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Mohammad Jassim Ali Saeed Al Zaabi

“Great things are do ne by a series of small thin gs brought together� Vincent Van Gogh

Art Statement

The world is filled with opportunities of making beautiful designs. Designing, illustrating and photography is my passion, I can’t imagine myself without these creative pursuits. The person who inspired and influenced me to take the path of art and designing was my cousin Hissa. She taught me how to design and gave me helpful feedbacks on my designs and photography. I was also inspired by Japanese cartoons that I used to watch when I was young. I was fascinated by their illustrations, which made me so into drawing, illustrating characters, I have become very interested in 2D animation and manga creation, it’s my passion. I have recognized that the cartoons had a meaningful moral story behind every scenario. However, now when I switch on the TV and turn to a cartoon channel and start watching I really get sad and mad at the same time because the cartoons shown on TV are really bad starting from the story to the illustrations. If you noticed that the entire cartoon they show is all about fiction, imaginary and surreal empty stories that have catastrophic hidden messages for young kids that most parents aren’t aware of. These ditto lead to ruin morals, traditions, cultures, and every good aspect that children should learn. My goal is to become a designer who contributes to raising awareness of people, especially parents in order to educate young generation through designing, illustrating, and creating short animation videos.


Sara Mohammad Jassim Ali Saeed Al Zaabi, known as Sara Al Zaabi, Emirati, born November 11th, 1990 in Dubai, is studying graphic design at Zayed University. She is a photographer, illustrator, animator, and graphic designer. In 2011 she had her first photography exhibition, a collection of photographs of her family’s village that had a long history. Her work revolves around creating animation that carries messages that are meaningful for children. She volunteered at Art Dubai “Sikka” and has been involved with a community service organization called “Habitat for Humanity” 2011.





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The project is about designing a full set of playing cards as a collaborative team, divided by suit. My team chose the theme of the four elements including earth, wind, fire, and water. My suit within the deck of cards was spades and my element was “wind.” My inspiration within the theme of “wind” was traditional Chinese civilization, with designs focused on Chinese symbology. The Jack and King cards were based on warriors, while the Queen was based on a goddess. Inspiration



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Spring 2012 Deck of Cards Digital 5.715x 8.89 cm


Packaging Design

Packaging Design Spring 2012 Save the Dates Digital


Date Honey

Brand Story: My target are the younger generation. That a date honey is something not appealing for them Date honey contains vitamin A, iron, sodium and calcium that gives the body energy for the whole day.

Description: The goal from this project was to promote the date honey festival by designing a bottle and package for the date honey as a give away gift.

Design Process: I wanted my packaged to be funky and traditional the same time So I chose to use the texture of a wicker bag that is used in date honey making process and added bright couloirs Since I wanted to attract kids and teenagers.

Typography I

Typography I Spring 2012 8,092 Collaboration: Dubai poster Digital 420x297 mm

Colaborative project between Zayed University students and San Francisco University students. Phase 1 was to design two posters that represent Dubai and San Francisco. Phase 2 was to design posters for a persona we have ask to create and exchange it with our partners overseas to edits then. Phase 3 of the project was to re-design that poster our partner edited.

Typography I

Spring 2012 8,092 Collaboration: San Francisco Digital 420x297 mm

Typography I Spring 2012 8,092 Collaboration: Dubai Remix Poster poster Digital 420x297 mm

Glimpse Glimpse Glimpse into into into your your your heart heart heart and and and mind mind mind Attend Be Inspired Use your Voice... A Whisper to a ROAR!


Typography I

Spring 2012 8,092 Collaboration: Re-Remix poster Digital 420x297 mm


Movie Night It's degrading to Iranian people to generalize them all the time as being represented by Iranian politics. Women’s right movements started in Iran and Egypt since the early 20th century. Some women wanted to wear veil, others didn’t. Iran had a very strong women's movement before the revolution. And it wasn't something Shah gave Iranian women for the Ayatollah to take away. This film breaks that whole view. It does not negate the fact that the Islamic Republic imposes horrible things on Iranians and particularly women. But it shows the heroism of victims. The wife doesn't submit to her husband's will and breaks away from what he wants her to do.

She’s articulate and courageous enough to do what she Just by virtue of the fact that this woman's voice is stronger than the judge's or anyone’s is a testament to her power. Rather than focusing on the regime, the film shows how intelligent and courageous these citizens are, even those who are most victimized, the women. This is something that makes Iranian women proud.

Date: Thursday, May 13th, 2012

Time: 7:00pm

Place: Trading

Sponcered by: National Organization for Women

Graphic Design I

Graphic Design I Spring 2012 Social Justis Poster: Bounded Labour Digital 420x297 mm


When?! You know exactly what I mean. I go free. You understand "freedom"? I just want my life back.

Graphic Design I Spring 2012 Social Justis Poster: Bounded Labour Digital 420x297 mm

Bounded labour

debt bondage

slavery today Most

Widely used

methodof ENSLAVING


Milliom people in bondage

Anti-Slavery International |t: +44 (0)20 7501 8920 4110 |e:

Drawing I

Drawing I Spring 2011 Untitled Ink on paper 841 x 594 mm

Drawing I Spring 2011 Untitled Ink on paper 841 x 594 mm


Objective: Expand my career knowledge through challenges faced in daily work schedules. Morover to learn and acquire as much knowledge as I can, and hopefully pass it on to others as a mentor and to be more accomplished person in graphic design. Education: Bachelor in Graphic Design, Spring 2013, Zayed University, Dubai, UAE High School Diploma 2008, Al Sufouh High School, Dubai, UAE. Experince: March 15 the- March 2012: volunteering at Sikka art fair. March 24th – April 5th, 2011: Habitat for Humanity, volunteering in Building houses for poor people in Kenya. Summar 2008: summar job at DPW, Marketing department.

Language: Arabic/ English Skills: Abobe [Photosho, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects] Final cut pro 3D Max

Sara Al Zaabi Porfolio  

Art and Design work

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