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It isn’t southern unless it’s Necessary & Proper

WEDDING Southern Style and classy

FASHION Vineyard’s, K. McKinley, and more!

HAIR A product that makes hair look flawless. Make it your own!

SEXY Smell good whether it’s at work, at home, at parties or for him.

DRINK Tea with a boost!




The weight loss pill Blake is using

Where is your “Southern Spirit”?

The perfect house that you’ve been searching for!

Nec & Prop Editor’s Note

Target Market: Women ages 20-45 typically with the preppy/southern taste. The advertisements want to promote a southern, skinny, classy, and tasteful southern belle.

Magazine’s Purpose: To create a sense in which southern women should be like. I feel that the advertisements used, though they may be edgy, are an exact replica of stuff put on TV, magazines, and the internet now. The purpose of my magazine is to allow everyone to see the propaganda used today. Propaganda Used: 1. K. McKinley’s – Glittering Generality o K. McKinley’s is an example of glittering generality because the advertisement uses a whole bunch of words that make it sound appealing. You want him to look good, too, so you dress him in K. McKinley’s for your wedding. 2. Surfer’s Secret – Scientific o “The facts don’t lie” the use of percentage signs causes the reader to feel that they must trust the information 3. Southern Soul – Scarcity Appeal o Because it is “for a limited time only”, the reader feels that she must buy it immediately or else she will never have the chance to again. 4. The Big Yellow Pill – Avant-Garde, Exploitation, Transfer o The reader should be left saying, “WHAT IS THIS?! I MUST LOOK IT UP!” because generally, all women want to be skinny and this ad promotes that it is just one pill away. It also implies that you can be ahead of everybody else, that this could be you, but it also exploits the fact that only women want to feel this way. 5. Savannah Custom Homes – Plain Folk Appeal o Every southern couple wants a white house with a wrap-around porch and rocking chairs. It’s so typical and it’s what the plain folk like. 6. Southern Spirit – Patriotism o The letters in the Red, White, and Blue symbolize America and the fact that the economy was built on the tobacco industry. It also asks, “What are your colors?” because it wants the reader to feel as if she is smoking another brand, she is unAmerican and perhaps communist if this was distributed in an earlier time. 7. Vineyard’s – Avant-Garde, Transfer, Simple Solutions o The guys will want you if you dress in Vineyard’s, so be ahead of everyone else. All women want to “get the guy”. 8. Raleigh Tea & Co – Reward Appeal, Bandwagon o “Everyone else is drinking it, so should you” approach is used in this advertisement because it is southern made and that’s what you should be drinking if you are from the south. 9. VICI – Snob Appeal, Exploitation, testimonial o (Almost) every woman wants to be like Kate Moss, therefore wear what Kate Moss is wearing. It also boasts that if you do wear VICI Jewelry, you will be the elite and above everyone else. This ad has slight exploitation because I feel that since Kate Moss is known for her provocative modeling, one may automatically assume it.

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"Its not southern unless its necessary and proper." This is a advertisement project for Dual Enrollment English. These images are not mine a...

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