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Erection ol fird froor rear extension at Weave/s Cotbge, ton R@d, S'Jdbury.


Erection of twostorey eide extonsion to accommodde stdrqre & crcdion of 2 m residCntid apattments as pafi ol first froor al The Dentd Emporium, Acton Sq.ran, Su&ury (fomer s{k weavirB mill).


Extension of


ext€nsion and altsrdtons followiru demol'

St€et, Hadottt.


idon ofexisting dorch atThe OH Forgs, 2 BrnJlp


Ercc{im of lront and side ext€nsions ard afrerdims al Copdock Mill, Mill larte, Copdock & Wastbrcok.

hilftnBmdrCdrd tP/l1{XF6/OUT

Demolltim of Deby Rod Statim ard ercc{isr of rcsidentid can horne.


DemditionotFftcaim Works, Pftcaim Road dndlings.


Conversln of waretpuse to rear tnits.


Redewlopment of land tothe west of Rarnomee Wayll'lacton (Craps Fhid Systems site) br empbymert atd teteil uso.


er€cdon of

cil 31 - 35 Fore Strcet, to


tedMial Red

lf,dSfl(tl!0ictOdrrl 2613/r1/OUT

Demolition of Ttnrrston Granary, Station l-lill, Tlurstat, & erec{bn ol raskbrilial and retail developmern (to extrend time limit lcr existing darx*rg apdicalion OlJl 40/04).


Ercctim of 14 drellirBs at former Mason's Cement lttorks, Grppins Road, Gred Blak€nham.

9ff(Od[XsidhrEf ct11t1u7



Corwersim & exterpion olThe Old FoEe,

&i48, Trnstdl, to regkbntid unit


MahirUs, Snape

Redacement olexisting wo*strop wth new boatyad rcrkshop & 3 apartm€nts at Woodbridge Boatyard Ud., Eversqts Whad, River

Wall, Wooeddgo.

ctl1t1431 ct11t1432'

Existing tenoetration ctnngps ard raisirq ol eaves ard ridge at Urft 12, Snape Maltings, Srepe Iridg€, Turstall.


Alterdirns to The Jam Factory'd the Granary, Clurch Common, Snape,





Demolilion of ancilliary strucfues in gardsn to make spaot ftrr single dweillng d th€ OH Malting Fhuso, 43A Cumbedand $rcet, Woo&


ABSTRACTS Joumals of o&pr So<Jotes lrcqJenty anive on yar Chairman's doormat in order trc dve -rEprod,rce members some idea of wfid fnese rintain, rve the contents liils bdolr. lf-alldirE sands to be.ol inlercst deas6 contact the Ctrdman and tB wiil ar?ange ftr ptdocopie6;f dis rdovant afiicb to be made.

SUH( Re*rr, ih Softs 5t, Alrt fi l. Ihe SupCV anO Uees ol Water in lpewich B€brB 1700, bv Wes Moor€. FodirB rcqrihls and Vaccination - t-low the Lorvestoft A.rtrorities,Doalt wih

Smdlpox Epidsmic, by Pebr Clemerfs. To the New WorH ard Back - an Emisrart from lpswicfi. bv RLfi Seded{. Qeacon, Post and Tel€graph - tligrCting m tte Ooast W 6cU Mabtei.. Peter Norhoast's R.{Cished Works, by Val l,bnington srd Davk' Dymond.

tF 1d/2€

fhlocd lfsbEr Anllcr20ll, Vd4t, ih.3.

The labour Mowment in Weelmorland lgfil - 19z4, by Roger Smalby. Edrcdbn in a Nineteerft€ontJry Oxtordshire Villab, Uv MCvllCurtii. The Spice ol Ub? The Mdtid€ Uies ot Gumin in Uddbvirl Endand. bv Srlean Frsnci& To_ MakeirB a Coffin': The Recods ol a VillagB Undenaker, bfAdrian-Gray. A Conzumer Revohlbn h Hurilingdonstire?-ty fen Sneah. Gdblines for setliru ry a vdunter Group to Transcdbe local Docr.rmenls, by l-leather Flcrner.

Oplnio: Qmcensus orOmteshlirn Plsrd.

Visifis dLocal Hishry



HrtiJ Ads*Or llffi,




Arrrn f . 2011, by Richad Hatrce.

1{o 1S8,

AIA Msit to Sureden, 30 May - 4

as Vierved fnom Devm,

Mdoim in lrelan4 by RobertOan. Cockdoo lslard in Sy&rey Harbotr, bv Chris Banprr. The H€dtage Aliarrce and the l-derv Fund's Sbateoic p,lanThe F$rre of $dionary Steam Muieume. bv Jolrr-porter. Ihe t'talidtal Pbrs Society, byTim Mickleixrrrqh.

fd!ftJ ftdEery tks.

$A-Conleronco, Co*


tq ffir.l}t

201 1, by Roger



Pobssor Marie Mssor (t$I7 : 20t-1). bv l,leil Coeeone. Ierihg, Ldery RndeSr+port b tndi6tiat Heri@,by Tcry Croeby. Sweden - A Poetscript, by Colin Borvden Ooumeay Sptpre, by Robert Cen.


l*sUw lOoif RemembedrB

tuuilr, tS. I, Vd A. lrhv Afl. n$:Asympoeium Rdt: A Sympoeium in fbrpurbtti i0(fiArriversary in-ttorrcu$tfi6 tOOtr otLT.C.Rdt's Biilh R:rym$lng - -A Honeer d trxtustial Arcttaeolory, w nngus eJdtarsr, I\l9il cosson6. JrJtaElton, Jdta Etton. Keitr Kei0r Falconer, Ricfrard l.lope ard *lirbs'SrlidanO.

he uewbpmgnt Dewlqrnsnt ffi,itff fi ffil,ffi 5iffiilffi ol swelwdl iff ffi ',rrrum savile chaniru From orlong SliltirB Mill to Aroy Alloy ureq: Steet me r n6 bI€et worke and works: by Ben Reeves.



ot lronurcrks, bv David crandsr. lronu,orks, the Growh of the smali shotrdd sxE€l Frm,

ar$ bqr6t,Arrm 2ofl . lftgHr l{fre} 9gg4q yqqs e.*a.ys at the qJ'l€ntside olthe indrtrhl hedhge arE its conservdion - TheAoe


the togacy; The Power of prctectim; The power of s-tervardsfioiThe or u'te H€oOe; croosing Cmtinents; lnveslim in the Futrrb.

Iru$ry; untr8tandns roruer

sl.tcl.x hDusIHAt

ARctlAEooGY socrETY

ftrrbs dtD AGll H cr $t l{qmter20ll




Ootrrnr*y Ante, hdridr

Preeenl: S. Wordey (Chairman), & 8 members

1. The meeting opened br business at 19.i10. Z Apoh*nirkrce R.Bamard, B.Barnad, S.Leslie.

3. ffibodPrs*ualle*rg

The minlrtes had been puilCished in the l,lowmber l,lewsletter. They were uanimorly acces€d a8 a trw record, ft's beirU propoced by T.Gibbs and secmded by R.Feam.

4. ffrttAdlfe

Therc ryerc rn mattera afising.

5. Acqllo

Cofies ol lhe lncome and Expencltuo Accout had been circrlded. The Society csttinued to nrn at a sli$t d€fcit, hrt ressrves rcmained adeqrato. At fte 2010 AGM it had bo€n pcinted out hal he loss br hat year (5105) oqrabd to the cost of ptinting and postirq the l{ewsHter. ElQerimgtte wi0r the emailing of the l,lewsletter had been proceeded wiFr fuirU 2011, ard had Edisod conefrJerable savings. A srlbstanilhl incrcase in posbl charges was anticipded in the new year, and dscueeln centred around increasing fte percentago ot ho membership taking the l.lewsletter ebc-trodcally, rafier than increadng srbscridims. Sr$scridion renewal bms will tlus irwitg m€mbers to povido heir email drcseee and also req.irc them to odor.rt olths email odim if thoy wishto contiruoto receive hard copies of the l,lewdetter. These ldter migtt be availaHe d meslings if pees dates and ginling can bo arangodbtie in wih tris - tis shdJd also ctltdown on posbl costs. lt was poposed Oy J.Fudong, seco.rfu by R.Feam) that s.bcriflim rdee rcmdn at thgir curent levds, to be €conskJer€d in 2012 &pendart on eavings made W tp adodim of electroric t{ewsbthr dstrihdon, The acoounte w€re acceded uarimor sly, foflolitng the gopoeal of T.Gibbs ard seconded by S.Shrw. Joln Jones agneed O csdinB as lndep€rdont Examiner ol Accomts.

6. Ebdiodi:ffi

$eve Wordey, Tim Gibbs and Eob Malsbr had agreed to continw in treir present rdes. It proving impo*Jt{e b elect either a Secrctary or a Trcasurer, it was proposed b S. Shaw and seconded by J Fudong trd they be leelected br a further term.

7. AryOrrBdx

Joh.t Jon€s stdod trat tt6 llarfulk l.A Society were con{$dedm and pdCist$ng 'tdaling prodrc€d irn 1$0. th6 booklet Ind.rstrialArchaedoSy in and arqrtd NoritK oriSinaly Tlis inc{uded a rumber of eites in Suffrtk, dom to the border-o on ior.nes rdairp hun l.loriCk. lt was Ht tnt tte SIAS ougttt to pailkSpde in t{s rcvision, viaitirg the sitee to ascertainhef they remain htact, ptrotograptingf'6m wherc poedbla, ad mayb€ suggesting furher addtims. lt was determinEd to email descriplirne of hese Bihs to membors on he email list, andtogqdrco a standard le6rd ftxm sohddda is recod€d in a consistant lormat. A vde of thanks to the commit€o

goposed by Jotm Jmes.


fp efbt prn in to keep the society in being was

8. Iftoalbdls*u.

Actual date to be advi6€d, A Wednsday in l,lovember 201 2


therc behU no further bushress, th€ meetirq chsed d 20.20


d 9.$. 1



INCOME and EXPENDITURE ACCOUNT for the vear ended 30th SEPTEMBER 201I

Income Subscriptions Donations Bank deposit interest

Exoenditure Insurance

Affiliations Stationery and Newsletter Meetings - room hire & refreshments speakers' expenses Postag€

Bank charges

SuroluV(Deficit) for the vear

BALANCE SHEET at 30th SEPTEMBER 201t Current


Cash at bank - current account

deposit aacount Cash in hand

Debtors and prepayments Less: Creditors

Net Assets

Accumulated fund Balance brought forward Surpluv(deficit) for the year Extraordinaxy income - sale ofbooks Balance canied forward

I have independently examined the accounts of the Society for the year ended 30th Sepfember 20 I


My responsibilities are to: tdentiry whether or not proper accounting records hav€ been kept Check that the accounts abov€ agree with the accounting records. I-ook for possible significant errors in the accounts. Check that the accounts have been properly ptepared

No matters have arisen during the course ofmy examination where I have to give an adverse report


7th November 20r

Hines Farm, Earl Stonham, Stowmarket, Suffolk.



FROM THE AGM As will be seen fiom the mirutes of tte rccent AGM wtt'ch are includod wibin tris l&wsletter, prodjclixt and dstrihrlion costs ate on the dse, lncreasing subscriflions was s*n as one way of addrcssing the goHem, h.rt the savings resullirp lrom 9 members taking their l,lewslefters dectronically are orch tnt, if a greater poporlion of the were rccdve their l,lewelefters by $is means, costs corJd bg k€d under cortrol. Accor&rgly il rvas decided that all members wih an emailaddrcss worJd honcsfuwad r€csive trdr I'lewelefters tis way. Ttre subscridkn renewal brm on page 8 indudes bo0r a sectftn to enter your email addrcss, and dso the odion ot 'odim ot.t' of tris. lf yqr fU in tis laller eec'tion, a hard cory of the l{eyyel€tter will contirue to be delivered. &n, il yor are &le to receive ydJr copy dectrcdcdly, dease consider dcing so; it will be ol emrmoue benefit in albring us to ke6p costs t.rlder control.


tte 4Gf4, it was agmed to aesist he tlorfiCk LA.SocieU ln trir upddim of the prblicdim 'lndrstrid Archaeolory in and Around l'lorblk'. Ttris was pLdtisH in 1980 to cdrrci& wih tre ^t Aesociation br ln&etdal Ardaodogy's Conhrenca wt*dr was heH h l'lorwich that year. A gezel€or of sites in t'lorfiCk ard aditning ccrrti€s, it includes a rnrnb€r of site6 her€ in Sufblk. qbr/iq8ly, in the 31 years since il was Fodroe4 mary sites have sub$arfidy dtercd or, like Tlingos Malinge in Bury, vanished completely. As wil as rovising the descd]tti$s, it ie intended troaddany sigificant sites tnat were omitt€d frcrn he od{trnl bookh. lf arry member is interested in parlicipdirB in the cunent wrvey of these sites by visitim and repoding on h€ dec€s listsd, drr R€cods Officsr, Jolvr Jones (01449 711448) wcdd ta deased to hear lmm yol. Suggestions ol any oher importart sites wcdd al€o b6 welcomed. It is intended to desig a sbndard r€port funr to ensure anyone visidrB the r$tes captures all the vihl data and it ie recorded in a co.lsist€nt tomd. The sites in ouicornty ntrich vyerc covercd in the oftjrnl Fblicdirn were:

Su&iry: f,lavigdi:n Warehousee. Silk weaver,s domeslic ruorkstrops. Siilk works. l-ongMefford. MaltirUs. Glemsford. l-lorsehair meruhctory. Siicklesmere. Rake Factory. Toll arttage. l-averfiam. l-brsehair marufactories. Com mill. Layham. Watermill. tladqgh. Coir-malting factory. Medreval hidgo. Bendey. Railway station. lpes{tdt. Dock. lsaac lords warctrouses. Corset factory. Tramway depct. Baylham. Watemill. Navigation Lock. lJeedum Ma*et Clurch rmf. Combs. Webb's hrmery. Webb's rnodd farm. Stowmarket. Museum of EastArdhn Lib. Railway statkn Drinkstone. Mills. ery St Edrnurds. ndngqo maltings. Greerc King brewery. Pakerfiam. Wa0emi[. Wndmill. SaxtedGrcen. Windnill. Framsden. Wndmill. D€ber*Em. Cyderhouse. Newmarket. Racing stad€. Mileposts. Worlirpton. King s Staundl Milder*rall. ltavigtion locks. Lark Mills. Roc€ndy, ttre€ members undertook a survey of derdict and since d€mdished hildings al tre brmer Gred Ashfdd aim€H. some members were alerbd to the rpcoming vir*t by e-mail. lf yor.r vrouH like to be inlormed of frrturc surveys/visits in fils msner, please let us kirow and we will addycu-to thelig. As to dp airfnH lugdngs, ws trop€ to bdng !6u he resrlts ot cur zurvey in a fuh.rre l,lewsletbr. To whet the appetite, horiever, he-irro hlldngs were a

Gymnasium wifr Chapel exlension and a Sqrash Backets Court. Bofrt btildings we- re. - . . , cdrstructed in what wis known as temporary brick construction, that is sirgle skin (4trl'ttick) brickwork faced wifr a rerder finish. Bofrr were to standard Air Mir$stry deskls, and were to be found in Wetherden, sorfi ol Great Ashfield itself, in whd was known as Commurnl Site No. 3. D€mditim ol the buildims after almost 70 years was due to the reuse of the sito lor porhry hrming; work hae dread conrmenced onthe grorndworks br the rpw potdtry sheds on the site. Great Ashfield airfreld was origt'nally estaHished duting lhe First WorH War, wbsequendy being used by the RAF tortrairdng urtder tre name RAF Elmswell. lt was rehlifi in 1942 tor h€ IJSAAF EiShth Air Force urho stafoned heavy bombers herc from 1943. When hoslilities ceased, the site became a bornb store, being finally sdd in 1$5.

NEWS FROM ENGLISH HERITAGE Her@e ar€ concerned d tlre loss ol industdal sites lhro4h nJnctional redundancy. ln producirg their annual 'Hedtag€ at Risk' register, they discovered that the percentage of list€d{rial Mdngs at risk is hree times greater tlan the national average for lisled buildnge at risk. lt is a disadvant+B of industrial buildings that thg average coservation deficit (cosl of repair in excess of end value) is twice that of nonind.rctdal fuildings. Two of the ten 'Ptiority Sites' on which English l'leritage East of Englard are to bcue their resources to secur€ their futuree are industrial sites - lilty Mill in Essex and l-atrgfnm Airfield Dome Trainer in l,lorlolk. Also tighlighted as hreing at risk is the Quinan Stove (br drying $ncotton) d the Gupowder Mills, Wahham Abbey. ErUNish

Engilish Fl€ritage pt.blished an industrial-themed issw ol'Conservation Bdletin' in October, Articles by a number of the great and the good of he lrdusttial Archaeology wotld have

contrihll€d to t€ magazine, including Sir Neil Cossons, Madlyn Palmer, Banie Trinder, and Keith Falcorpr.

SUFFOIJ( IM)USTRIAL ARCHAEOLOGY SOCIETY Subscriptions br the year commerrcing Oc'tober 1st 2011 are now being accapltod. Rates remain as last year, altu.lgh irrcreasing costs have led us to dtompt to increase the total ot members wlp receive their l{ewsletters electronically. Please provide yorr emailaddrcss; if you are not 'n€tted up or do rpt wish to rsceive an eloctronic l,lewshtter, dease make hie dvious on the relevant pad ol the lorm ovedeaf. The lollovying are the cunert subscdption




StudentMembershp t8.00.

(aged 25 or under and undergring Ml-time educdion). e15.00. (includes husbarxl, wite, ard any chiklren up to age 18).


Please retum the tearotf portion over, togsther with the appropriate remittance (ctreqms to be payaHe to'Sutfolk lnfustrial Arcfpeology Society') to the Chairman: Mr. S. Worsley, 24 Abbotshiry Close,

lpswich, Suffolk, IP2gSD.

NEW COI,,NTY HERITAGE SERVICE? O{ficers of Sufidk Cornty Comcil arc to cornffie a detailed bugness case for a new body to take m responsiUlity br tte cotrtcil's hedtage seMces. The new body wuJd take over tlia managemont of the courty's archives, ils archaeolqicd seMca, ard he Museum ol East AnSlbn Ul6. A tudgetott1.8 million is postJded.

NEWS OF THE COUT{NNS HERITAGE Work ie prcs€nty underway on at1.Smillkrr overharl of the 1S reeervcirin Pa* Road, lpswich, wtrich storcs wdelrumped rp fronr bore hdee d Wtjtton prior b it entedrE thetoyn's rfsfiih.r{qr^B-y-6tem. The cmcrete hnk wih a st€€l intemal stnrt,r6 is preo€ndy visiHe after its layer of 6,0@ tornes of topsd wele remolr€d to airi rcnovation,

Phns to convert he Victolian 'J*tl€o' seaside sheltor d the bcfitom of Bert Hill in Felixsbwe to a cab have been drcppeo ana insteao the shefter is to be prcsorvod. The Rlwadsr shelter at toO of Road mid't 6{ill be developed, dependant m kieas or business plans being prgseril€d to Felixstowe Futnos steedng gru.p.



Felixstowe'spier hae been khnilified by 0p Ndional Phre Society as one ol 10 (of the 54 remaining in the.coutuy. ) hat are mosi in danger of colhpse or dimdilion. The pi€r is cunenty closed to the pdCic ard dtempts to rcvive il traw faltered dre to lack ot finance. The 1912 l,leedram Market Shard Mason stoam fire 6rmp appliarrce wfich ins bo€n displayed d lpewich's cdcheeter Road firc suion sirice fc$'ttas b€€n moved to tre Mus€um of East Anslihn Ub in Storvmarket. hs morre doryved the dosun of tre fire statior1 noyy gplaged by-a pw facility across town. Ttb 1732+r.dlt han$ump, atso originally fr6rn hl€e&am Market which was also hotrced in the fire statin,'is td 6€ bundi nefr home but as y6t no dedobn has been rcadpd about its future.

SUFFOLK INDUSTRIAL ARCHAEOLOGY SOCIETY I wish to rsnew my memberslip of in payment.

t'o S.I.AS


2011 . 2012 and enc{ose


(Sigted) Name Phone.


emait. . . . . . . . . . . .'. .-.-.-. .'.-. . .'. .'.'.'.'. .'.'.'. .'.','.','.'.'. .'.' I am tnppy to receive tp l0ewsletter electonically / I wish to rec€ive a tnrd copy of the Newsletter (delete wtrich ever is appropride). lshcx.rld like to be lnft'rm€d €loctronicdly 6f arry futurs surveys (dehte il


Ph€o retrm his

slip wifr the appropriate remithnce to lhe Chairman: Mr.9. Worsley,

24 Abbcfsbury Cloee,

lpswich, Sutblk, tP2 gSD.

SIAS Newsletter No 115Revised  

Conversln of waretpuse to rear cil 31 - 35 Fore Strcet, to tedMial IP111M6?JFUL (Craps Fhid Systems site) br empbymert atd teteil uso. Redew...

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