, teaching and/or conducting a Chinese instrument group and (iv) preferably have relevant teaching/tutoring experience. Location: Bishan Chinese Corps (Central) Contact Person: Colonel Tan (HP: 98158543)

If it is serving, let him serve; if it is teaching, let him teach;

if it is encouraging, let him encourage; if it is contributing to the needs of others, let him give generously; if it is leadership, let him govern diligently; if it is showing mercy, let him do it cheerfully.

Romans 12:6-8 (The Bible—NIV)

Housekeeping —

We are seeking a team of volunteers to help with housekeeping at the foreign students’ accommodation.

Commitment Level: One-off Requirements: Team of about 4-5 volunteers. Location: Central, The Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters

Performers for Staff Appreciation Dinner —

The Salvation Army will be holding a Staff Appreciation Dinner on 6 March 2009, in honour of staff who helped make The Salvation Army’s programmes and services possible. We invite volunteer performers e.g. magicians, vocalists, dancers etc to help us make this evening successful and special for these unsung heroes.

Commitment Level: One-off; 6 March 2009 (5.30pm-9.30pm) Requirements: Volunteers who have experience performing for a large audience and who are able to attend at least 2 rehearsals. Location: Central

Graphic, Electronic Greeting Card Designers & Editorial Team —

We are looking for volunteers who are familiar with graphic design and greeting card designing to help us with some future projects. We are also seeking volunteers with relevant experience and skills to help us establish and lead an editorial team for this bulletin.

Commitment Level: Regular/Project-basis Requirement: Volunteers helping with the graphic design should be creative and experienced with graphic and electronic greeting card design using Macromedia Flash or any other animation software (Graphic & electronic greeting card designers).

VOLUNTEERING TIPS: Joining the SA-V Family 1. 2. 3.

Donation-in-kind Processing Teams — The Salvation Army Red Shield Industries is looking for teams of volunteers to adopt sections within the Family Thrift Stores (FTS). These volunteers will help to process, classify and display the merchandise items e.g. books (Upper Bukit Timah FTS) clothes, toys, computers, audio-visual resources e.g. CDs, DVDs etc. Join us if you have the passion to be part of this new venture.

Commitment Level: Regular/Project Basis;Weekdays & Weekends (Saturdays); At least four hours per session. Requirements: Volunteers must (i) able to commit on a regular

4. 5.

6. 7.

Complete the Volunteer Application Form. Submit the form. Upon receipt of your form, our Volunteer Coordinator (VC) will make a follow-up call to you to explore how you can offer your services as a volunteer. Our VC will then assist to refer your application to respective centre(s) for placement. Security screening will be carried out, as part of the statutory requirement, for volunteers who will be assigned to work with child beneficiaries. The respective centre(s) will then follow-up with you on your placement. Your service then commences.

For all volunteer matters, you may still contact your respective centre VCs or the HQ VC.

8 December 2008

Upcoming Opportunities (Continued) basis for at least six months, (ii) be able to work with second-hand items and does not have dust allergy. Centres: The Salvation Army’s Red Shield Industries @ Upper Serangoon Road & Upper Bukit Timah.

Ongoing Opportunities

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.

Share-A-Skill with our Beneficiaries, Staff & Volunteers – If you have a desire to share and impart skills including sports, singing, dancing, music, guitar, drama, cooking and baking, IT, communications, arts & craft, origami, flower arrangement, we would like to partner you. We invite you to partner us in putting together short workshops.

Mother Theresa

Commitment Level: Regular/Project basis/Adhoc; Weekday afternoons Requirements: Volunteers must (i) have reasonable proficiency in the skills they are sharing, (ii) have keen interest in working with seniors and/or youth, (iii) able to commit for a period of time e.g. two months for the workshops, and (iv) must be confident of putting together a workshop . Sponsorship Required: Resources e.g. equipments and ingredients. You may find out more on funding for projects under “Volunteering Tips: Volunteer Resources”.

Reading, Tuition Programme & Study Mentorship

– Volunteers help encourage reading interest in our children and youth; coach them in their schoolwork; and provide subject-specific consultations. This also includes the provision of teaching aids and sourcing of material/guides for supplementary teaching. Volunteers with teaching experience are welcome to come on board. A minimum commitment of six months is required.

Commitment Level: Regular; At least six months regular commitment on weekdays (late afternoons & evenings) and/ or Saturday mornings Requirements: Volunteers must be (i) at least 18 years-of-age, (ii) have keen interest in working with and guiding children and youth, (iii) able to commit to rendering regular service for at least six months, (iv) have reasonable proficiency in VOLUNTEERING TIPS: Volunteer Resources subjects they are providing guidance in, and (v) preferably have relevant teaching/tutoring experience. Ideas, Guides & Success Stories Centres: Bukit Panjang FSC, Gracehaven, Haven, Kallang Bahru • CIP Central ( Community Centre & Youth Development Centre • NVPC (




– Share

joy with beneficiaries from our elder care centres and services with regular outings to senior-friendly locations. Volunteers can help to organize educational trips or outings to allow beneficiaries to have a day of fun and interaction outside of their centres. Commitment Level: Regular/Project basis; Weekdays Requirements: Volunteers must have keen interest in working with seniors. Groups of 20-40 volunteers are welcome to partner the centre to bless the seniors. Sponsorship Required: Help with expenses such as entrance fees, transport and meals for the beneficiaries. You may find out more

Funding • Citibank-YMCA Youth for Causes ( • Golden Opportunities (GO!) Fund ( • Young ChangeMakers ( • National Youth Council Funds & Grant (, click on “Programmes”) You may also find many other resources e.g. project planning, proposal writing etc, on the internet.

9 December 2008

Ongoing Opportunities (Continued) VOLUNTEERING TIPS: CIP Volunteering Tips (inspired by http://

Preparing to Volunteer • Know your interests and share these with the organization so that both can explore ways to make your volunteering experience a meaningful and enjoyable one. • Know the organization where you will be volunteering; understand the work they are doing and your role as a volunteer. • Prepare a journal to document your personal experiences and insights.

on funding for projects on under “Volunteering Tips: Volunteer Resources” Centres: Bedok Multiservice & Rehabilitation Centre, Peacehaven Nursing Home, Family Support Services and Bukit Panjang Family Service Centre


– Volunteers

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms. 1 Peter 4:10 (The Bible—NIV)

are also welcome to come work with beneficiaries by using their skills and expertise e.g. skills in cooking, haircutting, head/ shoulder/foot massages, information technology, multimedia and video editing, baking, balloon sculpting, writing, designing calendars and cards, origami — just to name some.

Food Parcels & Meal Provision – Volunteers / sponsors are required to help to pack (Mondays), distribute the food parcels (Tuesdays) and befriend the beneficiaries as they go around distributing the food parcels. Donations of food vouchers and/or non-perishable items for food parcels to needy senior citizens, is always acceptable. Entertainment/Befrienders

– Volunteers bring joy and cheer to beneficiaries by entertaining them with performances, e.g. musical performances, singing or drama. Some Beginning to Volunteer volunteers also help organize celebrations for beneficiaries during their birthdays and festive • Be on time. seasons. Examples of festive seasons include Chinese New Year, Mooncake / Lantern • Look out for the person-in-charge so you Festival, Christmas, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Children's Day, Easter Day, Dumpling know who to turn to for Festival, Deepavali, Hari Raya, National Day etc. •

• • •

help. Inform the volunteer coordinator / teacherin-charge if you need to leave early or if you are unable to volunteer on your assigned day. Ask for help when needed. Make new friends. Be sensitive and respectful toward beneficiaries and fellow-volunteers.

Being a Star Volunteer • Understand your role and how you can help to finish the task at hand. You have the right to be assigned reasonable tasks. • Be open-minded and flexible. • Share insights / suggestions on how things could be better.

Volunteers for Elderly Drop-In Programme – The Salvation Army’s eldercare centres are looking for volunteers who have the desire to work with seniors and who would like to take up the challenge of organising and implementing activities e.g. art and craft for the elderly drop-in programme. Volunteers are also welcome to support with existing programmes e.g. therapy and community walk programmes. Commitment Level: Regular/Project Basis/Adhoc; Wednesday Mornings (Activities), Weekday afternoons (Programmes). Requirements: Volunteers must have keen interest in working with seniors. Location: Family Support Services & Bedok Multiservice & Rehabilitation Centre

VOL UNT EERI NG TI PS : Partners hip Principles We work in partnership with volunteers to care for our beneficiaries. At the end of the day, we strongly encourage volunteer groups to either join in to help in existing projects or even initiate their own projects. Generally speaking, we look at four ma in factors when considering projects initiated by volunteers: • How does it benefit the beneficiaries? • How does it benefit the volunteers? • Whether the group have the resources (e.g. manpower and financia l) for the project? • Whether The Sa lvation Ar my have the resources (e.g. manpower) to support the project?

10 December 2008

Ongoing Opportunities (Continued) Facilities Improvement & Maintenance

– The Salvation Army works with our beneficiaries through the designated social service centres including our Nursing We welcome individual, group, corporate and family volunteers Home, two Childrens Homes, an elderly Day-care and Rehabilitation Centre, a Family to come on board to join The Support Service and elderly drop-in centre and many others. Volunteers are welcome to Salvation Army Volunteer (SA-V) help improve and maintain some of the facilities within the centres e.g. gardening, mural family. We also welcome ideas on paintings, helping to decorate rooms used by the beneficiaries for activities and how you would like to volunteer enrichment; and equipping facilities with the relevant furniture and items e.g. art and with the Army. For enquiries, please contact: craft materials for art-room etc. Con tac tin g Us

Volunteer Resources M anager The Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters 20 Bishan St 22 Singapore 579768 Tel: 6555-0232 | Fax: 6553-0242 Email / MSN: volunteer@smm.salvationarmy.or g Blog:


– Volunteers are needed to help in the Family Thrift Stores to

sort donations from the public that have come through donation-in-kind collection points. One such volunteer initiative is the Salvation Army Library Enterprise (S.A.L.E.), which meets every Saturday to sort, categorize, price and maintain the book sections at the Upper Serangoon Road Family Thrift Store. We are also seeking regular volunteers to set up similar groups for toys, computers etc. Volunteers also help to initiate and organize donation drives at their workplaces or schools.

S.A.L.E. Volunteers - SALE (Salvation Army Library Enterprise) is a group of volunteers helping out at the books section of The Salvation Army’s Family Thrift Stores. They help process, classify, price and shelve books which have been donated by the public to The Salvation Army. These books will either be redistributed to needy beneficiaries we work with or will be placed in the Thrift Stores for sale. The proceeds from the sale will go toward supporting the Army’s social service centres and programmes and the more than 2300 beneficiaries we work with every day. Commitment Level: Regular / Project-basis ; Weekends (Saturdays); At least three hours per session Requirements: Able to commit regularly for at least two months at The Salvation Army’s Red Shield Industries @ Upper Serangoon Road. Group volunteers are also welcome.

Donations-in-kind (DIK) Processing / Store Upkeep —The Salvation Army’s Red Shield Industries is recruiting volunteers who would like to assist to process and organise donations-in-kind in the warehouse or help with general store upkeep, maintenance and merchandise display. Commitment Level: Regular/Project Basis/Adhoc; Weekdays & Weekends (Saturday); At least four hours per session. Requirements: Volunteers must (i) able to commit for at least four hours per session, (ii) be able to work with secondhand item and does not have dust allergy. Groups of four to five volunteers per session (for DIK processing) or one to two volunteers per session (for store upkeep) are welcome. Centres: The Salvation Army Red Shield Industries @ Upper Serangoon Road (DIK Processing) & various Family Thrift Stores (FTS).

Events Management/Fundraising

– We are seeking volunteers to help plan and manage events e.g. day out & telematches. Volunteers are also welcome to fundraise for the Army by e.g. their organization adopting a Christmas Kettle Pot, organizing jumble/food sale, C REDITS car washes, donation drives & auctions, charity performances & screening, This bulletin wouldn’t have been possible mass record-breaking activities, sports events or other fundraising events.

Volunteer Support Team

– Do you like working with people and enjoy using your skills in supporting others? Then join us in the Volunteer Support Team to plan and implement support programmes for fellowvolunteers. Duties will include assisting the Volunteer Coordinator with volunteer selection, training, follow-up and general administration duties.

without the contribution of the following, to whom we are grateful for: Editor: James Lim Soon Leong — Proof-reading: Major Katrina Thomas, Ms Sharon Chea h — SA-V Journalists: Ms Fiona Cher, Ms Cara Chiang — Consultants: Ms Dhara Ranasinghe — A ll staff and volunteers who are featured and who made this bulletin possible.

11 December 2008

Opportunities @ a Glance

SA-VBulletin 12 December 2008

The Salvation Army Volunteer Bulletin  

The Salvation Army Volunteer Bulletin

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