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Transforming Lives

Strengthening Community

The Campaign for Paul’s Place


aul’s Place serves as a gathering place for neighbors in Washington Village/

Pigtown. Young and old, children and families are welcomed, treated with respect, offered a hot meal and support, and given the opportunity to participate in shaping and building a strong, stable community.

Paul’s Place brings stability to the lives of Pigtown residents, improving their health and well-being, providing structure for their children, helping them avoid eviction, and offering them hope and purpose.

For 23 years Paul’s Place has expanded, restructured services and added programs as the needs of the community and its residents have changed. The neighborhood is in transition once more as poverty and increased demands for services persist along side the reality of gentrification. Paul’s Place is again called to respond to these changes. By adding space for new and expanded programs and services and demonstrating a renewed commitment to the neighborhood with funds to stabilize housing, Paul’s Place will continue to transform lives and strengthen community.

Transforming Lives Strengthening Community

Providing Basic Services for Twenty-Three Years

The Washington Village/Pigtown neighborhood is home to some of the most poverty stricken citizens of Maryland and remains one of the poorest areas in our country. In this racially and culturally diverse Southwest Baltimore community with a rich history, Pigtown residents struggle with unemployment, early pregnancy and drug use. More than 39% of area children are raised by single women; 47% of adults over 20 are not working; and 80% of seniors live in poverty. Founded in 1982 as a “sanctuary of hope” for neighborhood residents, Paul’s Place began as a soup kitchen. Today in collaboration with a network of public and private social service agencies, Paul’s Place serves the homeless, destitute and the “working poor” by offering hospitality and services including: ✽ Over 1 million meals — including daily hot lunches and substantial meals in the children’s programs — have been served since Paul’s Place opened. In the past year, Paul’s Place served 56,000 meals, a 57% increase over the past 4 years. ✽ The Ambassador Program, an awards-based community volunteer program, provides chronically unemployed individuals with opportunities for responsible participation in the neighborhood and has placed one-third of participants in jobs. ✽ An after school program, a Saturday values-based enrichment program, and an eight week summer camp are offered to neighborhood children. Children and youth who participate show improvement in their grades and outlook for the future. A 19 year old graduate of Paul’s Place’s programs was recently awarded a Ravens Community Quarterback Award for her extensive volunteer work. ✽ Each year over 200 families are saved from eviction or utilities cut off by emergency financial assistance from Paul’s Place. ✽ Residents are able to care for themselves and their families more independently, thanks to the availability of showers and laundry facilities added in 2000. ✽ Homeless and uninsured neighbors of Paul’s Place receive health screenings at the Nurse’s Clinic, which is operated in partnership with Open Gates, and have access to clean, gently used clothes at the Clothing Bank.

Transforming Lives Strengthening Community

The Campaign for Paul’s Place As residents gather at Paul’s Place to use the services and programs, the building operates at capacity. There is not enough finished space to store and sort donated food and clothing, to expand educational programs, or to hold confidential counseling sessions. The second floor is not accessible to people with limited mobility. There is no indoor or outdoor space for exercise or community meetings. The Campaign for Paul’s Place has three components that will meet the nutritional, educational and wellness needs of its clients today and will strengthen Paul’s Place as a vibrant center, anchoring the neighborhood well into the 21st century: Capital Improvements and Projects ($1.3 million) In order to build program capacity, Paul’s Place will build out the second floor and remodel the first floor to double the usable space: The renovated second floor space will house: ✽ A 28-WORK STATION COMPUTER TRAINING LAB: In Pigtown, public computers at local libraries and schools are outdated, are accompanied by little or no direct instruction and support, and are available during limited hours. The 10 outdated computers at Paul’s Place will be replaced with 28 new computers accessible to youth of all ages and adults six days a week extending into evenings. Individualized, online computer tutorials for children, as well as GED and literacy classes for adults, will be offered. The number of children and adults who participate in computer-based learning will increase from 30 to 65 per week. ✽ A WELLNESS CENTER: Exercise and physical education for children and adults, including nutrition education, low-impact exercise, martial arts and yoga will be offered in the new wellness center and will complement health services, healthy meals and cooking classes offered at Paul’s Place. Approximately 60 children and 40 adults will use the new wellness center each week. ✽ THE MARKETPLACE (FORMERLY THE CLOTHING BANK): The Marketplace will distribute clothes and household items through a respectful “shopping” experience, complete with a waiting area and clothing selection from racks and shelves in a retail-like setting. This area will be transformed into the Holiday Gift Shop during December, so parents can select gifts for their children. Transformed space and additional staff will make it possible for the Marketplace to be open eight hours a week instead of three.

Transforming Lives Strengthening Community

Renovated second floor (continued): ✽ EMERGENCY FOOD VOUCHER PROGRAM SPACE: Additional pantry space will permit expanded storage of emergency supplies and an improved distribution system for the Emergency Food Voucher Program. This program supplies three days of food for households through a partnership with the Department of Social Services and the Maryland Food Bank. ✽ FULLY ACCESSIBLE FACILITIES: Clients with physical disabilities will take showers, “shop” in the Marketplace, and participate in wellness activities on the second floor, thanks to the addition of an elevator. This will affect over 50 guests monthly. The remodeled first floor will include: ✽ THE CHILDREN’S WING: In new, quiet spaces on the remodeled first floor, students will be able to concentrate on homework and one-on-one mentoring. Art activities and play space will be available for younger children. Older children through high schoolers will participate in new, age-appropriate after-school and early evening activities. Paul’s Place will offer programs for young children and their parents during the school day. The number of children served will increase 45% within three years. Hours will increase 25%. ✽ PRIVATE COUNSELING OFFICE: Confidential counseling in a private office will be offered to patients of the Nurse’s Clinic and to participants in the Ambassador Program, who currently talk with counselors in a semi-private setting. Transformed space will make it possible to see 25% more clients weekly in a secure environment. Outdoor recreation space: ✽ By acquiring an adjacent lot, Paul’s Place will add muchneeded neighborhood recreation space. The space will include playground equipment, a surfaced area for games, and places to sit and picnic. ✽ Part of the outdoor recreation space will be devoted to a garden where children and neighbors can grow flowers and vegetables and work cooperatively in a new community activity.

Transforming Lives Strengthening Community

Programming Opportunities and Additional Staff ($450,000) Enabling immediate program growth and development in the new space, Paul’s Place will add four new positions: a full-time children’s coordinator; a part-time information technology specialist; a part-time wellness coordinator; and a facilities maintenance supervisor. These four new positions will allow Paul’s Place to explore partnerships, develop new programs and expand programs to adolescents; provide on-site supervision and technical support for the computer lab; develop a health, exercise and wellness program to complement on-going services; and provide a facilities supervisor to oversee the maintenance of the doubled usable space. These positions will be funded for two and a half years while the fundraising capacity is developed to support an expanded operating budget. Funds for Ward Street Stabilization ($250,000) New instability threatens the neighborhood. All around Paul’s Place vacant houses are being purchased, rehabilitated, and sold as part of gentrification or left vacant as investors wait to make profits. Other houses are in complete disrepair. Rents are rising dramatically, with some residents paying more than half their income on housing. Changes are taking place quickly on Ward Street and threaten to destabilize this historic community. With the supportive services of anchor organizations (Paul’s Place and Open Gates Health Center) in place and affordable housing stock available for immediate purchase, Ward Street provides an opportunity to address many of the challenges facing Washington Village. The Ward Street Stabilization Fund will allow Paul’s Place to purchase up to six of the 15 abandoned properties on the block. Paul’s Place will make these properties available to community organizations to rehabilitate and manage at reasonable rents. Working in partnership with neighborhood organizations to develop a plan, Paul’s Place will address the need to preserve socio-economic diversity in the neighborhood — not by becoming a landlord or property manager, but by helping to stabilize the supply of housing for low income, long time residents. Long seen as the “heart” of Pigtown, Paul’s Place has embarked upon a campaign to respond to the evolving needs of neighborhood residents. By expanding its own space and programs, deepening its collaborative relationships with other agencies, and investing in stabilizing a part of the neighborhood, the Campaign for Paul’s Place will transform lives and strengthen this vibrant and historic community.

Transforming Lives Strengthening Community

Board of Directors


President Alexander Wright, Jr.

The mission of Paul’s Place, Inc. is to improve the quality of life in this Southwest Baltimore community. Responding to the needs of individuals and families, Paul’s Place provides services, programs and resources that promote hope, personal dignity and growth in a welcoming, safe and respectful environment.

Vice President Rosalie M. Fenwick Treasurer William Clemens Secretary Jennifer E. Greene Dana L. Blankenbiller Edward K. Dunn, III Eli Eisenberg Robert Garonzik Katharine H. Hudson Richard D. Jiranek Bob Kirk Sandra Liotta J. Carey Martien John S. Morton, III Natasha Ramberg Kathleen A. Talty Suzanne Bachur Watkins Janice L. Wilson Eleanora O’D Yaggy

Acknowledgements Paul’s Place thanks Richard Montgomery, photographer, and our clients and neighbors who agreed to be photographed for this publication. We are also grateful to Robert Rytter & Associates for their contribution of graphic design services.

Executive Director William J. McLennan Campaign Chair Melanie Heacock

1118 Ward Street | Baltimore, MD 21230 410-625-0775 | Fax: 410-625-0784

Paul's Place Campaign  

Paul's Place Campaign

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