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BLIND FATE (KÖR KADER) A feature-length movie by Tayfun Şentürk Proposal for FTAA Submitted by DEDE INTERNATIONAL, INC.

Introduction Recently, there has been a surge of highly acclaimed Turkish movies on the world stage. The U.S. audiences however, have not, for the large part, benefited from this Turkish movie wave. Dede International is proud to introduce a new Turkish movie that is poised to change that. “Blind Fate” is the latest feature-length movie from Tayfun Senturk, a Turkish filmmaker based in New York. “Blind Fate” is the quintessential Turkish movie. It showcases every facet of Turkish culture from cuisine to family ties and friendship. It highlights Turkish perseverance, courage, and ultimate triumph amidst human tragedy. Tayfun Senturk wrote, produced, and directed “Blind Fate”, his second full length movie. “Blind Fate” is the first ever Turkish movie to be shot entirely in New York. Short and long term goals of the project Our short term goal is to reach the largest possible audience by entering world-famous film festivals and thus generating a worldwide base and attracting industry-wide attention for our film. Our long term goal is the worldwide distribution of our film. Realization of the project Reaching our goals Our film will be sent to international film festivals, and thus international film distributors will be contacted. Furthermore, we will set up a web site to broaden our reach. Finally, a media blitz will be launched through a series of newspaper and magazine interviews and articles to introduce our film to an even larger audience.

Target audience

Our target audience essentially is the movie-lovers in general. In particular, we will find a solid connection and much success with an increasingly large group of film fans who are not content with the Hollywood establishment’s offerings as of late of the same old formulas and looking for an alternative and fresh vision in their movies. Within the framework of international film festivals, our film will be presented to independent film distributors who specialize in introducing such movies to those particular fans. Our target audiences constitute the essential base of the film festival circuits, and they follow the independent movies closely via the internet.

They also make up the prominent readers of industry publications, movie magazines and newspapers. Therefore, the tools at our disposal to promote our film, namely film festivals, our web site, publication and internet interviews all make it possible to reach a large number of highly receptive and enthusiastic audiences, and make our film a success.

Our project will further enhance the Turkish moviemaking based outside Turkey that has been led by such noteworthy filmmakers as Fatih Akin, and will introduce the New York-based Turkish filmmakers to the U.S. and other countries. Since Turkish culture, traditions and cuisine have a prominent presence in our movie, it will help introduce Turkey to foreign audiences and serve as a cultural ambassador for Turkey. Moreover, even though there are a number of independent attempts by Turkish filmmakers here in the U.S., there is not a cohesive presence of Turkish cinema representative of Turkish-American society. We as the Turkish society need to get behind such projects as ours. As we all know, film is a powerful medium to convey a message and what better way to promote everything Turkish to a worldwide audience than our movie where everything Turkish is woven into the very fabric of the storyline.

Synopsis Nick is a thirty-something-year-old Turkish man living in America. He witnesses his wife’s tragic death when she gets hit by a city bus. After receiving a large sum of money for compensation from the city, Nick tries to live a normal and happy life while trying to fight a lonely battle with the depression that he has fallen into. However, because of the psychological wounds that he has sustained from this tragedy, he is not able to look at anyone’s face, nor is he able to speak any words other than ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Nick’s best friend Sedat is trying to help him get on with his life while fighting his own demons in a loveless marriage. He adds his distinctly Turkish and painfully practical perspective to guide his friend back into society. April is a prostitute that Nick regularly meets at his house to add a social dimension to his lonely existence in a vain attempt to fill a void in his soul. April forms a unique bond with him as she opens up to him a little more each day. Her struggle to get away from prostitution and start a new life parallels Nick’s struggle to start over. One day in a park, Nick meets Dale, a blind musician in his late fifties, and in a short time they form a nice friendship. Dale sees in Nick the friend that he has long needed, and Nick finds in Dale the human connection that he thought he had lost forever when his wife died. With his music and positive life philosophy, Dale opens the doors to a new life for Nick.

The Financing “Blind Fate” was shot with funds from a few sponsors and investors. It is what movie industry refers to as a “rough cut”, which means it is unfinished. It needs funds to be finished into the polished final product. Finishing the movie involves more editing, sound mixing and obtaining the music rights. There are also some technical upgrades that have to be done in order to get the movie ready for festivals and theater showings. Funding is needed for posters, flyers, press kits and other promotional items, as well. The overall estimated cost of finishing the movie and giving it the look, sound and the technical excellence it deserves to its full potential is $35,000.00. Recognizing Contributors Your organization’s name will be mentioned as a major contributor in our movie poster and in our promotional material to be submitted to film festivals and other venues. More prominently, your organization’s name will be displayed in the opening credits as well as the closing credits with our statement of gratitude for your contribution.

Closing Statement We salute you in your efforts to recognize and support various projects to further enhance Turkey’s image in the U.S., lend a helping hand to fellow Turks who are trying to represent Turkey in the best possible light, and to bring together Turks from all different walks of life in the common goal of promoting Turkish culture. Our film tells Nick’s story. It’s a story that starts in a dark tragedy, yet it ends on a bright note that reinforces hope for humanity. For both its substantial Turkish culture content, and the universal appeal of its subject matter, this film will encompass all the elements specifically sought after by juries and audiences alike at film festivals, and thus will attract much attention. Our mission is to turn this project into a very unique and lucrative motion picture and represent it gallantly so that our standards will shine and the best suitable venues will showcase it brilliantly. We are determined to stay the course on this journey and will work tirelessly to make sure this film finds the success that it deserves. Your consideration is deeply and sincerely appreciated. We wish you much luck and success in your future endeavors. Regards, Tayfun Şentürk, Producer/Director

The Filmmakers Tayfun Şentürk, screenwriter, producer, director. Tayfun graduated from New York Institute of Technology in 1989. He started writing screenplays in 1996. That same year he started working as a production assistant for various independent film projects to learn the craft of filmmaking. By 2000 he had worked on many independent films as production manager, assistant director, casting director and other film related jobs to sharpen his filmmaking skills. In 2000 he produced and directed his first feature film “SEARCHING FOR THE LIGHT”, which was submitted to SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL. In 2001 he worked on a short lived TRT series called “MERHABA NEW YORK” to broaden his talent as a filmmaker. In 2003 he directed a TV pilot titled “KÖFTE HOUSE”. He later shot his first short film “L.I.R.R. “. Cevahir Şahin, director of photography. Cevahir received his filmmaking education in Istanbul Academy. He then started working for İMAJ STUDIOS as a cameraman. In 1996 he joined “BÖCEK PRODUCTIONS” as a cameraman, jib, and steady cam operator. He later started freelancing for various TV stations, ad agencies and music video productions in Turkey. He also worked as a cameraman on the feature film “AĞIR ROMAN”. In 2000 he worked with Tayfun Şentürk on the feature film “SEARCHING FOR THE LIGHT “as the director of photography to show his unique vision. In 2003 he again joined forces with director Şentürk on “KÖFTE HOUSE” as the director of photography and the short “L.I.R.R “. Namık Şanlı, gaffer. Namık has been in the film business for over 20 years as a gaffer. He has worked on many features, music videos and TV series. Most notable ones are: AMERİKALI with Şener Şen, directed by Şerif Gören, DENİZE HANÇER DÜŞTÜ, directed by Mustafa Altıoklar, ZÜĞÜRT AĞA, KUYUCAKLI YUSUF, OTEL and

DÜĞÜN. He also worked on many commercials.

Contact Information Tayfun Senturk 616 E. Broadway 1A Long Beach New York 11561 Tel: 516-330-0192


blind fate proposal


blind fate proposal