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Kings Heath


Monday 18th October 2010



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POPULAR LOCAL STORE DESERTED By Jack Towers A Local shop keeper is frustrated with the state of the economy and how it is dramatically affecting his once much more succesful business. The shop is very well known in the area to be extremely friendly and sells fresh produce of a very high quality, including cuts of meat and loaves of bread. This business is simply being outrun by leading supermarkets who offer low prices and use the “more for your money” approach. There has been a rapid change in the sale of food products especially sinse te cretit crunch. Where there used to be specialist stores for each sector of the food produce industry there are now supermarkets that sell anything and everything. There used to be green grocers for fruit and vegetables , butchers for fresh cuts of meat and bakeries for breads and pastries. This was the traditional way of doing

things but now everything seems to be based on convenience. Customers can now go to their local supermarket, buy their favourate food and now even buy a DVD to enjoy while they eat. This all sounds good and a contemporary way of life. But what about the owners of the chains of fresh food stores that supplied customers with food for many years? I spoke to local shopworker Laura McCarthy, who is frustrated with the state of the economy and how it is affecting the owners of the once much more successful business. “The shop is very friendly and sells fresh products of a very high quality. We are also certified cake sellers and are very popular. This business is simply being outrun by leading supermarkets that offer low prices and use the ‘more for your money’ approach. The same quality isn’t there.”

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This is the shop as it is completely deserted and has fully stocked shelves. No assistance is needed to be given by the shop keeper as there is not a customer in sight.

12/3/2010 12:33:09 PM


At this point in time there is a huge range of people having difficulty finding employment due to the famous credit crunch and all the economical difficulties that it has brought. As there are so many people searching for jobs, some people are having less luck than others. Teenagers who are leaving

college - either to attend Uni versity or have a gap year or just search for employment- are up against the task of trying to get a job before older and more experienced people with more on their CVs and also appear more reliable at first. Younger people are often not given a chance as they are up against such competition.

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Interview with Tom Butcher

“I finished my A levels a while ago and have got a lot of free time until nect year when i’m going to university. My current job at Cadbury world isn’t enough, they rarely give me shifts, sometimes two or three weeks apart. I have been searching for jobs for a while now and i still am but no luck so far. I feel like i’m not given a chance. Loads of businesses say ‘must have experience.’ How am i meant to ever gain experience without ever being given a chance to prove myself against the suposidly more reliable, older people with more ‘experience.’ Give me a chance to prove myself and become experienced!” & restaurant meals and holds curry grill & quiz nights. I spoke to local neighbour of the once popular pub, Andy Truelove. By Jack Towers I asked how he thinks Popular pub - The Kings locals have been afArms - has recently been fected by this closure. closed down with plans “Myself and other for a Carvery to replace locals have moved the once very popular elsewhere for a place to pub. The Kings Arms socialise. can be found on the AlWe don’t believe that cester Road South. This the new carvery will was a quiet pub which produce the same promoted conversation atmosphere that all between customers raththe locals and regulars er than being drowned apreciated during the out with loud music. time the Kings Arms This is a reason the was open. Its a shame former pub was so really. popular and was such a When it finally renice place to both relax opens as a carvery, i and have an enjoyable This is the ex Kings Arms in the later stages of refurbishment into the new carvery. might check it out but i time as It serves cask The venue is fenced off as work is taking place inside. doubt i’ll stay there. ale, affordable wine, pub

Locals lose their public house

HALLOWEEN COSTUME COMPETITION Think you have the best outfit for halloween this year? If so send a picture of you OR a friend to the following number followed by your name and contact details.


Good luck, the winner will be contacted with information on their prize on Sunday 31st October.

Fireworks!! 5th November 2010 - Cannon Hill park. 6pm - 10pm. Biggest Display Yet! Kings Heath Express page 2 edited.indd 2

12/3/2010 12:33:10 PM

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