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The next ten years What an incredible year it’s been for the I Love Travel family. Our first full year together as 7 brands: The New Breakaway Tours, S-Trip!, CV SnowJam, CV Spring Break, D2D, Unleashed, and Stoke. We created trips for over 60,000 travelers in more than 40 countries around the world. We have offices in Canada, United States, Dominican Republic, Spain and Australia. Most importantly we have an incredible team of young, passionate, hardworking people that I’m so lucky to work with everyday. This was our first year running trips from California and Florida. We were blown away by the excitement for travel from youth in those areas and are very excited about the future of those markets. We were once again awarded Best Managed Companies by Deloitte. Not to mention the countless acknowledgments and accolades we receive from within the travel industry and our own travellers. I can’t thank our suppliers enough for their support and contribution to everything we do. Travel is an incredibly complex industry with many people and operations involved, and we are so lucky to work with some of the best partners in the world. It was also an exciting year for Get REAL. They brought on their second full time staff member as they continue to grow and spread their message of inclusivity and positivity. I’m so proud to say that our Get REAL Volunteer Abroad operated on S-Trip! saw over 6,500 students make a difference in the communities we travel to. This includes building and repairing homes and schools, restoring animal shelters, creating amazing moments and smiles for hundreds of children in schools and orphanages, collecting over 100 pounds of waste, and much much more.

The past ten years have seen growth I never could have imagined when we set off creating our first trips. I remember day one when we made the decision to start a travel company. It was a one year plan and was harder than we ever thought it would be. During those 15-hour days we slept on friends sofas or in youth hostels. We made less than minimum wage; I remember my bank card being declined more often than not. Not to mention we had to learn almost everything from scratch. Despite all that hard work and sacrifice, we had a really fun time. By a stroke of luck and because people believed in our vision we built out an amazing team and company. Ten years later our founding principle ‘work hard, play hard’ lives on. Having the opportunity to travel on our trips always reminds me of the incredible joy and happiness we create for tens of thousands of youth. We’re not just selling a product you hang on your shelf; we’re providing a life-changing experience. I know that is true because it changed my own life and led to the creation of this company. Our travelers develop new and deeper relationships which we have seen turn into marriages and life long friendships. Our travelers grow and mature as they experience the independence of travel. Finally, our travelers open their minds and hearts to all people of the world and embrace everyone! The world will be a better place because of the experiences we create. As we look forward to the future I’m incredibly excited for the next ten years. If the last ten years are any indication — the future will be full of great things. Most importantly I look forward to changing the lives of youth through building new relationships and helping shape them into responsible global citizens.

Alexander Handa

PASSENGER BOOKING 2015 14,000 6,400 2,200

5,800 2,7000 1,900 3,000


“That was what S-Trip! was all about, letting the good vibes take over and not letting anything get to you.” - Hayley Swancar

“A week in Cayo Coco was the perfect was to celebrate the end of four long and hard years of high school.” - Callie Skarland-Garcia

What an amazing year for the I Love Travel family. We have accomplished so much and most importantly with more happy travelers than ever before.

For the 3rd consecutive year we were named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies! We were also featured in an exclusive BNN interview about leading the way in the student travel industry.

We officially reached over 150,000 travelers since 2009. We also collected more happy traveler stories than ever before.

“The beach was beautiful, the weather was wonderful, the excursions were exceptional and the parties were phenomenal.”

- Connie Chan

Hello, I am writing to extend our deepest appreciation to all the S-Trip staff in assisting our son during his trip. I cannot express how grateful I am to everyone helping him through his sickness, hospital stay and for getting him back home to us. I do not know the names of all those who supported him, but can state a thank you to Manwell, Sarah and Meraj. You all were amazing! Thank you So Very Much!! :) Sincerely, Carrie Laliberte

“My days were full of fun activities and awesome adventures with cool people who accepted me into their groups that they’d come with, and I felt liek I’d known them for years!” - Marissa Hebert


We love creating incredible experiences for our travelers. We go the extra mile every day, recognizing that the little things can make a difference. And the result is an awesome opportunity for students to grow through travel. INITATIVES: Thanksgiving Food Drive, I Love Travel Group, Soccer Game, Bell Let’s Talk Day, Sold shirts at holiday party to raise money, Sponsored 3 families in our community at Christmas time

We believe in people’s ability to make a difference, whether its our travelers, our organizers or our staff. By first understanding the issues, and then developing methods to act on them, we seek to always make things better for our passengers and our global community. INITATIVES: Clothing Swap/Donation, Smoothie Day, Buzz Lightyear Award, Secret Friend - leave little surprises and happy things for your secret friend, Hosted FREE Lunch Club

We believe that every day is a journey. We know that every journey is made better by working together, and that’s worth celebrating INITATIVES: Lunch Club, Random Acts Of Kindness Parade, Handed out flowers, Movie Night - Interstellar, Homeless Initiative, raised money for care packages for the homeless, Thanksgiving Lunch Club, Created a list of cheap eats by the office

We believe that inspiration can come from anywhere. Whether it’s opening our eyes to a new idea, a new friend, or an entirely new culture, we love finding opportunities to learn from each other. INITATIVES: Secret Santa Gift exchange, World Cup Soccer Theme Day, Awesome Share the Journey Wallpaper, Chinese New Year party for Bernie, STJ theme days, sharing on social media from all offices

We love what we do. Bring the fun means we approach every day with the ‘travel mindset’; embracing change, rocking ‘yes’ attititude, and enjoying the ride. INITATIVES: Bake

Sale for Get Real, Valentine’s Day Candygrams, Halloween Bring the Fun O’Clock, Christmas Movie Night in Black Box


Chris Studer

Sydney Reis


Alison Bell

Mickyla Kortje

Trista Sotelo


Jay Hamilton

Julie Ross

Robyn Cooper

Taylor Baum

Robin Anderson


Amy Killoran

Christian Schortemeyer

Dee Flores

Derek Champoux

James Ragudo

Mike Meehan

Alissa Christofferson

Ashlee Dubinsky

Billy Matos

Corrie Brand

Eli Cruz

Giulia Chilin


Kailyn Rudisail

Liz Eftaxias

Robyn Lalonde

Rosita Beck

Nicole Gil


Ahmar Aziz

Bernie Lim

Khalid Sultanee

Nidhi Singhla

Dhanesh Siva


Amanda Marie Quintino YYZ

Amber McLennan YVR

Brad Weiler YYZ

Brandon MacDonnell YYZ

Cassie Boucher YYZ

Ceylan Meyers YVR

Claire Mconnachie YYZ

Dakota Dame YYC

Denissa Lopez YYZ

Eric Roberston YYZ

Jacquie Wright BOS

Jenai Hodgeson YYZ

Jeremy Arseneau YYZ

Jo Clarke YVR

Jonny Brock YYZ

Justin Hards YVR

Justin VanCamp YYZ

Karlee Handy YYZ

Kevin Kim YYZ

Kirk Hards YVR

Krista Truax YYZ

Kylie Goodwin YYZ

Luigi Dubria YYZ

Matt Castonguay YYZ

Michelle Gregson YYZ

Mike Conrad YYC

Natasha Delicata YYZ

Palmer Vaughn YYZ

Pierson Mayhew YYZ

Ruth Lockwood BOS

Ryan Stroble YYZ


Afton Thomas BOS

Aymara Heath BOS

Channing Masuhara YYZ

David Miller YYZ

Jenny Kim YYZ

Justin Brown YYZ

Michelle Gauthier YYZ

Sami Hunt YYZ

Steph Connor YYZ


Alberto Inoa

Carla Casci

Giancarlos Matos

Pedrito Lajara


Alex Handa

Abdel Said

Jared Zietsma

Kyle Bahr

Jamie Macleod


Andrea Sawatzky

Ariel Korstrom

Brenda Duong

Jayne Barrett

Sabrina Szabo

Eugene Winer

Allison Cecilo

Amanda Barbosa

Arlene Dizon

Brad Maclellan

Corinna Howard


Dan Adams

Gabby Stemphlet

Haley Morey

Jade Dunlop

Jordan Taylor

Lasia Young

Lisa Guitto

Megan McCormick

Meraj Delavari

Norm Demelo

Reggie Plaza

Sam Edwards

Stephanie Gee

Sydney Penman

Authentic Cuba

Cayo Sta. Maria


Isla Cozumel

Yucatan Explorer

Pacific Mexico

Dominican Adventure

Southern Dominican Sun

Grand Bahamas & Islands of the Bahamas





U.Crew program contributing 300+ PAX


Direct Sales Model starting to deliver larger groups Growth in direct sales

Amit Anil

Chris Jones

Jack Perkin

Joanna Axiotis

Jot Lynas

Matt Hill

Serena Kyriacou

Steve Pirie

Biggest launch of all time 1400 PAX in 1 day The past year has been very exciting for us. Our ambassador aka U Crew program has contributed 300+ pax, which is the highest so far. Our Direct Sales Model has started to deliver larger groups which helps us create Grad Trip traditions in schools. This is further proven by the fact that we have had growth in direct sales. The highlight so far is our biggest launch of all time bringing in 1400 pax in one day. Things can only get better from here as our team aims to surprise each other on the progress made.

Yanni Shaw

This past year at Stoke Towers started off with a veritable fart in the face of entrepreneurial excitement. July last year we were sweating away in Brazil with two football world cup supporter camps... beautiful set-ups on the beaches of Rio and Salvador de Bahia.. but due to the outcome of the draw, not a whole lot of supporters showed up to our party locations. Yep, it was a Stoke staff party of South American proportions. We lived and we learned.. and samba’d a lot anyway. And since the great Brazilian train wreck of 2014.. biz has been booming.

So what’s new this year in the world of Stoke?

New campsite and bar in Pamplona Ibiza Hippie camp new and open all summer Our very own custom-built booking system Great bookings traction for our new ‘Stoke Passport’ A new website is in the works Road-trip Spain & Portugal running for first time Rolling Circus tour intertwined with our own in-house touring theatre.. as well as hosting New Zealand’s winner of the prestigious ‘Battle of the Bands Competition’ Biggest ‘PEST’ (Painting Europe Stoke Tour) Tour, taking in 147 of Europe’s biggest hostels pre-summer. ... and seeing as we collectively drink over 100,000 litres of beer each year.. we thought it was high time to start brewing our very own stuff. They call it ‘Travellers Feet Brew’, because these amber nectar feet are without doubt the source of what keeps us all going. Keeping with the aim of fostering a true united nations of travellers.. our staff are currently made up of a veritable mix of weirdoes: Slovaks, Frenchies, Germans, Dutchies, Aussies, South African, American, Kiwi, Chinese (Hong Kong), Nepalese, Scottish, Italians, Danes, Irish, English, Mexican... not to mention quite the Canadian invasion. Whilst we are only half-way through our season at the time of writing... bookings across our 24 products are about 30% up on last year!

Adam Semichubb

Alex ‘Kiss my’ Kessanis

Surf Manager. AUS

Customer Service Manager. AUS

Bill ‘The Ribcage’ Egan Tentertainment. AUS

Bobby Swackhamer. Videos. USA.

Elton Jim

Emma ‘The’ Hughes

Media and Content. AUS

Sales U.K. Norwich. GBR

Jamie ‘toilet paper’ Turner. HR, Events and Reps. AUS

Matt Mckeeman Carlton Boat logistics. IRL

Toby ‘Business Card’ Paramor CEO

Kaihla McConnell

Surfari Manager. AUS

Nichole Davis

Head of Sales. NZL

Alex Gamberle

Boat Logisitics. PHL

Curtis All-Nutt.. San Sebastian Manager. AUS

Henry Boles

Rolling Circus. NZL

Keets Newley

Ibiza Manager. AUS

Paddy Castellas Catering Manager. IRL, ESP, NZL...?

Amanda ‘I don’t even know her!’ Barker. Barcelona Promotions Manager. CAD

Darren ‘Factura’ Smith. Accounts. CAD

Hollie Roberts Sales B2B. AUS

Lisa Parsons

General Manager. ZAF

Sharmila Subedi Finance. NPL

Wade Gravy

Chairman of the Board. AUS

parties christmas down unda


academies summer academy 2014

Winter academy 2015



The I Love Travel Family is a tight-knit group of friends and co-workers. This past year the family grew larger than ever with even more Marriages, Babies, Dogs, and our forever #MegaBuddies that support us inside and outside the office. Congrats to all of us celebrating love, friendship, and new friends this year.

most likely to... SELL THEIR THINGS AND MOVE TO THE BEACH? Winners: Corrie Brand, Jay Hamilton Honorable Mention: Justin Van Camp WIN AN OSCAR? W: Michael Meehan HM: Steph Connor TAKE OVER THE WORLD? W: Alex Handa, Justin Van Camp HM: Jenny Kim, Corinna Howard WORK AT ILT FOR LIFE? W: Denissa Lopez, Amanda Barbosa HM: Alex Handa GET MARRIED TO EACH OTHER W: Bradley Weiler & Kylie Goodwin HM: Krista Truax & Brad MacLellan BE FAMOUS? W: Jayne Barrett, Chris Studer HM: Julie Ross WIN THE LOTTERY BUT LOSE THE TICKETS? W: Justin Brown, Corinna Howard HM: Jamie Macleod, Aymara Heath GO ON THE BACHELOR/BACHERLORETTE W: Jeremy Areseneau, Steph Connor HM: Matt Castonguay, Jayne Barrett, Eric Robertson GET 2 PARKING TICKETS IN ONE DAY? W: Brandon MacDonnell, Jay Hamilton HM: Luigi Dubria, Chris Studer

INVENT SOMETHING? W: Jamie Macleod & Kyle Bahr HM: Amy Killoran, Pierson Mayhew PLAN A BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR THEIR CAT/DOG? W: Jonny Brock, AMQ HM: Karlee Handy STILL GET ID’D WHEN THEY’RE 30? W: Sami Hunt, Jenny Kim HM: Luigi Dubria, AMQ START AN ILT BAND? W: Chris Studer, Luigi Dubria, James Ragudo HM: Derek Champoux, Michael Meehan VISIT MARS? W: Matt Castonguay, Ruth Lockwood HM: Derek Champoux, Alex Handa WIND UP IN THE GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS? W: Julie Ross “Best Human” HM: Michael Meehan “Most Handsome” GET ON THE NEWS? W: Chris Studer, Gabby Stemphlet HM: Ryan Stroble BECOME A MEME? W: Kevin Kim, Eugene Winer HM: Michael Meehan, Justin Van Camp NEVER STOP TRAVELING THE WORLD? W: AMQ, Jay Hamilton HM: Krista & Brad

BECOME THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF ILT? W: Jay Hamilton HM: Julie Ross, Brandon MacDonnell HAVE ALL THEIR KIDS TRAVEL WITH ILT? W: Eugene Winer, Jonny Brock HM: Meraj Delavari PRANK YOU? W: Eugene Winer, Justin Van Camp HM: Steph Connor HAVE THE MESSIEST DESK? W: AMQ HM: David Miller, Tasha Delicata, Jay Hamilton, Jamie MacLeod HAVE THE CLEANEST DESK? W: Meraj Delavari HM: Bernadette Lim, Jonny Brock, Sami Hunt, Cassie Boucher

COMPETE IN THE OLYMPICS? W: Jayne Barrett HM: Matt Castonguay, Ruth Lockwood, Khalid Sultanee ACCIDENTALLY WEAR THE SAME OUTFIT AS EACH OTHER? W: Kylie Goodwin & Karlee Handy HM: Eugene Winer & Meraj Delavari

BE THE LOUDEST PHONE TALKER? W: Ryan Stroble HM: Kylie Goodwin, Kevin Kim, Luigi Dubria

BE FOUND SECRETLY LIVING IN THE BASEMENT? W: Daniel Adams, Bernadette Lim HM: Jamie Macleod, & Justin Hards

BE A PING-PONG CHAMPION? W: Derek Champoux HM: Kevin Kim & Eugene Winer

START THEIR OWN CLOTHING LINE? W: Julie Ross HM: Matt Castonguay, Aymara Heath

STEAL THE YETI SUIT FOR PERSONAL USE? W: David Miller HM: Jenny Kim, Brad MacLellan, Reggie Plaza

LEARN TO FLY A PLANE? W: Alex Handa HM: Derek Champoux, Pierson Mayhew

MOVE TO THE MOUNTAINS? W: AMQ HM: Jacquie Wright & Kylie Goodwin

BLOW UP YOUR INSTAGRAM? W: AMQ HM: Julie Ross, Steph Connor


is, praesentibus, etfuturis praeterit | #JobofaLifetime

ilovetravel Summer Academy Yearbook / 2014-15