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A  Dragonflies  in  FIRST FREEBIE   Use this classroom management tool to engage and grab your students’ attention and bring them back on task. Please visit for more freebies and ideas    

Ba da ba ba ba Students: I’m lovin’ it! Na na naa na, na na naa na… Students: Hey, hey, hey, goodbye Hocus pocus… Students: Everybody focus! Chicka, chicka Students: Boom! Boom! Macaroni and cheese... Students: Everybody freeze! Ready to rock? Students: Ready to roll!   All set?   Students: You bet!   Holy moly! Students: Guacamole! Tootsie Roll, lollipop… Students: We’ve been talking, now let’s stop! Hands on top… Students: That means stop! (hands on heads)

attention grabbers  
attention grabbers  

classroom management