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The Rye YMCA is a family-oriented community service organization which welcomes all people and promotes positive values through programs that build spirit, mind and body.


YOUTH DEVELOPMENT: We believe that all kids deserve the opportunity to discover who they are and what they can achieve. Our goal is to help youth cultivate the values, skills and relationships that lead to positive behavior, better health and academic success. HEALTHY LIVING: The Rye Y is a leader for health and well-being, bringing families closer together, encouraging good health and fostering connections through fitness, sports, fun and shared interests. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: From the financial assistance that keeps the Y affordable for all people to the partnerships that foster strong communities, the spirit of social responsibility infuses every aspect of our work. RYE YMCA | IMPACT REPORT 2017 | PAGE 2

I find that it’s incredibly therapeutic when I come to the Y. I feel good when I see friends here and check in with them and them with me. I put on my music, I do my thing and I love it. I feel very good about how it’s made me feel strong and energized and able to do things I didn’t think I could do. It has helped me in my job as a garden instructor. Some students often say how impressed they are with how strong I am when I go to lift a bag of compost or use different tools. For that, I am grateful. – Rye Y Member Anne Mottola


STAFF (as of May 1, 2018)

Gregg Howells, Executive Director Eileen Barber, Chief Operating Officer Accounting David Stern, Chief Financial Officer Rosemarie DiBuono, Bookkeeper Valerie Griffin, Accounting Associate

Membership, Health and Wellness Tanya Stack, Senior Director of Membership, Health and Wellness Barbara Hughes, Membership Engagement Director Ashley Rosell, Membership Operations Director Vera Merlino, Membership Business Associate Diana Vita, Senior Director of Member Wellness Laura A. Laura, Member Wellness Coordinator Elana Reynolds, Director of Community Health Penny Cozza, Membership Engagement Associate Heidy Barros, Community Health Worker Community Impact Denise Woodin, Director of Community Impact and Social Responsibility Development Susan Olson, Director of Development Lyell Lewis, Senior Development Assistant Sue Drouin, Development Assistant Facilities Robert Maxwell, Facilities Director Juan Davila, Custodian Human Resources Andrea Robinson, Director of Human Resources Nitya Ramanan, Human Resources Assistant Marketing Lisa Tidball, Director of Communications Aquatics Vickie Tsakmakis, Senior Director, Aquatics and Safety Liz Koenig, Assistant Director, Aquatics and Safety Family, Teen and Youth Programs Kathy Lynam, Senior Program Director, Family, Camp & Childcare Melissa Lewis, Senior Program Director, Sports & Recreation Tatum Nussbaum, Assistant Director, Sports & Recreation Kayla Guagnini, Gymnastics Head Coach Kelly Lewin, Child Care Director


BOARD OF DIRECTORS (as of May 1, 2018)

Executive Committee Douglas Donohue, President Courtney Bennett, Vice President Patty Mosher, Vice President Lewis Nash, Vice President Frances A. DeThomas, Esq., Secretary Caroline Scully, Treasurer Members Nicole Ball Jessica Bentley Evan Bernardi Julia Billingsley Rachel Breinin Kat Doyle Rob Field John Hanratty Kevin Kavanagh Uma Khemlani Lisa King Katherine McIntosh Annabel Monaghan Alison Cupp Relyea Margarita Sawhney Sarah Snell Neal Stearns Vicki Whatley Trustees Lucien D. Burnett, III Dinah Howland Eugene P. Lynch Thomas F. Murphy William C. Springer Werner E. Tietjen Trustees Emeritus Michael T. Tokarz

10 2017 TEN


Dear Friends,

YMCAs across the country are making an impact. As a movement, we transform lives in positive and meaningful ways. And the Rye Y is no exception.

Flip through these pages, and you’ll hear the voices of our community, people telling us how much the Y has meant to their child, their family, themselves. Every day, we make a difference through programs that build spirit, mind and body. Impact isn’t always dramatic. It is often made up of small milestones that signal something much larger. It’s the day your child makes a friend at summer camp. It’s the moment you learn Mah Jongg and suddenly feel part of a group. It’s the first time you realize that you can lift a heavier weight. As one of our members recently told us “I took the class and it was the first time in a decade that I did a squat - in fact 60 squats - it was my “OMG” moment.” We hope that you find yourself in these pages…as a donor, a member, a community partner, or volunteer. You are part of a movement bigger than one YMCA, but made up of thousands of small transformational moments. And we couldn’t do any of this without you. Thank you for helping us make an impact…every day. Sincerely, Gregg Howells Executive Director


Douglas Donohue President


Summer Camp

New in 2017: Leaders in Training (LIT). Similar to Counselors in Training for 9th and 10th graders, LITs learn leadership skills and are coached through various activities by camp staff. Forty-one middle school-age LITs made their mark at last year’s Discovery and Gymnastics camps. The Impact? Youth learned that they’re never too young to be a role model.

“Each Summer They Grow So Much…”


Our family has received assistance for several years. Our kids are in their 5th year of summer day camp. They love it, and each summer they grow so much, learning new things, making new friends and becoming better people. The Y camp’s emphasis on respect, caring, honesty, and responsibility challenges them daily to grow into caring, honest and responsible people. – A Y Cares Financial Assistance recipient family

Safety Around Water

New in 2017: Safety Around Water Reaches More Children. In 2017, we expanded our Safety Around Water program, teaching drowning prevention skills to 1,200 students at three elementary schools. Our swim instructors also led three 4-day Safety Around Water workshops in our pool. These programs were offered free of charge as a service to the community. The Impact? Young children developed confidence in the water and learned potentially life-saving safety skills. RYE YMCA | IMPACT REPORT 2017 | PAGE 5


The Tribe

New in 2017: Pushing the Boundaries. Age, bad knees, illness and 60-degree water didn’t stop the Rye YMCA’s Tribe from competing in the Wearsafe Women’s Sprint Triathlon in September. After months of training, which included 5:30 a.m. track workouts and open water swims, 28 women crossed the finish line. For the first time, Tribe coaches also took seven “Tribees” to a Half Ironman competition, an even more demanding race. Thanks to rigorous training and mutual support, the women were ready for the challenge! The Impact? Women of all ages and abilities learned that nothing is impossible with perseverance and the support of your Tribe.

“I Cannot Wait to Do it Again!”


I am new this year to the Rye Y Tribe, and I completed my first triathlon thanks to… two amazing coaches! I do not know if I would have made it through if it was not for their dedication, enthusiasm, expertise, knowledge and spirit!! They truly prepared us physically and mentally and maybe most importantly spiritually!! They believed in all of us way before we could believe it was possible…It was an awesome first experience and I cannot wait to do it again! – Sally R., 2017 Tribe participant

Teen Leadership

New in 2017: Teen Leaders Take a Stand against Substance Use. The Rye Y's Leaders' Club gives high school students a chance to create positive change through service to the Y and their community. In May, the students participated in National Prevention Week by researching the effects of substance use and stress on teens, distributing information and engaging Rye Y members in dialogue. The Impact? Teens put leadership into action by standing up for healthy choices. RYE YMCA | IMPACT REPORT 2017 | PAGE 6



New in 2017: Supporting Spanish-Speaking Cancer Survivors. We were thrilled to receive a grant to develop and implement a Spanish-language LIVESTRONG at the YMCA class at our Y. LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is a free, 12-week small group program that helps cancer survivors regain their total health. Over the past six years, we have provided support to over 500 men and women who are at various points on their cancer journey. The Impact? We are breaking down barriers to recovery for Latino cancer survivors, giving them the support needed to regain their physical, mental and emotional health.

“It Gave Me the Confidence…to Move Forward”


So grateful to LIVESTRONG, the Rye Y, and [the instructors]. This is a fabulous program. It gave me more confidence and motivation to move forward. A true Godsend. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The Y staff is SO friendly, supportive, and wonderful! – A LIVESTRONG at the YMCA participant

Healthier Sound Shore

New in 2017: Healthier Sound Shore Panel on Lyme Disease. With over 4,700 confirmed cases in Westchester County between 2010 and 2016, Lyme disease is a growing public health problem. As part of its Healthier Sound Shore initiative, the Rye Y hosted a well-attended panel discussion on Lyme disease. Medical professionals and a Lyme disease patient discussed prevention, symptoms and treatment at this free public forum. The Impact? Community members received vital information to help prevent serious illness for themselves and their loved ones. RYE YMCA | IMPACT REPORT 2017 | PAGE 7


Enhance Fitness

New in 2017: Enhance Fitness Offered in Rye Brook. Members of the Rye Brook Senior Center tackled arthritis, balance and overall fitness last year through our evidence-based Enhance Fitness program. In all, 70 active older adults took the Enhance Fitness class, which was also offered at the Y and Wainwright House. The Impact? More older adults kept active through a program designed just for them.


“Whatever Your Thing is, You Need to Beef Up Your Health.”

What I liked [about the Y] was that you had various levels of classes for people of different levels of fitness. I especially liked the Enhance Fitness class because I find that whatever your thing is, you need to beef up your health. That was very, very good if you couldn’t participate in the more intense classes, which I tried when I first joined. When I saw that those weren’t for me, there was Enhance Fitness and other classes. – Lori, a Rye Y Member


New in 2017: Supporting Hospitalized Kids and Cancer Patients. With new volunteer leadership at the helm, the Rye Y’s Togetherhood Committee organized four projects that engaged 110 children and adults in community service. In addition to returning to the Rye Nature Center for a day of planting, Togetherhood volunteers made cards for hospitalized kids and knitted and crocheted caps for cancer patients. The Impact? Rye Y members and friends connected with each other and their community through meaningful service projects. RYE YMCA | IMPACT REPORT 2017 | PAGE 8


Family Time

New in 2017: More Ways to Have Fun. There’s no better place than the Y to take a break and enjoy time together. Last year we introduced several new activities for children and families, including a Family Ski and Snowboarding trip, a P.J. Friday Party and the popular Family Swim Easter Egg Hunt. The Impact? Families bonded through fun activities that kept everyone moving, laughing and enjoying each other.

“I Wanted a Way for the Whole Family to be Together”


We moved here two years ago from the Netherlands and joined the Rye Y in April. I wanted a way for the whole family to be together instead of going to a million places with my kids scattered all around. The kids need time to play and not spend their time sitting in the car going from place to place… We had a nerf birthday party here recently and my kids loved it! We also did Family Nerf night, which was so much fun. – Rye Y Member Manon Bartels

Mamaroneck Access to Care Health Fair

New in 2017: Taking it to the Streets. More than 125 Sound Shore residents received 312 health screenings during the 4th Annual Access to Care Health Fair, held for the first time on the closed-to-traffic street outside Open Door Family Medical Centers in Mamaroneck. The services, which included breast exams, vision tests, blood pressure checks, prediabetes screenings and more, were also conducted in Open Door’s new facility and dental van. The Rye Y is proud to partner with the Community Resource Center, Open Door, and other community organizations on this event. The Impact? Low-income residents received preventive health screenings, referrals and wellness information for the whole family, free of charge. RYE YMCA | IMPACT REPORT 2017 | PAGE 9

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Mr. Rinaldo Lago The Lallemand Family Mr. & Mrs. Reggie Lang Mr. Jerry Lashway Mr. James Laverty Mr. Scott Lawrence and Ms. Kelly Ann Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lazarakis Mike and Anna Leder Ms. Astrid Leenheers Ms. Deborah Leonard Ms. Melissa Leubner Mr. William Leung and Ms. Christine L. Woon Chan Melissa and Daryl Lewis Ms. Yi Li Mr. & Mrs. Carman T. Lico Mr. Jon Lincoln and Ms. Carol Sinclair Ms. Linda Lipner Ms. Gina Lippman Mr. Jacob Lirne Ms. Marion H. Lister Ms. Dottie Little Mr. & Mrs. Murray Loecher Ms. Shauna Long Mr. & Mrs. Chris Long Mr. & Mrs. Mark Lonnegren Mr. Jose Lopez and Ms. Cecilia Fucuy Ms. Jeannie Lopez Ms. Natalie J. Lorenzo Mr. Michael Lendino and Ms. Nancy Luongo Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Lurie Ms. Mary Lee Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Lynch Ms. Rosemary MacMenamin Ms. Ashley Maguire Ms. Daisy Mairena Ms. Rhe`anna Maitland Mr. Jeff Makowski Mr. John Makowski Ms. Elaine Makowski Mr. Michael Maldari Mr. John Malosh Ms. Megan Malosh Mr. David Mangum Ms. Dana Manna Ms. Maria Maragos Mr. Jaime Margolies Mr. Caleb Marin Ms. Mary Martell Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Martinez Ms. Margaret Marto Ms. Sigrid Marvel Mr. Joseph Mas Mr. & Mrs. Greg Masone Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Massey Ms. Laura McCarthy Mr. Chris McCarthy Mr. Brian McCloskey Mr. & Mrs. Michael McCoy Mrs. Carole McCrea Ms. Erin McEntire Ms. Jordyn McEntire Ms. Reina McGoldrick Mr. Michael McGowan Mr. & Mrs. Scott McKay Mr. Justin McKinley Ms. Nieria McLemore Ms. Carol McMillan Ms. Victoria McMullen Mr. Adam McReddie Ms. Daniela McSwigin Mr. & Mrs. Ali Mehfar Ms. Barbara Mehlman Ms. Cemile Mehmedova Mr. & Mrs. Adrian Meli Ms. Elissa Mercorella Vincent and Vera Merlino Mr. & Mrs. Ken Meszkat Ms. Jaylen MInott Ms. Christine Mitsios Ms. Maria Mocero Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Moffett Mr. Andrew Mondschein Mr. Mark Mondschein Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Montalto Ms. Amy Moore Ms. Tanya Morgan Mrs. Susan A. Morison


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Joe O’Brien Campership Fund Agatha Durland Foundation

Youth Programming The Women’s Club of Rye, Children’s Philanthropy Section Westchester Triathlon, Inc.

Woof Haneman Scholarship Fund Edwin Safir


Sister Carole Valentino Mr. & Mrs. Saul Van Beurden Ms. Debra A. Van Duyne Ms. Jaylene Vasquez Mr. & Mrs. John Vassallo Mrs. Charlotte A. Vaughn Ms. Jazmine Vazquez Mr. Mike Vedete Ms. Valerie Vena Mr. Carver Vergara Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Viger Ms. Michelle Viglione Mrs. Pamela Villeneuve Mr. Roger Villi Ms. Lindsey Vita Mr. Edward Vitelli Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Vittorioso Ms. Mary Vryonides Mr. & Mrs. David Wadler Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Wagner Mrs. Lynn Wagner Ms. Lois Wald Mr. David Walker and Ms. Catherine Parker Mr. Thomas Walsh Mr. Wayne Walters Mrs. Brenda Watson Ms. Patricia Webb Mr. & Mrs. Robert Weinstein Mr. Benjamin Weinstock Ms. Cabrina Williams Ms. Chantel Williamson Ms. Tamicka Williams-Walker Ms. Jeanine Wing Mr. George Wong and Ms. Cecilia Svay Mr. & Mrs. Fraser Woodford Mr. Michael D. Woodrow Ms. Mary Woods Mr. & Mrs. Mark Woolsey Mr. & Mrs. George Worthington Ms. Diane Wright Mr. & Mrs. Zachary Wydra Ms. Yolanda Wynne Mrs. Alice Yasek Mr. Mark Yim Mr. & Mrs. Dimitar Zurlev


Neil and Sally Braid Mr. & Mrs. James B. Carlson Ms. Jennifer Feeley Helen and William Gates


Major Sponsor Avon Products Inc. Bloomberg Greenwich Hospital Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP Media Sponsor Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s Rye City Review Rye Record TD Bank

Food Sponsor City of Rye Police Association Direct Energy Longford’s Ice Cream Powell Catering Westchester Track Club Prize Sponsor 4C Foods Ameet Goyal, MD – Eyelid and Cataract Surgery


Affinity Health Plan The Burke Rehabilitation Hospital & Research Institute Fidelis Care New York Greenwich Hospital


Hunter and Alicia Baldwin Donald* and Joan Bomann Harry P. Broom* Lucien and Janet Burnett Carroll Claps Timothy J. Clark Peninnah E. Cozza Stephanie Elliman Thomas P. Fendler David and Michelle Florence Nancy J. Haneman

Jack and Pat Geoghegan Hildegarde D. Becher Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Patrik Jakobson Mr. Joseph Kaufman MAC Angels Foundation Atrevida Partners Verizon Wireless

Game/Activity Sponsor A.G. Williams Painting Co. Allen F. Avrutin, DDS, Jerry L. Statman, DMD and Benjamin C. Rudow, DDS Balducci’s Food Lover’s Market Carpet Trends Inc. Coldwell Banker County Coach Corp. Deborah Troy, DDS GEICO Local Office Houlihan Lawrence Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy Kingery Rye Ford/Subaru Mathnasium of Rye Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich Osborn Home Care and Outpatient Rehabilitation Performance Connectivity Inc. Pet Pantry Warehouse Rye Family Orthodontics – Dr. Leon Su Rye Radiology Associates Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital MVP Health Plans, Inc. Open Door Family Medical Centers, Inc. Westchester Medical Group White Plains Hospital Center

Gregg and Lisa Howells Jim and Dinah Howland Ann and Arlen Kantarian Rich Lawrence and Laura Leach Jim and Paula Liang Kate L. Loree* Gene and Leslie Lynch Bruce and Connie Macleod Douglas J. Mello Ellen M. Mello, Esq. Mark and Mary Miller Mike and Sheila Moran Tom and Christy Murphy RYE YMCA | IMPACT REPORT 2017 | PAGE 16

Mr. Edward Riley Mr. & Mrs. Devon Ruttenberg Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Schreiber Soul Ryeders Ken and Liz Tremain Rye Running Company Send in the Clowns Entertainment Corp. Tomart Treiber Dermatology Associates – Drs. Ruth & Eric Treiber Weichert Realtors White Plains Hospital Center William Raveis, Inc.

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New York State YMCA Foundation, Inc. NYS Legislative Grant – Assemblyman Steve Otis YMCA of Greater New York YMCA of the USA

Bob and Kate Niehaus Lucy Pedersen* Barbara Raho Joseph T. Raho* Bill and Pam Springer Michael and Jeanne Temple Kevin and Josephine Tice Werner Tietjen Michael and Nancy Tokarz Michael and Kathleen Walsh Sally P. Wright *deceased


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Nora, Naomi, Bill, Denise C., Barbara Sroka Mr. & Mrs. William B. Meyers

YMCA Staff Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bocklet


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James and Dinah Howland Simon and Cynthia Hudson Steve and Eileen Iorio Alvaro and Natalia Jaramillo Julia B. Fee & Sotheby's International Realty Alex and Jennifer Kaplan Kevin and Amanda Kavanagh Patrick and Megan Keough Neeraj and Heather Khemlani Uma and Sanjeev Khemlani Gary and Julie Killian Allyson and Charles Kim Toby and Lisa King Craig and Wendy Klingensmith Gus and Karen Koutsoubis Jules and Lynn Kroll Jonathan and Debra Langer Richard and Laura Lawrence Kevin and Amanda LeBlanc Herbert and Linda Levine Lyell and Matt Lewis Liberty Paintball John and Christine Liddy Joseph and Didi Lorono Elizabeth and David Lukes Eugene and Leslie Lynch Frances and David Magee Donald and Gabrielle McCree Daniel and Margaret Mead Lewis and Karen Meyers Mark and Mary Miller Thomas and Annabel Monaghan Patricia and Christopher Mosher Paul and Lisa Murphy Shoko and Jeremy Okado Michael and Chrissy Palmeri Piazza Pizzeria

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If your name has been accidently omitted or misspelled, please accept our apologies and contact Lyell Lewis at 914-967-6363, ext. 210.



Community Service Award Bob and Nancy Steed

Gold Spirit Awards Katherine (Kat) Doyle and Kevin Tice

Staff Award: Excellence in Innovation Laura A. Laura, Rye Y Member Wellness Coordinator Staff Award: Quality Keeper Ashley Rosell, Membership Operations Director Staff Award: Spirit, Mind and Body Liz Koenig, Assistant Director of Aquatics and Safety

A Fond Farewell to Ellen (“Watermelon”) Kaplan Rye Y staff, board and community members thanked Ellen “Watermelon” as she retired after 27 years of nurturing babies, children and families at the Y.

(Shown with husband Bob Kaplan.)





Membership Dues Programs Contributions & Special Events Interest & Dividends Miscellaneous TOTAL SUPPORT & REVENUE EXPENSES Program Services Management & General Fundraising TOTAL EXPENSES Operating Gain Other Additions / (Subtractions) CHANGE IN NET ASSETS



$3,870,396 4,022,413 625,387 104,794 23,550 $8,646,540

$3,851,057 4,070,162 611,554 92,882 18,901 $8,644,556

7,250,017 969,757 286,350 8,506,124

7,069,177 912,589 337,639 8,319,405



484,077 $624,493

169,202 $494,353




ASSETS Cash & Cash Equivalents Cash & Cash Equivalents Designated for Long Term Investment Investments, at Fair Value Accounts & Contributions Receivable Prepaid Expenses Property & Equipment, at Cost, Net TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES Accounts Payable TOTAL LIABILITIES

NET ASSETS Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted Permanently Restricted TOTAL NET ASSETS TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS

88,164 50,487 4,525,927 3,497,270 201,228 184,162 182,201 160,845 6,675,611 6,406,559 $14,016,853 $13,405,728 $139,898 $139,898

$153,266 $153,266

13,318,073 12,607,655 58,882 144,807 500,000 500,000 $13,876,955 $13,252,462 $14,016,853 $13,405,728 RYE YMCA | IMPACT REPORT 2017 | PAGE 19


The Y Cares program allows the Rye YMCA to keep a powerful promise to the communities we serve: no one will be turned away from a Y program or activity because he or she can’t pay. In 2017, we awarded $417,907 in financial aid to 288 families and individuals that needed a helping hand. Scholarships allowed children to join their peers at camp, while membership subsidies gave adults, seniors and families the full Y experience, often during difficult times. Y Cares also funds such programs as Safety Around Water and LIVESTRONG at the YMCA, both of which are offered free of charge. Thanks to generous support from individuals, businesses and foundations, Y Cares is meeting a critical need in our communities.

A Note from a Young Y Cares Recipient

I want to thank to the supporters of Y Cares financial assistance for helping me to keep my gymnastics dreams. I wouldn’t be able to afford it without your help. I promise that I will continue to do my greatest effort. Thank you to all of you.


21 Locust Avenue, Rye, NY 10580 (914) 967-6363 Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram The Rye Y is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization


RYE YMCA Impact Report - 2017  
RYE YMCA Impact Report - 2017