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Your Questions About Emo Makeup Tips School

Robert asks…

i want to be more prettyer at school tips for hair and makeup please 10*? i have brown hair down to the back of my bra with a side fringe (not emo) i hv quite fair skin

vangin answers: Brown or dark hair really accentuates any redness in the face, such as rosy cheeks, red noses or even acne. If you are pale and fairly consistent in complexion then brown will suit you still. However, if you do have any rosy pigments in your skin, a lighter hair color will even that out. Tanning will also help darken the skin (and if you are unable to tan like my Norwegian mother) use a bronzer or a tanning lotion. Tanning also makes the body appear thinner. Remember, black (dark) is slimming and white (lights) appear to add pounds. Besides maybe lightening the hair, the length is important. For curly hair, shortening it could be a nightmare. I have wavy hair, and I had to constantly straighten my hair to make sure it wouldn’t be too short with waves. For makeup, I recommend finding out your true color. Find a concealer and foundation that is non-comodonic if you are dealing with blemishes or discoloration. If you don’t have any pimples or other skin problems, I recommend skipping out on these. The more natural the better! For me, I use Neutrogena Mineral Sheers powder foundation, Lashblast mascara for my eyes and Burt’s Bee’s Lip Shimmer for a lip color. Here are some examples: short blond hair: long blond hair: medium brown hair:


Richard asks…

How to wear darker makeup to school? If I could pinpoint any celebs is like my makeup to be like I’d pick Adam Lambert? I mean not as heavy as it is but similar like dark eyeliner grey and a bit black eyeshadow and glitter :3 X My school sometimes tell girls off for like spidery eyelashes. And they normally don’t notice my makeup x so how could I sneak it? Or wear it without gettin told ff? Any tips? X I’m not an emo just a normal girl Not Chevy, not any stereotypical thing x any tips?

vangin answers: Don’t. You’re going to school, not concert.


Mandy asks…

I need makeup tips! Do you have any suggestions? I like to have sort of an emoish look, but not too emo cuz in middle school. Then on like gym days or days I’m just too tired I like a natural look. Can u give me tips on both of these?

This is a pic of me without make up at all and I took it with a dsi camera so it sucks and I’m prettier now this was from a while back meaning years.

vangin answers: You should follow this one BEST MAKEUP PALLETTE SHANY Sophisticated Collection – Mega Color Workshop – Premium Quality 48 eyeshadows/4 pressed powders/2 lipsticks 1 mascara/1 eyeliner/2 eye pencils/1 lip pencils 2 lip gloss/6 lip colors/ 2 gitter gels applicators/ brushes folds in as a bubble and opens from all sides


Steven asks…

Its non school uniform day tomorrow please answer if you emo or whatever !? Ok , well its non school uniform day tomorrow and nobody knows that im emo they just think im a little girl i dunno how people will react i have been hiding it for a while your not aloud to wear makeup :L Does anyone have any tips for me so they dont think im to weird i no that i am weirder than all the other girls in my school :L THANKS

vangin answers: The saying “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover” is there for a reason!!! You shouldn’t care what other people think of you. Be who YOU are. If the people you think are your friends don’t like it then they’re not very good friends now are they. Don’t do things to please others… All through primary school (even now through high school) everyone except my two best friends judged me for being who I am (“Emo”), I just ignore them.


Sharon asks…

How can I change my style? hey – im wanting a new style for back to school. right now my style isnt rly original. but i like it.. im wanting to change my look.. i wear stuff like abercrombie, hollister, PINK, forver 21, the usual. how can i change my look for next year? maybe some makeup tips too? ( i dont want to go goth or emo… no offense to anyone. )

vangin answers: Oh lord… We have a prep here first off, ditch the clothes, if u want a new u ur going to have to start fresh, next figure out wat u like, look up high school lables and such, and pick something u really like i was prep then i went emo last year now im scene, it may take u a while to figure out wat u rly want and what is really you, but in the end its all worth it. Just change ur stereotype during summer vacation, or ppl will call u a poser. & we cant pick out a lable for you, bc its ur life.

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Your Questions About Emo Makeup Tips School  
Your Questions About Emo Makeup Tips School