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The Battle for CandyLand By: Selena Kelly

Page One Once Upon a Time there lived a King named Sugar. He was the ruler of Candyland the sweetest place on Earth. He was a very sweet person. He never liked to have any problems with people and always liked peace.

Page Two There was also a very mean and evil person named Ursula who lived far away from the Queen. She didn’t like seeing people happy she liked to see people upset.And one day she told herself that he was going to take over The Queens kingdom and make everyone very sad.

Page Three The Queens ancestors and Ursula ’s ancestors never liked each other and they were always fighting with each other and this has been happening for many years. Ursula ’s family always wanted to take over Candyland and the Queen’s family never let Ursula or any of her ancestors take the kingdom over.

Page Four One day Ursula walked over to the Queens kingdom and had told her that she was going to take over her kingdom. And the Queen said� You will never ever be able to take over my kingdom�.

Page Five Ursula plotted what he was going to do next and she could not think of anything.But she had to think of something that would be able to take over the Queen. She had to use everything that she had and put it all together.

Page Six The Queen wasn’t scared of Ursula and nor anything she said because she was trained not to be scared of people like her.The Queen was really happy because she knew that she would be able to protect her kingdom from any bad that came her way.

Page Seven It took Ursula 4 days to finally think of something that she could do to take over the kingdom.Something that would take the Queen out and could keep her away and in prison for the rest of her life.

Page Eight Ursula had planned to take over Candyland and to defeat Queen Sugar and make sure that she lock her away and everyone else that liked her. The next day Ursula went back up to the Queen with all the magic that she had.

Page Nine The Queen was not about to let Ursula take over her kingdom. The Queen used all the power she had in her and took her out. Then she said� By the power vested in me I hereby banish you to prison for the rest of your days.And Ursula was banished to the prison and there her lived for the rest of her life .

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