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Step hanie DeGio vanni Artist Portfolio

Artis t Bio Stephanie DeGiovanni was born in British Columbia. She moved to Ontario in 2001, graduated from Eden High School in St. Catharines in 2009. It was there that she was awarded the student Passion award, a scholarship award given for a student living life passionately. She currently lives in Grimsby, Ontario and is her third and final year of the Visual and Creative Arts Program at Sheridan College. Exploration, activism, expression and a strong sense of home mark Stephanie’s life choices and art. After high school Stephanie travelled to Australia where she explored performance art with the global organization Youth With a Mission (YWAM), travelling the east cost of Australia, raising awareness for health needs in Papua New Guinea. During her time in Australia she began to discover her individuality and unique identity in artistic creatIon. Previously, other volunteer experiences included: work in a woman’s shelter in Buffalo, New York, helping build and finish homes in rural Kentucky, hurricane relief in New Orleans, and involvement with homeless shelters in downtown Toronto? Stephanie’s main art forms are watercolour painting, line drawing, collaging and dance. Currently, she is working on a number of handmade books, focusing on a theme of beginning, new life, and fresh awakening. Currently she is experimenting with a sound and movement piece - working with a number of dancers, she is capturing the sounds of their movements for play back in a small space. Stephanie feels her art is the expression of life, personality, passions, experiences, and world view. It is an exploration of material and mark-making that reveal both thought and heart. Her work is greatly influenced by the environment in which she grew up. She comes from a tight knit family and loves her work to be home-made, having a warm and natural feeling. Her love for many styles of dance is also mirrored in much of her work as she creates pieces that are whimsical, airy and free flowing. Stephanie sees her art as a deeply personal outward expression of thought and passion. She works to portray meaning, purpose and revelation in all she creates - to offer truth, perspective and hope.

Artis t Statem ent Art is an expression of my life - my world-view, experiences personality and passions. It is an exploration of material and mark-making that reveal my thoughts, my feelings, and my heart. I strive to express the beauty in the mundane and emanate hope in all my work. I am inspired by nature, wide open spaces, wind and movement. I love motion, seeing things in action, watching things grow and develop. I love to be swept up in a piece of art, I feel connected to something I can move with it.  Art work that has a strong personal meaning and focus excites me. Being sensitive to colour is vital in the initial stages of my projects. Working with mixed media liberates me in both my experience and my expression. In layering and texturizing my work I attempt to enhance the movement of the piece. I aim to tie a variety material together to create a significant meaning and purpose. More specifically, one of hope and freedom. I also enjoy expressing myself through collage because I am able to convey much of who I am in one piece of work. How vast the world is in compared to my small life. The bigness of the world around us can be illustrated so many ways. I always want my work to be experimental, specially when it comes to material. I want to be exploring, trying new things and taking risks. In some way, I hope to have the spontaneous moments of a piece taking a place in the greater picture. I want to be able to take a million broken parts and bring them together as one beautiful thing.


L in e D ra wings

Birdhouse 2 6 x 7.5” India Ink on textured paper 3rd year

Unknown Road 5 x 7” India Ink on textured paper 3rd year

Fix your Gaze 4.5 x 5.5� India Ink on textured paper 3rd year

Wa te r colou r


Beamers 5 x 8” Watercolour 2nd year

Fifty Point 9 x 12” Watercolour 2nd year

Mixed M ed ia

Spring 16 x 20� Wood panel, fabric, found objects, india ink, watercolour 2nd year

Winter 16 x 20� Wood panel, fabric, found objects, india ink, watercolour 2nd year

Hemlock 10.75 x 14� India ink, pumice, acrylic and watercolour on canvas 2nd year


Pr in tm a kin g


Untitled 11.5 x 14.5� Copper Plate Etching 3rd year

Untitled 8.75 x 10.5” Linolium Print 3rd year

Emmy 11 x 112” Lithography Print 3rd year

Stephanie DeGiovanni A.19 Pleasant Grove Terrace Grimsby ON, L3M 5G8 T. 289.684.4372 E.



2011-2014 2009-2010

Professional Experience Awards/ Bursaries

2010-present 2012-present 2011-2013

2012 2009



Sheridan College - Oakville, ON - Advanced Diploma - Visual and Creative Arts

Youth With a Mission - Brisbane, AUS; CertiďŹ cate III - Performance Art

Instructor and Choreographer - New Song Centre for the Arts

Social Media and In-house Graphic Design - Tawse Winery

Marketing Temp - Red-D-Arc Welders

Student GPA Bursary - Sheridan College

Student Passion Award - Eden High School

Contact Email - Phone - 289.684.4375 Mail - 19 Pleasant Grove Terrace, Grimsby ON, L3M 5G8


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