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The primary academic objective of the school is to introduce and instill the main teachings of Islam to our students. A structured approach will be used to teach Islam as a religion and not as a set of cultural practices. It is expected that as students progress through the school, they will become competent in the following areas:

10-11:30 am: Quranic Studies, Reading Arabic/Islamic Studies 11:30-12:30 pm: Quranic Studies, Surah Memorization/Islamic Studies Sirah and Hadith 12:30-1 pm: Break/Salaat 1-1:30 pm: Islamic Studies/Quranic Studies, Reading Arabic 1:30-2 pm: Islamic Studies, Sirah and Hadith/Quranic Studies, Surah Memorization **School opens for all 5 Salaats**

 Faith & Worship: Articles of Faith, Five Pillars and Worship of Allah (SWT).  Islamic Morals & Manners in the light of the Quran & the Hadith.  Quranic Studies: Basic Quranic Teachings. Study of Quran – at higher levels.  Salaat: Our goal is to make sure children know how to perform their Salaat before they get to an age when it becomes mandatory.  Memorization of Surahs & Duas: Memorize 5-10 Surahs (CDs are to be used for this purpose) and Duas related to Salaat and everyday affairs.  Recitation of Quran: The objective of this course is to introduce students to reading the Quran (not learning the Arabic language).  Sirah: Life history of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Methods of Education Used: Pre-Kindergarten through Kindergarten- skills will be learned through:  Coloring, Discussion, Surah Memorization Calendar and the use of both audio and video discs. Levels 1 through 4 – additional skills learned through:  Activity books, audio and video discs and texts with their corresponding workbooks.

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