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Top 10 summer tracks Liquid Destination - Croatia 2011

Interview with


Alex Perez

“A-Levels bored the life out of me, I just wanted to dj�



“Decks for crimbo”

you have somewhere else to practice?


Yeah it all happened it the bedroom really. Mum and Dad weren’t too keen on the noise of it though.

lex, it’s a pleasure to have you today and thankyou for your time. I would like to start with a much asked question which is what age did you start to DJ? Well firstly thanks for inviting me for this interview. Well i first started with my mates. They were alright too but i think they just lot interest and didn’t keep at it. Well we were all about 12-13 at the time and Bill got a set of decks for Crimbo. So yeah thats how it all started. So how long did it take until you got your very own decks? Well not until my 17th Birthday actually. Mum and dad paid for half and i used the money i’d been saving.

“I just wanted to DJ” So were you working back then? Yeah i did have a part time job helping my dad at the chippy. Used to just sit around peeling spuds all day. So where did you use your decks? At home or did

What were you doing with your life at 17 then, other than DJ-ing in your bedroom ofcourse? Well i was doing A-levels at college. They bored the life out of me, i just wanted to DJ. I did set up a few college events and played a few sets every now and then. But in the end i did get my grades somehow.

“Practice day and night” Well done, always a good thing. For all those potential young DJs out there, what would be your advise to get started and begin to aim towards the level of famous DJs such as yourself? Best thing to do is get hold of a decent set of decks, and just do what i did. Practice day and night and you’ll get better and better in no time. I’ll finish up on that question. Thanks a lot DJ Dave, it’s been a pleasure. Interview by Jack Towers