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Model: Goldie Highwarden Makeup: Tiana Street Photography: Jay




EYE GOTTA HA VE IT Photography: Ryyan Hill Makeup: Tiffany Martinez Art direction: Tara Copeland Model: Megan Gains


Makeup artist Tiffany Martinez shows us the latest eye shadows by Vincent Longo for a natural summer flare. Get ready to sparkle and add some drama.


Eye shadows can take you from night to day. Summer Tip: Remember to wear foundation that comes with SPF to protect skin from damage. All products by Vincent longo can be found online or at your nearest store.






“Vincent Curl enhances the natural curl of the lash for a natural look.”

“Pop Gel liner was added for a little pop.”


“Vincent Longo Destiny Rose eye shadow is used for a soft dramatic look, the eye shadows can be used wet or dry.” “Cabaret Liner was used as a filler on the brows.”


“ I usually don’t wear makeup up but I like how my skin feels. It can breathe.” –Megan Gaines


Eco Friendly Vegan Beauty Products Some people are cautious about using chemicals when it comes to their face and hair instead opting for a more organic approach to their daily beauty regimen. Here are a few of the latest vegan hair; makeup and skin care products that are free of all the harsh chemicals and animal testing.

Kinky Curly. All natural and organic.

Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty Solution. All vegan. Certified organic.


Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water. A mineral makeup remover made with botanical extracts. Made with mineral-rich hot spring water infused with six essential herbs to protect and nurture skin.

Acquarella- Water Based Nail Polish. This water base polish is all vegan and odorless. It’s eco-friendly, non-flammable, and free of petrochemical solvents.

Everyday Minerals- Brow Defining Kit. Great for defining brows. All the items are: vegan, eco-friendly, gluten free, and cruelty-free.



The Perfect Tool Box The Dry Bar has launched the tools available for your mane. The products can be found online or at your nearest store.


Step 1. Create a top knot. You want hair to be slightly damp or almost dry for this look. Saturate the entire head with a detangle leave-in conditioner and apply a moose volumizing foam. Step 1.

Step 2. Spray a dry holding spray to hold in place at the base of the scalp to create height and volume.


Step have worn Step 3. After your top knot for the day unwrap your bun, shake hair, and let fall into place.

Product Recommendations: Frederic Fekkai Full Blown Volume Styling whip and Matrix Vavoom Moose.

C 18

Chic Hair



Photography by Janet @Shumazing Photography Makeup by Tiara Nelson The Beauty Freak Hair by Tara Copeland

P rimpin’

It Ain’t always Easy But We Make it look effortless


The Primp Process Cutting. Razor and cutting shears were both used to create a more clean and precise cut. Coloring. Hair was colored a warm red brown to compliment skin tone for a nice radiant glow. Makeup. Foundation, shadows and lips were applied by MAC cosmetics and lashes were applied to enhance the final look.


Photography by Janet @Shumazing Photography Makeup by Tiara Nelson @ the beauty freak Model: Nycole Connelly


Keratin Treatment Straight To The POINT! By Tara Copeland Keratin Treatment is a smoothing treatment that will smooth the hair tresses and reduce up to 90% of frizz from the hair without permanently damaging or altering the state of your hair structure.


It is applied as a coating that is emulsified and sealed into the hair shaft by using 450 degrees of heat. The treatment will last up to 3 to 4 months. This is a great option for those with extremely curly hair, wavy hair and those seeking an alternative route from relaxed hair to more healthy hair.


“I love the look and feel of my hair. The texture is much smoother.” -Courtney Locs


“It makes day to day maintenance much easier. I can easily style my hair.” -Courtney Locs

“My hair is all around healthier.” -Courtney Locs Sulfate-Free products are recommended for longevity of treatment 26




Getting down to the root of it! Talking to your stylist when you’re getting primped and pampered.


Whether you’re going to the same stylist for several years, or going to one for the first time, communication is key. Just as important as it is for the stylist to ask many questions, it’s equally as important for the client to do the same. On one hand there are instances when your regular stylist has serviced you for many years and a certain level of trust and confidence is established. While that is important your hair care needs may have changed. Talk to your stylist and let them know. It could be something as simple as you desiring to let your hair grow out and your stylist, being accustomed to your regular routine, probably assumes you’re content and not wanting to change. Or maybe you want a short edgy cut with a hint of new color. Hair stylists attempt to meet all of their clients needs by getting to know them and their hair. However, we are no mind readers. Over the years I’ve discovered that 90% percent of the time when a client leaves a stylist, it’s because of communication issues.

“I constantly stress to my clients to please let me know if any aspect of their service is undesirable.”

I constantly stress to my clients to please let me know if any aspect of their service is undesirable. Still, it’s really, really important for you to open that line of communication. Talk to us. Believe me when I say it is crucial for seasoned stylists to retain and maintain a regular clients list. Avoiding a high turnover is the key. Most of my clients have been coming to me since I opened and I’m sure that it’s because the lines of communication are always clear. If by some chance you have tried to talk to your stylist. But to no avail, then I suggest you move on to another stylist that makes you feel comfortable and is willing to listen. Remember you are the single most important commodity to that person and you should be treated in that manner.


Now for those of you that are shopping for a new stylist or are relocating to a new area it can be somewhat of a hit or miss process. Be patient and in most cases give the stylist more than one chance. Although it’s very important for you to have some definite style ideas in mind be realistic in your expectations and allow the hair care professional to guide you with their input. Remember, this stylist is meeting you for the first time, and should be eager to please you. Things to pay attention to are, the stylist asking what your finished look should be and what types of styles do you prefer. Also don’t be hesitant to let the stylist know what your experience has been like in the past. Never hold those bad experiences against the new stylist. If you do, the two of you will never meet on even ground and there will always be an issue with your hair. Remember, this is a relationship. One that has to build. By doing so normally leads to a beautiful history between client and stylist.

The keys to effective communication. Use it! 29







ho the heck is Nadia Giramata?

Let Arta introduce you. First remember the name. Then remember the face. She is the future supermodel that you will be seeing everywhere soon.



Nadia Giramata is a beautiful model from Rubavu, Rwanda. She speaks six different languages and now lives in London. Giramata was discovered at Piccadilly Place in Manchester on her way home from college. Represented by Viva London and Viva Paris, she took a moment to give an exclusive interview to Arta Chic. Take a peek into the world of this future runway supermodel who stands at 5 “10. See what she had to say about her present gig, favorite places, and a favorite icon she would love to spend the day with.



AC: How long have you been modeling? I have been modeling for a bit more than a year now. AC: Name two things you love about modeling? I love traveling, and meeting people from everywhere. AC: Name three designers you would love to model their clothes Saint Laurent Paris, Armani, and Calvin Klein………the list is much longer actually! AC: Favorite makeup and hair products? I always take my makeup products from different brands. My foundation is from Black Up, my lip-glosses are from Mary Kay and I do use a lot Bobbi Brown products as well. And I love L’Oreal’s Mascaras. For hair I use Olive Oil products. I think they’re perfect for African hair! 34


AC: We read that you speak six languages! Can you tell us in which order you learned? I speak French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Kinyarwanda is my mother tongue. Et C’est Tout! AC: Which languages do you find the most fascinating? I think French is absolutely fabulous (when it’s spoken correctly), I think it naturally sounds really “posh”… But a French person speaking a foreign language (with an accent) it’s something else! Hum Hum Hum! AC: Favorite place to shop? I love Top Shop!


AC: Is there anyone who inspires you? Michelle LaVaughn Obama: I think I am not the only one she inspires, but when you look at all the way she has made before reaching the White House you can only admire her for her courage and her strength, and no matter what skin color we are, or from which religion, continent we are, she can be a role model for everyone. AC: If you had the opportunity to spend a day with your favorite celebrity or icon who would it be and why? It would be with Meryl Streep. I think she looks amazing and has extraordinary dierent facial expressions. I would literally be staring at her all the day long! 37

The Mis- Adventures of Awkward Black Girl‌





hen I first heard that I’d be interviewing, Issa Rae the creator and

star of ”The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl”, I went from instant joy to sudden sadness. Happy dance subsides. Cue the melancholy that is Coltrane now playing in the background. Suddenly my middle brain was hitting me with all sorts of questions. What would I ask her? Will it sound dumb? Has anybody seen my Spider-Man View-Master? Wait. What?


I was already familiar with the popular web series in which Rae plays “J”, a black girl who inexpertly moves through life predicting cause and effect with incendiary rap lyrics to match. Finally there was someone saying all or most of the things that I’d experienced. No sugarcoat. No bullshit. I became an instant fan. Fast forward to the present. Friday night at The Grove in L.A. Throngs of shoppers and diners taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather in February. After settling on the patio of Barnes & Noble, Issa arrives a few minutes later casually dressed in jeans, a tshirt, black Converse and a grey YouTube hoodie with three tiny ABG buttons stuck neatly in a row. She looked like a really cool teenager who wasn’t trying to be cool. With a disarming smile and sincere handshake she greeted me like an old friend. Like most incredibly talented people, the 28-year-old began writing early on. “I would always try to make people laugh”. Always eager to please with a funny story, she would hound her mother for homework and paper to write down her stories. ”I do honestly get a lot of this from my mom. My mom is definitely ridiculously awkward. But doesn’t know she’s awkward.”

“I would always try to make people laugh.”

Rae downplays her sudden celebrity, connections with Pharell and Shonda Rhimes and the tendency for people to lump her into this all-knowing category. You get the feeling that she believes this is all happening to someone else and she’s just along for the ride. “I’m still trying to perfect one craft. I’m being portrayed as this writer, producer, and director. I don’t feel secure in one medium. I still have a lot of growing to do. I don’t consider myself an expert in this field by any means.” Not the usual outpouring you’d expect from someone in her position. Seems like she’s managed to perfect the ability to shun all the attention while embracing it at the same time.



She discusses growing up in Senegal her first two years then visiting every summer after her family moved to the United States. “I always had so much pride in my Senegalese background. I felt like it made me different. When I was in Africa…Senegal, the fact that I was American was highly coveted. I didn’t really know what that meant. But it made me feel cool.” When her family relocated to Los Angeles from Maryland she came face-toface with the usual stereotypes of being perceived as not being Black enough and the often stigma attached to all things African due to commercialization. ”That sort of started my awkwardness. Feeling like a fish out of water definitely informs my writing.”

“I always had

much pride in my Senegalese

The writer admits not taking her gift for storytelling seriously until she got to college and begin taking African-American Studies classes. While attending Stanford University she quickly realized that she was not interested in being a political science major and opted for a more creative outlet at New York Film Academy. She would eventually graduate from Stanford. And the rest, shall we say, is web series history. Or at least it will be the way her comedic ball has been rolling lately. It’s pretty apparent that her sky is her limit. No one else’s. When speaking about her popular web series, Rae reveals, ”People are witnessing me sort of growing and learning.” “The MisAdventures of Awkward Black Girl” just recently wrapped its second season. Missed a few episodes? You can catch Seasons 1 and 2 on YouTube of course. Word on the street is I Hate L.A. Dudes, her Shonda Rimes produced sitcom about L.A.’s dating scene, is slated for pilot season. Two snaps and a Capri Sun. Wait. What? Okay, we’ll be watching.



I felt like it made me different.”


Throwing all formality out the window, I decided to round out the interview with a series of questions and statements. Socks or no socks? Socks. Feet get real stinky. Green eggs and ham Dr. Seuss Shoot the TV Cuz the Internet is the shit! Boil some water So I can throw it in yo’ face, get chu a taste…(breaking out into a freestyle) No thanks I’m goooood…(“J” appears briefly) Time Is something you never get back. So use it wisely. Spend it wisely. Cherish it.




Not ROSE but SERINE. Interview By RyyanHill



ecently we came across a new face Axel Serine.

Immediately I was curious to know more about this guy. His features were strikingly amazing and quite unique. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a brother walking the runways with such rawness. Besides Tyson Beckford. Of course the industry has a plethora of male models —most are lean, some just barely pass the height requirements, tall and buffed out to the max. But there’s something about Axel…Not Rose but Serine. Every image struck me. Every pose caught my attention down to his septum piercing and hat tipped to the side. The way his eyes spoke to the camera. Styling of wardrobe and yeah — he was even rocking’ a Lakers jacket in one image. How ironic? Whether it’s commercial, print, or television Serine’s look fits any campaign. He can be that fly, eccentric dude doing his thing in Venice Beach, hanging out on Melrose or taking the trains from Paris to London. His presence is unquestionable. 
You either have it or you don’t. There’s something about Axel. Not Rose but Serine. We reached out to the model with the eclectic appeal for a possible interview. Did I mention he lives in Paris, France? After some emailing back and forth, we finally got our interview. Peep his take on being a model, fave shopping digs and all around style.



Who are your favorite designers? I think my favorite designers are Richardo Tisci of course. Raf Simons, Rad Hourani and Ann Demeulemeester. My everyday look is a mixture between those vibes. I admire Prabal Gurung’s or Proenza Schouler’s work as well. We noticed you have a nose/septum ring in most of your photos. Is that something you have always had as your personal signature? Or is that something your agency (Angels and Demons) suggested to make their models stand out from the rest? I’ve had my septum piercing since I was seventeen. I’m a body modification addict. I had several piercings but I had to calm down on that addiction when I started modeling. I only kept my nose ring. My agencies liked it. They thought it would bring a new edginess to the black modeling market. But they wanted me to also practice on more casual vibes to show in my book that I can do everything. Not put me in some case.


How would you describe your style? My style is a total mess. It depends on my mood. I can be street wear wearing creepers and y3 one day. The day after it can come off really chic with creepers (always in creepers as you can notice) and jackets and all those chic stuffs. But always in black. I don’t really like colors in my own style. So I feel totally different when I work. Who are your top three favorite artist (rapper/singer) that you’re listening to right now? These days I’m so into Yukimi Nagano from the band Little Dragon since I saw them perform in Paris. I like Azealia Banks, The xx and SBTRKT a lot too.


When you’re not modeling how else do you spend your time? When I’m not working, I like to share times with my friends like most young people. I don’t really go to clubs. I prefer to go spend time at my friends places. Laugh and talk while eating crisps. I also like to go shopping. I can spend so much money on clothes … and then regret it.

What do you love the most about modeling? What I like the most about being a model is that you can travel often. I love to travel. Cuz I don’t like any kind of routine, it makes me feel that I don’t lose my time. What I like also is that you can meet people from all around the world and create new friendships.


Your favorite place to shop in Paris? I like to buy clothes in L’Eclaireur or Colette, which are trendy boutiques that sell all the major brands. I like second hand and vintage items too. There are sooo‌many vintage shops in Paris but my favorite one is Episode. I can spend the whole day sneaking and messing up the shop to find that perfect piece that I missed.

Axel Serine is currently represented by Your Angels Models Agency. Images: Courtesy of Your Angels Models


Photography John Sanossian Art Direction: Tara Copeland

Bright Mellow Yellow








Arta Fresh Picks JAC VANEK MUSIC IS THE ANSWER Vintage Unisex Army Jacket/Shirt. This is a hot one. We love the vintage style. Perfect with wedge heels and can used for a cover up!

RUN. EAT. SLEEP. REPEAT. Is a thin stylish bracelet for staying fly while staying in shape!

I Am A Runner Necklace is a great way to remind you to stay fit. Even for a short run. Available at Pop Sugar fitness. 57

VALENTINO Camouflage Leather & Suede sneakers. Fashionably hot & in sync!

Valentino Camo-Print Rockstud Flap Clutch. Leather and Studded accents that will compliment any outfit.

ALEXANDER WANG. Silk Gauze Draped Back Dress. You can never go wrong with a simple black dress!


Voluspa Goji Tarocco Orange Candle-Wax. This is much needed after a long day. A time for relaxation and inhale the beautiful scents of blood orange and goji berries.

THINGS YOU DO THAT REALLY PISS ME OFF. Sometimes you can’t verbally tell the person what’s on your mind, so it doesn’t hurt to make note of it. Available at Knock Knock online.


THE NIKE STUDIO WRAP. This shoe is designed to give women an elevated workout in the studio. There are no sweaty or slippery feet, and no bunched up socks. The Wrap is comfortable, functional and minimalistic.



Become the inner woman

you are

designed to be

Be tropical.   Daring.   Youthful.   R adiant.     It’s  t ime   for   you   to   make   this  s ummer   an   easy   laid   back   one  by   wearing   less  a nd  d oing  m ore.  


Model: ReenaTolentino Hair/Makeup: Tara Copeland Styling: Kristabel Marie





Photography by Indo’s Place Model Suelynn Makeup by Tai Young Styling by M&A








Tracey Reese Collections



A. Dsquared2 B. Christian Louboutin C. Jimmy Choo Kevan woven leather


D. Emilio Pucci E. Givenchy Heels F. Alexander Wang Sandals


C. B

D. D

E 75



ARTA SMELLS GOOD! Our favorites summer scents for anytime of the year.

“I loooooove the packaging! And it smells good on me! “ –Ms. Nycole

“I love Hanae Mori. It’s my summer scent but Angel is my standby. It’s pretty classic-just don’t spray a lot! “. K. Danyelle


“Amber Romance and Sexual! Amber Romance has a sweet floral smell that’s very feminine. So does Sexual … but more fruity.” –Tara Copeland

“Dig em’ both. Never overbearing just the right touch.” –Shon Lomax


“Always stick with the classics.” -RyyanHill

“It smells clean, light, and fresh!” -Pollux


Chic Living.


RESSENTIR By Ryan Christopher VanWillams Model:

Phelora Elle@Base


Ryan Christopher

Photographer’s Assistant/Stylist:

Dyjonai Campbell

The Perfect Pair Photography By Andrew Thomas Clifton

“I do a lot of photojournalistic work which requires that models can actually take a simple idea or scene and flow freely with it.” I don’t do a whole lot of micromanaging in direction.” Model: Brooke Deslouches Makeup: Kirsten Sylvester Styling: Jay Johnson

“I’m creating a new way to capture my subjects. It requires some interesting places to go musically.” –Andrew Thomas Clifton

RETRO SUMMER By photographer Chad Wilson

A classic retro sexy feel Model: Serena Reeder Makeup: Karmisha Little Hair: Tara Copeland



s g ih n T e W e v o L


Chicken N’ Waffles. Everyone knows you haven’t had a taste of LA until you hit up Roscoe’s Chicken N’ Waffles. A popular spot that gives southern love.

In&Out. Cali’s favorite place to grab a good burger on the go. Always made fresh quick, hand made fries. If you want more you should know the secret menu. Ask someone and they’ll tell you.

Buttons and Bows is an upscale consignment store located downtown LA. Here you will find the cutest vintage and modern styles available. The store carries some of the hottest designers such as Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, Elizabeth and James, along with eclectic funky jewelry. Bob Marley’s daughter owns the store Karen Marley and Monique Aquino.

One of our favorite places to shop!

Artachic magazine summer