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Personal brief

Concept/theme I will be investigating into Space. To be more specific I will be looking into planets and dust clouds and what sort of shapes and colours they make. I would also like to look into NASA and see if anything inspires me.

Techniques/materials I will be sourcing materials from different places as well as using materials from previous projects. The material I think would be best to use would be lightweight fabrics and sheer/see-through fabrics to give the illusion floating on air/no gravity.

Product area In order to create/design a product I first want to investigate fabrics and the mixture of colours. I feel if I do that then I can design a better silhouette I do feel that I want to design fashion items that are wearable but will have to see what my research takes/inspires me.

Market/customer Wearable funky and with a twist – a bold customer!

Colour flavour/mood Bright mixture of colours as I am always using black and white and from images that I have sources it looks like Space has plenty of colour to choose from

At the beginning of the semester we were placed into groups to discuss and brain storm ideas on what FANTASY and PATTERN meant. As can be seen these brain stroms or spider webs were extremly helpful as we were all able to contribute and write down our own thoughts – we were able to help each other out and give each other helpful hints and ideas on what we wanted to do for out FOCUS PROJECT.

As I went through the brain storm I decided upon the topic Space as I liked the idea of futuristic possibilities. To help generate my own ideas I used the mind map skill and created my own based on Space, as it shows there were many words that I was able to associated with space to get me started. I also created a basic mood board to also help visually.

After researching I found I liked the idea of ruffles to symbolise the dust clouds from space. There were many different colours to choose from but weren’t sure how to use ruffles in my own work so I did a bit of research to find out how other designers have use the ruffle.

Here I started to experiment with colour and observational drawing and painting. Here I liked the fact of the smudged colours – bleeding effect. Think this would be a great technique for later on

To help with inspiration I decided to drape on the mannequin and do observational drawing to help inspire me. I wanted to see if I could draw/imitate the ruffles from the photographs.

Here I was just designing and experimenting with fabrics on the side to see if ruffles made in certain ways for a certain design would work.

Theses were some of the fabrics that I found while shopping up Birmingham – Rag Market and Fancy Sill Store. There were many different types of fabrics that I think would look great on the different designs that I have

What patterns would the ruffle do when drawn. Really liked this technique helped my imagination.

Here are some more fabric samples. Here I have tried layering the different fabrics to see what sort of effect they would have. I like the idea but not as much as the fabric dyeing techniques so think I will stick to that skill.

Here are a few samples of my fabric dyeing. On the bottom I have dip dyed the fabric and to the right I have tied up and splodged dye over the top and waited for the fabric to dry before untying.

These are just a few of the designs that I have developed using the idea of space and the colour inspiration. I have used both an image as well as my own dyed fabrics to cover the designs as I could get the right combination on photoshop, with the images/photos that I took I got exactly the right colour and pattern that I wanted for theses designs.

space focus project  

brief overview of journey through what i did to get my designs

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