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Flight by Sharvari Shah

Earlier this month, a flock of wild sparrows were migrating to the south. One of them, Charlie, was lagging behind due to slow pace.

Meanwhile, Skywinds126 lay abandoned in an old hangar at a far end of the airport.

She noticed a plane flying above her at a great speed.

This gave her an idea and she followed the plane and landed at a nearby airport.

I wish I could be there.

I will be spending the rest of my life lying here instead of flying high around the world.

whose there?

Go away!

Hi, I’m Charlie I was on my way to the south highlands on my migratory path.

I overheard your cry so I came to see.

So why don’t you get out of here and move on

I can’t. I don’t have a destination to go to. I’ve never flown out of free will.

It’s not that easy!

Why not, you are lying here without being of any use. It seems to me that you are on your own now. why not, why don’t you come with me?

What! I’m not flying with you. Its one of the reasons I’m stuck here in the first place. yeah well, I won’t fly with you, I will sit inside.

This won’t work you know. It’s too dangerous.

So what is this place like?

Why not, it’s as good as you flying alone. I’ll give you the direction as I will see the land passing by below us.

It has all the things you’d need for fueling up as you fly high amongst the clouds that lie between two mountains. Deep below the valley, there is a river flowing between wide banks. You can lie there with your wings spread wide and let the sun shine on it.

You start going to the runway while I try to distract the humans.


Are you sure we are doing the right thing? There is no one to take control over my steering. You are your own pilot now.

As the destination came closer, Charlie guided Skywinds126 towards the mountains and told him to follow the river.

Meanwhile Skywinds126 searched for the landscape that he imagined, but none of it existed.

He felt alone for the first time since the journey.

Now is the time to land. There is enough space for your wings to spread out.

Charlie was eager to hop off the nest and wait for her flock.

Quick try flying back to the nest!

We don’t have much time!

His eyes adjusted to the dust storm that he created due to the crash.

He saw some faint outline of some familiar forms.

Am I hallucinating? Did I crash into another hangar?

They all looked at the new addition. It was a welcoming stare.

I’m not alone here.

Flight narrates a growing relationship between a natural bird and a mechanical bird, i.e. a plane.


A comic book that narrates a growing relationship between a natural bird and a mechanical bird i.e. a plane.

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