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Your Questions About Emo Makeup For Guys

Donna asks‌

How do people do emo makeup for guys?

vangin answers: Just use black eyeliner on the bottom. Top too if you want. Like this picture. Http://

Ruth asks‌


Who are some emo guys that wear makeup? I wanna know for a series I’m doing on YouTube. I have Gerard way,Pete wentz, davey havok, Andy sixx, and ryan Ross kinda. Haha Check it out. Kelseylovesmakeup44

vangin answers: G-Dragon, Adam Lambert, Creed Dizzle. LOL!

Sandra asks…

emo makeup? Hay I was wondering if anyone knows for guys how to do the emo eye makeup?

vangin answers: Yup…it’s all about the guyliner. Make sure you smudge it with your thumb after putting it on…you


don’t want it to be perfect. Also…some guys put it on at night and sleep with it on so that the next day it has the right look…but it really isn’t a good idea because you can F up your eyes.

Sandy asks…

Am I the only teenager on this earth that doesn’t find emo guys attractive? Call me crazy but i don’t find the whole dyed black too long hair makeup too tight pants “i dress like this to get attention” look on guys attractive I have this friend that always obsesses over emo guys and will sit on her computer looking them up for HOURS!

vangin answers: I think they’re okay and it depends on the natural sexiness of the guy, but most of the time, I think they look lame. I prefer when guys wear regular clothing that is not from some long drawn-out fad.


Mark asks‌

Why do scene/emo guys think feminizing themselves is stylish? The other day this scene kid called me out for being a bro, and my friend out for being a hardcore kid. We then asked him why he has to make fun of us when he has a whole can of hairspray in his hair, and makeup on.

vangin answers: When you grow up you’ll find that none of this stuff amounts to a hill of sh*t. Live and let live.

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Your Questions About Emo Makeup For Guys