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Make Your New Year Celebration in India Memorable

The whole world seems to be swaying to the tunes of the New Year on 31st December every year. This celebration is to bid goodbye to the passing year and give a welcome smile to the coming one. Indians also celebrate this occasion with great zeal. Everybody seems to be in a hurry to embrace the first day of the approaching year. India is a secular state, and in a real sense it is, people from all castes and creeds come together to celebrate the New Year eve. The stunning thing is that all the cultural differences seem to be vanished on this night. Not just India, the whole world celebrates this day with same harmony and joy. Indians have several ways to make this special day even more special. People wait for the clock to strike 12 and start having fun to make it one of the most memorable days of their lives. People select various places including restaurants, hotels, banquet halls and dinner halls to welcome the New Year. 

New Year Celebrations in Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels and Restaurants arrange special parties, dinners and buffets till midnight for those who want to make this moment memorable with the company of their friends and family in a hotel room. After the advent of the New Year they dance together to enjoy it at the fullest. Hotels and restaurants offer special bouquets to add to the joy of celebration. Various people, especially youngsters, arrange some other entertainment options outside. They take their friends and family members to increase the enjoyment. The dance performed on the eve is accompanied by New Year songs and New Year slogans. They roam around the streets dancing and singing and all of them seem to be on cloud nine.

After having some fun, people start to exchange New Year greetings and Gifts with each other. Everyone selects the best of the gifts for his or her family members and friends. They send New Year greetings and gifts to their friends living abroad to convey their love to them. 

New Year Celebration of Bollywood Stars

Bollywood stars prefer to perform for their fans on this auspicious occasion. Lots of auditoriums and 5 star hotels arrange New Year programs in which stars come and perform to enhance the beauty of the evening. Such parties and functions are arranged primarily in metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Other stars celebrate the eve by throwing New Year parties which are later telecasted by media on several T.V. Channels. They worship Lakshmi-Ganesha, burn fireworks and have fun with the invitees of the party. Fans of these stars can view their videos either on television or on the web.

Make your new year celebration in india memorable  

The entire India seems to be swaying to the tunes of the New Year on 31st December every year. This celebration is to bid goodbye to the pas...

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