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Benefits for the ARC All wireless devices know when the system is armed or disarmed: When armed, all detectors are permanently awake making the system more secure. When disarmed, the detection component of the movement detectors is disabled but two way communication of supervision messages continues. This helps save battery power whilst retaining maximum security. The Enforcer does not use conventional battery save methods where detectors sleep after each activation for up to 5 minutes. As a result of this, under alarm conditions, each activation of the movement detector is transmitted to the ARC, as is done on a wired system. The double knock feature that is present on the Enforcer wireless inputs is something that is usually only found in wired systems. This feature reduces false alarms.

Wireless Accessories

Wired Accessories Arming Devices

Two Way Wireless Security Sensors KX12DQ-WE 12m Digital Quad Optical System Volumetric PIR Detector

KX15DC-WE 15m Digital Curtain PIR Detector

KX12DT-WE* 12m Dual Technology Digital Detector

KX10DP-WE 10m Pet Immune Digital Volumetric PIR Detector

KX25LR-WE 25m Long Range Digital PIR Detector

MC1MINI-WE Mini Magnetic Contact (also available in brown)

MC1-WE Magnetic Contact and 1 Chanel Universal Transmitter (also available in brown)

RS2-WE 2 Channel (input) Universal Transmitter with Roller Shutter and Magnetic Contact Function (also available in brown)

SHOCK-WE Shock Sensor (also available in brown)

PCX-PROX/INT Internal tag reader, 2 inputs or 2 outputs

PCX-PROX/EXT External tag reader, 1 input and 1 output for push-to-exit button

PCX-LCD/EX LCD keypads including in-built Prox Tag Reader, 2 inputs, 1 output

PCX-FLUSHC Flush Mount Metal (Chrome) LCD keypad including Prox Tag Reader, 2 inputs, 1 output

Expansion Modules

SPACER-MC1MINI Spacers for the MC1MINI-WE (available in white and brown) *Coming Soon

PCX-ROX8R8T 8 relay and 8 switched negative transistor wired output expander used for automated outputs

PCX-RIX8i 8 wired input expander, with fast zone configuration

PCX-ROX16R-PSU 16 relay output expander with a 2.5A intelligent PSU

PCXRIX8+PSU 8 input, 4 outputs wired expander with a 2.5A intelligent PSU and 3 resistor wiring for Grade 3 systems

Two Way Wireless Safety Sensors WL-WE Water Leak Sensor (supplied with cable)

SMOKE-WE Smoke Sensor

CO-WE* Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Two Way Wireless Arming Device and Accessories KF4-WE Two Way Wireless Four Button Keyfob with 8 functions: Arm/Disarm, Arm Areas, PA, Output Automation Control, System Status Indication

PCX-PTAG Proximity tag for arming/disarming the panel

PCX-RIX32-WE Remote wireless input expander supporting Enforcer wireless range; 32 wireless inputs, 32 wireless keyfobs and 2 wireless sirens

Modems DIGI-1200 2400bps Fast PSTN Digital Communicator

1.6 km range in open space

The Enforcer has a high sensitivity antenna, giving superior wireless range which enables repeater-free installation, therefore reducing installation time and costs. Real time Signal Strength Indicator (SSI) is standard on all devices, which allows installation time and costs to be reduced. The Enforcer system is able to show the wireless device status on the panel or remotely via the UDL software. This allows for simple system diagnostics checking. Dual antenna technology is used to reduce “dead spots� as there is a choice of which antenna can be used. As these dead spots can move around during the life of a system, this technology means that the system remains stable over a long period of time.

Two Way Wireless Sounders DELTABELL-WE External Siren with strobe and option of 12V AC/DC supply (other colours available)

Benefits for the Installer

DIGI-GSM 9600bps GSM Digital Communicator

Benefits for the User The Two way wireless keyfob indicates arm/ disarm, alarm and faults giving a simple and easy to use device with visual indication of the system status and ability to control the automation outputs.

PCX 46

Enforcer 32-WE

(with Enforcer wireless Technology) Advanced jamming detection with frequency hopping technology is used to prevent accidental or malicious attempts to disrupt the system.



128 bit wireless protocol encryption ensures effective anti-code grabbing and multiple attempts at message delivery protection. This gives a very high level of protection of the wireless bus ensuring peace of mind for installers and users.

More Security More Range More Reliability

Up to 25 users can receive SMS alarm messages. Users can control the home automation outputs and arm and disarm the system remotely with SMS commands or through the new SMS remote control app*. *Android operating systems only





Wired Accessories




(MAX=6) RMKT090343-3

4 x PCX-RIX8i


3 x PCX-PROX/INT 3 x PCX-PROX/EXT (MAX = 3) *coming soon

Please scan here to view the Independent EN50131 Certification Secure House, Braithwell Way, Hellaby, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S66 8QY, UK

Rmkt090343 3 export enforcer double gate  
Rmkt090343 3 export enforcer double gate