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Fitri is a young adult aged 17. When one looks at him, he looks like any teenager his age, enjoys music, has interests in girls but he has a shortcoming once you start a conversation with him. He is autistic, Asperger to be exact so his conversation can be very honest and direct. Art is a form of expression for him, an outlet for all his zest and energy. He is very outgoing and not at all aware of his shortcoming. He loves the limelight and attention. His art interest has moved from buildings to birds due to a recent batik painting exploration to the bird park. Being him, he simply loves to paint and not driven by monetary factors hence his art is genuinely from his pure interest and from his honest self. Do enjoy his art as how best he can express it!


Careful Now   18”  x  18”  

Feeding Time   18”  x  18”  

Hungry Duck   18”  x  18”  


Soaring Bird   18”  x  18”  

Territorial 18”  x  18”  

Ling Yee is a 21 year-old young adult. Born in 9th December 1991, she’s diagnosed with autism when she was 4 years old. Ling Yee is the third child in her family and has an elder sister, elder brother and a younger brother. She currently lives with her family. Ling Yee has been working at Work Base in Malaysian Care for few years now, and she’s learning to be an independent child when her parents or family is not around to help her. She is a very clever and hardworking girl and is always helping her mother in house chores whenever possible. Though hardworking, she will sometimes throw tantrums when things do not go her way, but will quickly cool down after a while.

Ling Yee

Happy Cats  (set  of  4)     24”  x  24”  

Her favorite pastime includes drawing, coloring, online, gaming and listening to music. She has shown interest in art and drawing since young, and is always seen drawing her favorite cartoon character’s costumes during her pastime. She started art class with artist Tan See Ling since June 2012. This art class is a new challenge to her as she’s learning to use another type of material other than coloring pencil; which she’s familiar since young. Her mother hopes that through drawing, her patience and skill will be widen.

Cat at  Fish  Market   18”  x  18”  

Sharing A  Fish   18”  x  18”  

Suen Yi is 7 this year. She started at thumbartstudio in January and enjoys drawing in pencils and acrylic. She loves Ben & Holly, Canimals and Peppa Pig. She lives with her brother Yik Chen, baby sister Chien Yi, and her parents in KL.

Suen Yi

A Day  (set  of  4)   24”  x  24”  

Dessert (set  of  4)   24”  x  24”  

Holiday (set  of  4)   24”  x  24”  

Nadiah is a happy 13 year-old teenager who lives with her mum, younger brother and 5 other family members at her grandmother's home in Ampang. She currently attends the pendidikan khas class in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Melawati, as well as tuition classes, music therapy, clay lessons, and of course, art lessons with art teacher, Auntie Seeling. During her free time, she enjoys doing some cycling, swimming, and drawing. Her number one favorite pastime till today is still bubble bath (evidence of this is seen from her previous paintings which she drew many pictures of a girl enjoying her bubble bath). Traveling is a must every 2-3 months, and she would be the one making the request and insists on the same favorite destinations such as Mines Hotel in Sri Kembangan and Kelantan. Giving in to her subtle 'requests' is a necessity for the entire family's peace and quite. A girly-girl by appearance, and quite a vain one too, do not be deceived by this girly side of her. She loves activities that gives her an adrenaline rush such as fast and bumpy boat rides, touch water parasailing, roller coaster rides, just to name a few.


A Bath  Together   18”  x  18”  

An easy child to please, she doesn't asks for much except for the occasional kfc fried chicken, 'leaf' fried egg, chicken goreng, mcdonald's fries, nando's chicken, chinese fried rice, chicken rice, Polly pocket dolls, and of course the short holidays...

Fruits and  Vegetables   18”  x  18”  

Green Angel   18”  x  18”  

Lady in  Bubble  Bath   18”  x  18”  

Sun Bathing  at  the  Beach   18”  x  18”  

Zahra is a lovely Down Syndrome girl who was born in 2000 and has gone through her growing process assisted by the best therapists and counselors. Zahra entered primary school when she was 6 years old as a normal child in an ordinary school and her progress in education was good. Last year, she and her family moved to Malaysia and after 6 months practice in English she can speak, read and write, and currently studies in one of the best international schools. Zahra has shown very good talent in art. She follows her own style in painting, not unlike Picasso. Her paintings are always full of energetic colors and induces positive energy. Pink is a color that Zahra frequently uses to express excitement and kindness.

Zahra Me and  My  Cat   18”  x  18”  

Happy Owl   12”  x  12”  

Fruits on  the  Table   18”  x  18”  

Pink Cats   12”  x  12”  

Pink Flower   12”  x  12”  

Self Portrait  (Me)   12”  x  12”  

Zahirra (Za) is a 14 year old teenager. She started art lesson under the artist Tan See Ling about one and a half years ago. She looks forward to going for her art class every week and usually would have a rough idea beforehand what to paint. She likes to draw flowers and animals. Her favorite color is light blue and she tries to include this color in most of her artworks. Zahirra is a very cheerful teenager with varied interests ranging from playing online games, surfing the internet, reading recipe books and shopping. Currently she is a full time student at Autism Link, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. She enjoys going to school and has a fun time with her classmates and teachers. Over time, and with Seeling’s guidance, Zahirra hopes to be able to express more of her playful and happy character on canvas and extend her color repertoire to encompass a myriad of different colors, and not just light blue!!!


Alice in  Wonderland   24”  x  18”  

Oriental Lilies   24”  x  18”  

Ginger Flowers   24”  x  18”  

Pink Basket  Full  of  Flowers   24”  x  18”  


Bird Chorus   18”  x  24”  

Bernard Liew is 17 years old and the youngest in the family of 4 boys. Born with a heart defect and surgically corrected at the age of 5 years old. Bernard is a very happy and friendly teenager who loves to interact with everyone he meets. He has been actively painting since two years ago. Although he has learning difficulties, because of his motor skill movements and still he loves painting. His poor eyesight also limits his ability to produce work in detail. Nevertheless his art shows his own uniqueness.


(Boon Chen)

A Basket  of  Flowers   18”  x  18”  

A Bowl  of  Candies   16”  x  20”  


(Boon Chen)

Falling Trees   18”  x  18”  

Mix and  Match   18”  x  18”  

Pagoda 18”  x  18”  

Jason is Bernard’s elder brother He is 28 years old this year. He has speech difficulties and is not able to verbally express himself to others. Currently he is receiving training to improve his social skill at a work place managed by Malaysian Care. He started painting after seeing his brother Bernard bringing back paintings every week. He loves art but he is not aware of his own limitations when painting. Most of his work are repetition, basically creating art and practicing his motor skill movement. He has difficulties in receiving instructions thus he usually will not be able to paint what he sees.


Circles in  the  Circle   18”  x  18”  

His work mainly is an outlet for him to exercise his wrist with brush and colors.

Fun Houses   18”  x  18”  

I am  Here  with  You   18”  x  18”  


Pink Flower  Blooming   18”  x  18”  

See You  Up  There   18”  x  18”  

Yuli has an earnest enduring interest in art. He could draw large objects with correct perspective, capturing accurate details even from age five. Yuli’s forte includes good spatial sense, sureness and boldness of strokes, use of bold colours, vibrant colourplay, and possesses a very keen eye for detail. Recipient of best for art prize for two successive years, for Forms Four and Five, Yuli is mainly self-taught although he is a graduate in graphic design.


While adept in using different mediums (water-colour, pastels and crayons), Yuli’s strength is in pen-and-ink and marker-rendering. He indulges his vivid and creative imagination in drawing comics, superbikes, skateboard and fantasy art. He has a unique and individual style expressed in works that range from cheerful (fantasy art) to macabre (skateboard art). Yuli is equally adept at hand-drawn works as in digital art. He has garnered a following on Facebook and known for greatly detailed work.

80s 23”  x  28”  

Ji Misuto  To  Ki     23”  x  35”  

West Chopper   23”  x  32”  


Stoked 11”  x  17”  

U.S.A. 23”  x  33”  

Profile for Artemis Art Online Catalogs

Pieces of Joy  

A group exhibition of artworks from children and young adults with learning difficulties. Held at Artemis Art form October 7 - 21, 2012

Pieces of Joy  

A group exhibition of artworks from children and young adults with learning difficulties. Held at Artemis Art form October 7 - 21, 2012


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