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Siobhan O Sullivan 22-03-2012

MM3 Placement Overview An overview of what the placement entails. Pg. 1

Week 4 & 5 What happened in these weeks. Pg. 2, 3

Conclusion My thoughts on the expierence so far. Pg. 4

Overview This is a fortnightly newsletter, where I will bring you through my expierences here in Holland. I, along with for others from my class at home decided to jump at this opertunity to study abroad. So we are studying the minor Art & Sound in NHL Hogeschool in Leeuwarden.


Siobhan O Sullivan 22-03-2012

MM3 Placement Week 4 We decided to start off the week by making a research video for our project. So we rented out a camera from the college and took off around the city to take some scenic shots of Leeuwarden, as the weather was really nice and sunny it was very easy to do this. We also stopped a few people along the streets to ask them for their views of the city and how they would improve it in any way. We got some positive feedback off the older generations, but when we asked student or young adults on their view, they didn’t have much to say only that Leeuwarden was a boring uneventful city. We thought this was helpful as we could base some of our concepts for the project around their feedback. After we got all our video clips we returned to the college for a class meeting with Harry , the head of the department. He done a tour through all the minors of CMD, and to ask you how everything is going and how we like the minor Art & Sound. The following few days we resumed our concepting, this is a difficult phase of the project as it’s hard to come up with an idea straight away. A lot of research has to be done first, so I am looking into all the different categories possible connected to Leeuwarden, such as Education, Travel, Inhabitants, Architecture, Water Technology, the environment, economic life, Bio-diversity and the centre of Leeuwarden. We also set up a meeting with a history museum in Leeuwarden where we can all go and learn some more and hopefully it will help us come up with some ideas! On Thursday visited the History Centre Leeuwarden to find out some more information on the history of Leeuwarden itself as we were limited to what we could learn from the internet and the local library. We learnt a lot in such a short space of time. Such things like: • Leeuwarden in Friesian is called Ljouwert. • Most of the Netherlands is below sea level and to prevent flooding the Dutch claimed land in the north of the country and built dykes. • 1435 – Was the year Leeuwarden city began to grow. • Current population today is 95,000. • Leeuwarden is the water capital of the Netherlands.


Siobhan O Sullivan 22-03-2012

MM3 Placement Week 5 Today we also had to have our personal development plan finished and handed up. We basically had to write up so many competency’s and assign a certain amount of credit’s, ranging from 3, 6 or 9 for each competency. All the competency’s combined would create an overall amount of EC’s t hat you wish to receive. It’s all about what you want to learn and what you want to get out of the minor. We also had a consultation with Gerjan our mentor about our finished PDP’s to see if we had filled them out correctly. For the following few days we spent our time concepting for the project as we had another meeting at the end of the week with our clients. From the history tour we learned that the Water Technology Industry is very important here in Leeuwarden. So from this we decided to research and learn as much as we possibly could about water. We set up a tour of Wetsus Centre of Excellence to broaden our knowledge on water technology. I found this tour very interesting and what stood out the most was their expirement on Blue Energy. This works by Bio-electricity formation from waste water and electricity production from advanced mixing of salt and fresh water. In this visionary theme electrochemistry, membrane technology and biotechnology are the know-how fields that are combined in the research program. From seeing how simple it was to create energy from water, and our tour guide being very enthusiastic on us creating an art installation on Blue Energy, we decided to to solely focus our concepts around Blue Energy. So from here we returned to our concepting. I was inspired by a video on Youtube about apearing rooms, my idea is to construct a four sided rectangle with a separation through the middle. A house. This will create two rooms for us to decorate. All walls will be made from glass with water pouring from top to bottom along the glass. At the bottom of the glass panes there would be a collection area for the water. We will install a rotating system so that the water is reused constantly. If possible we will insert a glass roof with water lying on top of it also. This would create a full enclosed area for people to explore. When I presented this idea to the clients later on in the week, they liked the idea of being fully enclosed in a room of water but the only problem was the the cost to build a room like this. So they told me to think of alternatives of glass and to plan out everything for the following week when we will be presenting our ideas to over 50 people, all involved in the Future Lab Leeuwarden project.


Siobhan O Sullivan 22-03-2012

MM3 Placement Conclusion From the last few weeks we have come along way fromthe first two weeks. We are fully sure of what needs to be done for this project and we are very happy with the concepts we have come up with to present to the otherteams competing. I’m excited to see there reaction as well as getting physically started with this project. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

A painting from the history museum I really liked.

Contact Details 55 Emmanuel Murandstraat, Leeuwarden. Holland. 8932 GZ Phone: 0861964027


Erasmus Newsletter No.2  
Erasmus Newsletter No.2  

Documentation of my erasmus in NHL, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands