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Your Questions About Emo Clothing Styles

Michael asks‌

What are the main clothing styles, such as scene,emo,preppy? I am doing a research project on teenage society and i need to know the main types of clothing styles? && if possible could you explain, ex- Scene, they are usually very happy people like the complete opposite of emo thank you!

vangin answers: Scene: Lots of eyeliner and bright eyeshadow. Colorful teased her, plastic jewlery, skinny jeans, band tees, hello kitty, lots of peircings. Http:// pkick34.jpg Emo: Darker than scene kids, black hair w sidebangs, skinny jeans + band tees, vans and converse, more about the music than the style.


Indie: Vintage dresses, thrift shopping, listens to underground music,urban outfitters, braided headbands, flannel, skinny jeans, non teased natural colored hair Ghetto: Lipgloss, bright nikes/adidas, colored skinny jeans, fake nails, weaves


Preppy: boarding school, polos, lacoste, tennis, lilly, always look very clean, neat, and put together.

Daniel asks‌


What are your feelings on clothing styles of today? (emo, indie etc.)? I don’t judge the person, but I personally despise emo and indie styles.. I’d like to know how you feel about all the different styles.. peace

vangin answers: I’m definitely not a fan of the look, at all. I just do not see the appeal of looking like you just rummaged through your dirty hamper and put on the first things you grabbed. However, to each his own and if that is the way they want to dress and present themselves, so be it.

I do think at some point though, you have to grow up. Because no one is going to take you seriously dressed like that.

Sharon asks…

Gothic/Emo Clothing Styles? what should i own… nothing girly, just black/red stuf, pls. BTW, im 14…


vangin answers: Band tees and hoodies are your best friend also check out skinny jeans if your leaning towards emo style or really baggy jeans like this: ommet-Chain-Dark-Street-Pants-286129.jsp if you are more gothic. (they have girls styles too for those pants dont worry) i would check out hottopc. For some more ideas but for a more gothic look go for black and dark purple or red for a more emo/scene look go for neons

Mary asks‌

What are the names of the various clothing styles (like preppy, scene, fob, emo etc)? Hi, i know there are different clothing styles for example preppy, scene and stuff (i dont know the names of many) could you list the different styles that people wear and explain them, thanks Also I know that styles like fob are more commonly worn by asian people – are there some styles that are only worn by people of a certain ethnic group?


vangin answers: These answers to this question pretty much answer your question:

Ruth asks‌

Where can i shop for emo styles in Cleveland? Looking for a store in the Cleveland area selling punk rockish/emo styles in clothing. Like tight t’s, super skinny jeans, different types of leggings, body rings. Any suggestions?

vangin answers: Hot Topic at almost every mall.

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Your Questions About Emo Clothing Styles  
Your Questions About Emo Clothing Styles