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• Mittler • © 2006


he standard for richness and thoroughness in studying art. An integrated, chronological approach to the study of art, Art in Focus demonstrates the interrelationships of aesthetics, art criticism, art history, and studio art.


4Focus on Reading provides helpful reading skills strategies. 4TIME Art Scene closes each chapter with an update on contemporary artists and art news. 4Time Line in chapter openers, plus comprehensive time lines in the handbook with historical and cultural context milestones. 4More emphasis on reading strategies. 4New lesson on digital art forms. 4Technology is now integrated throughout the program. 4Careers in Arts Handbook presents an array of arts-related careers.

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

Art and You Developing a Visual Vocabulary Creating Art: Media and Processes Art Criticism and Aesthetics Art History Art of Earliest Times The Art of Ancient Egypt Greek Art Roman Art The Art of India, China, and Japan The Native Arts of the Americas The Arts of Africa Early Christian, Byzantine, and Islamic Art Early Medieval and Romanesque Art Gothic Art The Italian Renaissance Fifteenth-Century Art in Northern Europe Art of Sixteenth-Century Europe Baroque Art Rococo Art New Directions in Nineteenth-Century Art Art of the Later Nineteenth Century Art of the Early Twentieth Century Modern Art Movements to the Present

Teacher Support Material

4Teacher Wraparound Edition provides abundant point-of-use suggestions and strategies to assist you in planning and presenting every lesson. 4TeacherWorks™ custom designs lesson plans with an easy-to-use CD-ROM. The electronic format allows teachers to select a pre-set plan or to create their own. 4Fast Files, organized by unit, offers teachers blackline masters and student activity sheets ideal for extending lessons, encouraging discussion, and assessing student progress. Multimedia & Technology 4Fine Art Transparencies includes 36 new transparencies that help highlight concepts and encourage classroom discussion. 4Fine Art Prints includes 24 colourful laminated fine art reproductions and a 48-page Instructor Guide. 4ExamView® Pro Testmaker is a computer software Testmaker for Macintosh and IBM-compatible computers providing a Testbank of questions in various format and capabilities for customized questions. 4Vocabulary PuzzleMaker CD-ROM has been added to encourage students to build vocabulary skills with custom-designed puzzles. 4Art Showcase DVD: New! Over 750 fine art images in an electronic gallery organized by artist, artwork title, style, or medium The Teacher Classroom Resource package includes: Reproducible Lesson Plans, Unit Fast Files, Reading Tutor, Advanced Studio Activities, Portfolio & Assessment Techniques, Guide to Using


Art in Focus Student Edition Teacher Wraparound Edition TeacherWorks™ CD-ROM Teacher Classroom Resources ExamView™ Pro Test Generator Vocabulary PuzzleMaker CD-ROM Transparency Package *Art Showcase DVD Focus on World Art Prints

0078685451 007868546X 0078694043 0078694205 0078694051 0078694175 0078698715 007873701X 0078697352

$96.05 $146.65 $315.00 $265.00 $216.65 $133.30 $124.65 $151.56 $471.65

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Glencoe Art Series

Introducing Art

• © 2005 • Grades 7-10

• Mittler, Ragans • © 2005 • Grades 6 and 7

thematic approach to the exciting world of art. Introducing Art invites students to see the ways in which artists from many cultures and eras have interpreted such subjects as nature, animals, people, places, objects, events, stories, celebrations, and fantasy. They'll learn about the elements and principles of art, as well as the media and techniques used to create art.


lencoe's Fine Art Series combines art criticism, aesthetics, art history, and studio production to provide a robust, integrated perspective on the creative process.


4Studio Activity are hands-on activities that explore ways for students to quickly grasp ideas presented in the lessons. 4TIME Art & Life is written in an engaging magazine style. This colourful new feature closes every chapter with an update from the real world of art. 4Studio Lessons within each chapter build on narrative lessons and studio exercises. Each one gives students the opportunity to use various media and techniques. 4The Computer Options feature allows students to use the computer as a tool to create works of art. 4Connections feature cross-curriculum integration with math, science, language arts, or social studies. Teacher Wraparound Edition 4The Four-Step Teaching Plan makes it easy to Focus, Teach, Assess, and Close every lesson. 4Other features include: Internet Activities, Computer Options, Curriculum Connections, Safety in the Art Classroom, Art on a Shoestring, Sparking Creativity, and Art in Everyday Life. The full-colour Fine Art Transparency Binder contains: 4Fine Art Transparencies, Cross-Curriculum Transparencies, Student Activity Pages, supplemental teaching suggestions and an Instructor Guide Fine Art Prints 4Twenty, 22 1/2” x 26 1/2” masterworks different from those found in the Student Edition, printed on sturdy, self-supporting stock. 4Teaching Strategies and Discussion items appear on the back of each print. Interactive Lesson Planner 4Custom-design your lesson plan with this easy-to-use CD-ROM. The electronic format allows teachers to select a pre-set plan or to create their own. Either way, it offers access to electronic files of all reproducible resources at the click of a button. You can print all the blackline master worksheets and activities available in the Teacher Classroom Resources.


Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

The Elements of Art The Principles of Art Art Media and Techniques Looking at Art Art Through the Ages Perceiving Nature Observing Animals Portraying People Visiting Places Examining Objects Recording Events Telling a Story Celebrations Creating Fantasy

Teacher Support Material Teacher Classroom Resources — Includes Teacher Resource Binder, Fine Art Index, Guide to Using, Portfolio & Assessment Techniques Student Materials Student Edition* 0078464994 Teacher Materials Teacher Wraparound Edition 0078465044 Teacher Resource Binder 0078640784 Teacher Classroom Resources 0078465095 Interactive Lesson Planner 0078641292 0078742021 Art Interactions DVD** 0078640806 Fine Art Transparencies Fine Art Prints 0078640814 Artsource®: Performing Arts Package 0078640792 *Additional discounts do not apply. ** For more information on the Art Interactions DVD, see page 7.

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Understanding Art

• Mittler, Ragans • © 2005 • Grades 7, 8 and 9

• Mittler, Ragans • © 2005 • Grades 8, 9 and 10

media approach that builds art appreciation. Exploring Art gives students insights into the ways artists are inspired, and the reasons they choose particular media to realize their artistic visions. From drawing and painting to architecture, graphic design, and photography, the chapters interweave compelling lessons on elements and principles of art, art history, and criticism with opportunities for studio production.

journey through the stimulating history of art. With this chronological/historical approach to art, your students will understand how historical, political, geographical, social, and religious events shape each culture's art and makes it unique. The traditions of Western Europe are examined along with those of China, Japan, India, Native America, and Africa.

Table of Contents

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

1 Art in Your World 2 The Elements of Art 3 The Principles of Art 4 Exploring Art Media 5 Art Criticism and Aesthetics 6 Art History and You 7 Drawing 8 Printmaking 9 Painting 10 Photography 11 Graphic Design 12 Sculpture 13 Crafts 14 Architecture 15 Multimedia Handbook 1 Technique Tips 2 Career Spotlights 3 Artsource®: Performing Arts Handbook 4 Artists and Their Works

Table of Contents Art Across the World The Language of Art The Media of Art Art Criticism, Aesthetics, and Art History Art of Earliest Times Art of East Asia Pre-Columbian Art of Latin America Native Art of North America Art of Greece and Rome Art of India and Islam Art of Africa and Oceania Art of the Middle Ages Art of the Renaissance Art of the 17th and 18th Centuries Art of the 19th Century Art of the 20th Century Art of Today

Teacher Support Material Teacher Classroom Resources — Includes Teacher Resource Binder, Fine Art Index, Guide to Using, Portfolio & Assessment Techniques

Teacher Support Material Teacher Classroom Resources — Includes Teacher Resource Binder, Fine Art Index, Guide to Using, Portfolio & Assessment Techniques Student Materials Student Edition* 0078465141 Teacher Materials Teacher Wraparound Edition 0078465192 Teacher Classroom Resources 0078465249 Interactive Lesson Planner 007864075X Teacher Resource Binder 0078640695 Art Interactions DVD** 0078742021 Artsource®: Performing Arts Package 0078640792 0078640709 Fine Art Transparencies 0078640717 Fine Art Prints *Additional discounts do not apply. ** For more information on the Art Interactions DVD, see page 7.


Exploring Art

$50.00 $121.85 $435.80 $513.25 $254.05 $171.17 $115.81 $170.00 $508.96 Student Materials Student Edition* 007846529X Teacher Materials Teacher Wraparound Edition 0078465346 Teacher Classroom Resources 0078465397 Interactive Lesson Planner CD-ROM 0078650119 Teacher Resource Binder 0078641322 0078742021 Art Interactions DVD** Artsource®: Performing Arts Package 0078640792 Fine Art Transparencies 0078641330 Fine Art Prints 0078642701 *Additional discounts do not apply. ** For more information on the Art Interactions DVD, see page 7.

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Art Talk • Ragans • Fourth Edition, © 2005 • Grades 9 and 10


rt Talk has expanded its coverage of art history, strengthened its technology integration features, and placed more emphasis on the performing arts — all while maintaining its focus on a media approach to the elements and principles of art.


4All NEW Studio Projects invite students to create artworks; selfassessment questions help them measure the success of their projects.

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Art in Your World Art Criticism and Aesthetic Judgement The Media and Processes of Art Line Shape, Form, and Space Color Texture Rhythm, Pattern and Movement Balance Proportion Variety, Emphasis, Harmony, and Unity Art Traditions from Around the World Western Traditions in Art Careers in Art

Teacher Support Material Teacher Wraparound Edition Saves planning time while it offers you a complete set of lesson plans, preview and extension activities, and teaching strategies. 4Chapter Planning Guide 4Unit and Chapter Overviews preview and organize lesson contents and provide a listing of helpful resources related to the content 4Curriculum Connections give you cross-curricular activities that enhance your students' total learning 4The Multiple Intelligences feature includes activities designed to help you address the full range of students' abilities and challenges 4Digital Media Strategies Art Showcase DVD New! Over 750 fine art images in an electronic gallery organized by artist, artwork title, style, or medium


Teacher Classroom Resources includes: 4Reproducible Lesson Planner 4Studio Projects 4Application and Perception Activities 4Artist Profiles 4Cross-Curricular Activities 4Digital Studio Projects 4English/Spanish Chapter Summaries 4Historical and Cultural Heritage Activities 4Study Guides and Concept Maps 4Testing Program & Authentic Assessment 4Portfolio & Assessment Techniques 4Guide to Using 4Fine Art Prints Instructor Resource Guide Interactive Lesson Planner 4Custom-design your lesson plan with this easy-to-use CD-ROM. The electronic format allows teachers to select a pre-set plan or to create their own — either way, it offers access to electronic files of all reproducible resources at the click of a button. You can print all the blackline master worksheets and activities available in the Teacher Classroom Resources. Fine Art Prints 4Include ALL NEW 24 poster-size artwork printed on self-supporting stock Fine Art Colour Transparencies 4Contain 18 full-colour fine art transparencies, 14 cross-curricular transparencies, and an Instructor’s Guide with background information and student activity sheets

Student Text Teacher Wraparound Edition Teacher Classroom Resources Interactive Lesson Planner CD-ROM Digital Studio Projects ArtTalk and the Performing Arts *Art Showcase DVD Fine Art Transparencies Fine Art Prints

0078305993 0078306000 0078306019 0078524504 0078520975 0026624486 007873701X 0078592666 0078592658

$86.95 $142.45 $265.00 $315.00 $45.00 $128.30 $151.56 $160.80 $487.50

* see page 7 for more information on the Art Showcase DVD.

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Hands in Clay


Art Interactions DVD

• Speight • Fifth Edition, © 2004

4Used with Introducing Art, Exploring Art and Understanding Art 4Over 700 pieces of artwork available in an electronic gallery 4View gallery by artist, artwork title, category/media, principals of art, period/style, cultural diversity or subject theme 4Add your own artwork or student artwork to the gallery 4Special zoom feature allows you to see aspects of the art up close 4View slideshows or create your own 4Have students make a music video with artwork 4Contains glossary with audio Art Interactions DVD



Art Showcase DVD


ands in Clay is the only introductory ceramics text featuring all three essential element: techniques for working in clay, a thorough appreciation of the aesthetics of ceramic art, and extensive coverage of the history of ceramics.


4Expertise: A Technical Guide to Ceramics booklet provides current resources for further exploration, including coverage of clay and glaze tests, chemical formulas, and more. 4Survey of the history of ceramics, with basic terms and technical background chapter for each historical period and geographical area. 4Extensive, up-to-date safety information Student Text (with expertise booklet)


For current pricing call 1-800-565-5758.

Make it in Clay A Beginners Guide to Ceramics • Speight • Second Edition, © 2001

4Used with Art in Focus and ArtTalk 4Over 750 fine art images in an electronic gallery organized by artist, artwork title, style, or medium 4Art Tutor for both ArtTalk and Art in Focus provides chapter-by-chapter review of vocabulary, art criticism, and images 4Instructional video techniques about elements (2D/3D), principles, media, and techniques 4Presentation Builder and Viewer for both students and teachers Art Showcase DVD




ntroductory guide to ceramics, provides descriptions of basic tools, materials, and techniques paired with ample illustrations of processes to help beginners get started in clay.


4300 large-format photographs and diagrams of step-by-step procedures 416 pages of full colour photographs 4Extensive safety information 4Alternate methods of basic techniques are illustrated 4Creative exercises for beginners 4A glossary of terms and a list of further readings Student Text (Softcover)


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A RT | A P

Art Fundamentals

A History of Western Art

Theory and Practice • Ocvirk, et al., • Eleventh Edition, © 2009

• Adams • Fourth Edition, © 2008


rt Fundamentals provides a balanced treatment of theory and applications. 4Broad array of media and more diverse artists 4New selections on developing ideas and critical thinking skills 4Improved coverage of colour balance provides students with a clearer explanation of how harmony or variety can developed or controlled Student Text (Softcover) with Core Concepts CD-ROM 3.0 Slide Set


ppropriate for historically-focused art appreciation classes, A History of Western Art offers an exciting new CD-ROM, additional colour plates, and a number of new features. Focusing on the Western canon of art history, the text presents a compelling chronological narrative from prehistory to the present. A new non-Western supplement, World Views: Topics in Non-Western Art, addresses specific areas of non-Western art and augments the Western chronology by illustrating moments of thematic relationships and cross-cultural contact.

9780073526522 9780072862355

For current pricing call 1-800-565-5758. Student Text with Core Concepts CD-ROM Study Guide

Art Across Time

0073526460 0072827270

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• Adams • Third Edition, © 2007

Living with Art • Getlein • Eighth Edition, © 2008


he number of artists and artworks discussed is expanded to provide a fuller picture of western art for a full year course. Maps, timelines, “Materials and Methods” boxes, literary excerpts, and artist biographies offer a multidimensional look at each period. A Core Concepts CD-ROM, packaged free with this edition, offers students an interactive tutorial in the elements and techniques of art, as well as review aids and quizzes to help them better master the text material. Art Across Time combined, Student Text (softcover) with Core Concepts CD-ROM 3.0 Volume 1 (Softcover, 560 pages) Volume 2 (Softcover, 560 pages) Instructor Resource CD-ROM


9780072965254 9780072969726 9780072969740 9780072965285


iving with Art helps students develop an appreciation of art by offering a clear and comprehensive introduction to the visual arts from several perspectives: themes and purposes of art; the vocabulary of art; individual art media (painting, drawing, camera arts, sculpture, architecture, etc.); and the history of art. The book is rich with illustrations drawn from a wide range of artistic cultures and time periods. Text (Softcover, 608 pages) Core Concepts CD-ROM New Slides (30) For current pricing call 1-800-565-5758.

9780073190761 9780073367576 9780073357751

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The World of Music

Its Role and Importance in Our Lives



• Willoughby • Sixth Edition, © 2007

• © 2006, Grades 8-12


usic! is a comprehensive music program that offers students opportunities to create, perform, listen to, and analyse music. It surveys music from diverse cultures around the world and shows how people express themselves through music.


4Listening, Performing, and Composition Activities coordinate with section content and help to evaluate student progress. 4High Interest Biographies introduce students to contemporary as well as classic artists and composers. 4Quick Write activity hones reading comprehension skills. 4Music Theory Handbook addresses beat and meter, notation and rhythm, pitch key signatures and tonality, and harmony.


he World of Music is a music listening book. This popular text begins with American folk, religious, jazz, popular, and ethnic music before introducing some world music and concluding with a thorough overview of Western classical music. The approach captures the essence of each repertoire, and equips students to recognize different styles, appreciate their different functions, and possess a solid foundation for a lifetime of musical appreciation. Text (Softcover, 416 pages) Instructor Manual CD-ROM 3 Audio CD Set

9780073127002 9780073127026 9780073127019

For current pricing call 1-800-565-5758.

Teacher Resources

4Teacher Annotated Edition includes Chapter Planning Guides and Lesson Plans. It also includes reading guides, teaching suggestions and inclusion strategies. 4Teacher Resource Binder includes reading guides, chapter tests, chapter projects, perceptive listening grids, notation, music theory blackline masters, and CD index. 415 CD Audio Library includes over 400 music selctions. Music genres and styles include: pop, jazz, ethnic, rock, film, classical, traditional (folk), gospel, hip-hop, opera, and musical theatre.

Music in Theory and Practice • Benward • Eighth Edition, © 2009

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

The Pleasure of Music Music as Culture Experiencing Music Find the Beat, Feel the Rhythm Rhythms that Dance Vocal Music Making Musical Decisions Musical Creators Jazz Love and Romance Sacred Music Ceremony and Celebration Condolences & Commemoration

14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

Opera and Beyond Musical Theatre Music in Film Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque Music The Classical and Romantic Periods The Twentieth Century Music in Political and Social Movements Creating with Technology New Dimensions in Music

Student Edition Teacher Annotated Edition Teacher Resource Binder Multimedia and Technology Audio Library (15 CD Set) From the Top CD-ROM MIDI Activities and Audio CD

0078297567 0078297575 0078297583 007869812X 0078698162 0078698138

$74.55 $105.80 $168.30 $860.00 $84.15 $128.30


his best-selling text strengthens students’ musical intuition, builds technical skills, and helps them gain interpretive insights. The analytical techniques presented are carefully designed to be clear, uncomplicated, and readily applicable to any repertoire.

Volume 1 with Audio CD Instructor Manual Workbook Workbook Solution Manual Volume II with Audio CD Instructor Manual Workbook Workbook Solution Manual

9780077254940 9780073127484 9780077294236 9780073127460 9780077254957 9780073127415 9780073127446

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World Music

World Music

Traditions and Transformations

A Cultural Legacy

• Bakan • © 2008

• © 2003



rom cha cha chá to jeliya and Hindustani raga to hip-hop gamelan, this exciting new text takes students on a journey through diverse musical cultures and traditions of the world. With a clear and accessible presentation style and lively and engaging writing, it is an ideal introduction to world music. Text (Softcover, 416 pages) 3 CD Set

9780072415667 9780072415674

his music resource opens the world to understanding and appreciation of other cultures. This series offers music from ten world regions, including the United States and Canada; Latin America; Russia and Europe; North Africa and Southwest Asia; and Australia and Oceania. Package includes a support booklet that includes essays, teaching notes, tracking information, an answer key, glossary, and more.

CD, set of 2 Cassettes, set of 2

0078239699 0078239702

$124.95 $111.55

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Tonal Harmony Music

• Kostka, Payne • Sixth Edition, © 2009

The Art of Listening • Ferris • Seventh Edition, © 2008


usic: The Art of Listening weaves the development of Western music into the fabric of cultural history, paying special attention to the biographies of significant composers. It introduces music from centuries past as well as that of the current era, and helps the listener develop techniques to fully appreciate music in public performance halls, on the radio, in films, or in the theatre.


his text focuses on the core elements of the theory curriculum in a single-volume format. Two sets of companion CD recordings, one set to accompany the text and the second to accompany the workbook, offer students a huge collection of music. Each recording is performed using the instruments mentioned in the text. Tonal Harmony Text Workbook with CD Instructor’s Manual

9780073401355 9780077269968 9780073327143

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Text (Softcover, 464 pages) Audio CDs

9780073122137 9780073127156

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• Schanker, Ommanney • © 2005 • Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12

Art in Action


The Stage and the School

• © 2005 • Grades 11 and 12


repare your students for the ever-changing world of performing arts! The Stage and the School makes it possible for you to teach all aspects of the theater arts, including conventions of the theater, acting, theater history, varieties of drama, production guidelines, technical theater, the development of film and television, the impact of other art forms on the theater, and much more. The program's flexible five-part organization makes it easy to tailor the content to meet the teaching and learning goals of your class.

Features New! Reference Section has everything students need to write, produce, and perform like pros: 4How to Produce a Play is a step-by-step approach through the production of a scene. 4How to Write a Dramatic Script is a guide through the process of creating an effective dramatic script. 4Hands-On Exercises and Application Activities give you options to meet any student's interest or ability level. 4Application Activities allow students to actually cast, direct, and present short scenes. 4A Treasury of Scenes and Monologues section in the Student Edition offers your students practice in both vocal and acting techniques. 4Chapter Openers include dynamic visuals, a Vocabulary overview, and engaging Focus Questions that draw your students into the chapter topics. 4Chapter Reviews include a unique Careers feature that introduces students to real-world opportunities. The Review Workshop allows students to integrate and use the skills they have learned and provides you with opportunities for broad-based assessment. 4Teacher Manual and Teacher Resource Binder. These two resources will provide you with all the lesson plans, activities masters, tests, forms, models, activities, resource lists, bibliographies, and full-colour transparencies you could ever need to plan your theatre arts curriculum. Student Edition Interactive Student Edition CD-ROM Teacher Manual Teacher Resource Binder *Scenes and Monologues *Included in the Teacher Resource Binder

0078616271 0078687918 007861628X 0078618940 0026434148

$76.95 $76.95 $54.95 $290.80 $13.30


heatre: Art in Action is an award-winning, hands-on high school textbook that deals with acting, directing and producing, and technical theatre. Your students will explore basic tools and techniques that will prepare them for a production by moving through the rehearsal process to a performance. This text is organized in a format that allows comprehensive coverage of topics, variety of activities, detailed assessment, historical coverage, career information, and much more.


4Historical Timeline is located before chapter one and provides a fifteen-page outline of theatre history. 4Exercises within the chapters provide immediate application for the skills your students are learning. 48 to 16 Activities conclude each chapter and reinforce all major areas covered. 4Large-Scale Projects at the end of each section provide a broad range of creative challenges for your students.

Teacher Support Material Teacher Manual 4Comprehensive Lesson Plans 4Rubric Guidelines 4Local Performance Suggestions and additional references Teacher Resource Binder 4164 Blackline Masters 426 Overhead Transparencies 48 Laminated Emergency Cards for substitute teachers The Production Process Videotape The Production Process is a 25-minute videotape introducing theatre students to the world backstage. The emphasis is on the importance of all the roles that people play in staging a production including set design, costuming, makeup, lighting, sound, producing, directing, and acting. Student Edition Interactive Student Edition Teacher Manual Teacher Resource Binder The Production Process Video

0078616255 0078687926 0078616263 0078640237 0844204188

$82.15 $82.15 $47.50 $234.95 $111.65

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Exploring Theatre


• Prince, Jackson • © 2005 • Grades 6, 7, 8 and 9

• Cohen • Eighth Edition, © 2008



xploring Theatre is an excellent introductory textbook that provides teachers with both information and activities to develop awareness and appreciation in beginning theatre students. This text focuses on the development of the total student, which includes the students' personal resources, self-confidence, and the ability to work well with others. Exploring Theatre is a complete course ranging from acting and production to special topics that can easily be used over two full years of theatre instruction.

his lively introduction to theatre offers equal measures of appreciation of theatrical arts, history of performance, and descriptions of the collaborative theatrical crafts. The text includes extensive excerpts from seven plays: Prometheus Bound, Oedipus Tyrannos, The York Cycle, Romeo and Juliet, The Bourgeois Gentleman, The Three Sisters, and Happy Days, as well as shorter excerpts from The Rover and A Doll's House.


4Spotlight on Terms provides basic theatre vocabulary. 4Warm-Up sections are opening activities that set the stage for the lesson. 4Action activities allow student participation in the chapter material. 4Marginal Notes clearly explain the chapter and technical terms. 4Curtain Call provides comprehensive chapter reviews. 4Our Theatre Heritage provides historical and cultural theatre perspectives.


For current pricing call 1-800-565-5758.

The Theatre Experience • Wilson • Eleventh Edition, © 2009

Teacher Support Material Lesson Plan Booklet This booklet contains suggestions for an outline or framework for using the materials in Exploring Theatre. The plans are designed to provide time-saving tips on handling the information in the Teacher Resource Binder, the student textbook, and the Teacher Annotated Edition. Teacher Resource Binder includes: 4Vocabulary Activities/Puzzles 4Chapter Tests and Quizzes 4Chapter Activities and Answer Keys 4Biographical Sketches 4Assessment/Evaluations 4Awards for Achievements Student Edition Interactive Student Edition Teacher Annotated Edition Teacher Resource Binder *Lesson Plans *Included in the Teacher Resource Binder

Text (Softcover, 512 pages)

007861614X 007868790X 0078616158 0078640180 0078640172

$81.43 $81.43 $113.30 $296.65 $42.50


he Theatre Experience is an ideal text for courses focusing on theatre elements and encourages students to be active theatregoers as they learn about the fundamentals of a production. This text addresses the importance of the audience, bringing the art of performance to life for students who may have little experience with the medium providing an engaging, current, and comprehensive introduction to the world of theatre.


Student text (Softcover)


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The Creative Spirit

• Gillette • Sixth Edition, © 2008

• Arnold • Fourth Edition, © 2008



An Introduction to Theatre

heatrical Design and Production: An Introduction to Scene Design and Contstruction, Lighting, Sound, Costume and Make-up is a comprehensive and practical survey of the technical and design aspects of play production including scene design and construction, lighting, sound, costume, and makeup. Design is presented as both an art, closely integrated with the director's, actor's, and playwright's vision, and a craft that provides practical solutions for the physical manipulation of stage space. Health and safety precautions for the backstage crew appear throughout in boxes labeled “Safety Tips,” and “Design Inspiration” boxes show how professional designers create the desired look.

Text (Hardcover, 640 pages)


Theatrical Design and Production

ocusing on the collaborative and creative processes that go into productions, Stephanie Arnold introduces students to the theatre through the plays themselves and people who write them, create them, and act in them. A rich context is provided for each play with a discussion of the playwright's other works, sources for the play, timelines that provide historical and cultural background, and a section on a particular production of the play to give students a sense of experiencing the theatre industry at close hand. The Creative Spirit includes complete scripts of five plays: August Wilson's Joe Turner's Come and Gone, Wakako Yamauchi's And the Soul Shall Dance, Tony Kushner's Angels in America, Milcha Sanchez Scott's Dog Lady, and Sam Shepard's Buried Child.


For current pricing call 1-800-565-5758.

AmericanCinema/ American Culture

Text (Softcover, 592 pages)


For current pricing call 1-800-565-5758.

• Belton • Third Edition, © 2009


deal for Introduction to American Cinema courses, American Film History courses, and Introductory Film Appreciation courses focused on American Film, this text offers a cultural examination of the American movie-making industry, with particular attention paid to the economic and aesthetic institution of Hollywood. Student Edition (Softcover, 448 pages)) Study Guide

9780073386157 9780077265472

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Anthology of Living Theater

Living Theatre

• Wilson, Goldfarb • Third Edition, © 2008

• Wilson, Goldfarb • Fifth Edition, © 2008



A History

his anthology of 18 plays offers a convenient and affordable alternative to ordering individual play scripts, with the additional benefit of a general introduction and headnotes.

Table of Contents How to Read a Play Where and When the Play Takes Place: The Setting and Circumstances Who the Participants Are: The Characters What Kind of Play It Is: Categories and Genres How the Play Unfolds: Action and Theme The Play Begins The Play Progresses The Theme The Conclusion The Anthology of Plays Sophocles, Antigone, trans: Peter D. Arnott Lysistrata, trans: Douglass Parker Plautus, The Menaechmus Brothers, trans. and ed: E.F.Watling Abraham and Isaac adapted by the editors Kwanami Kiyotsugu, Sotoba Komachi, trans. Arthur Waley William Shakespeare, Hamlet, ed. and with notes by Tucker Brooke and Jack Randall Crawford Moliere, Tartuffe, trans. Richard Wilbur Susanna Centlivre, The Busy Body Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House, trans. Eva Le Gallienne Anton Chekhov, The Cherry Orchard, trans. Constance Garnett August Strindberg, A Dream Play, trans. Walter Johnson Bertolt Brecht, The Good Woman of Setzuan trans. Eric Bentley and Maja Apelman Tennessee Williams, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Samuel Beckett, Krapp's Last Tape Charles Ludlam, The Mystery of Irma Vep August Wilson, Joe Turner's Come and Gone Caryl Churchill, Far Away John Leguizamo, Excerpts from Freak Student Text (Softcover, 576 pages) For current pricing call 1-800-565-5758.


iving Theatre: A History conveys the excitement and variety of theatre throughout time, as well as the dynamic way in which our interpretation of theatre history is informed by contemporary scholarship. Rather than presenting readers with a mere catalogue of historical facts and figures, it sets each period in context through an exploration of the social, political and economic conditions of the day, creating a vivid study of the developments in theatre during that time.

Table of Contents Introduction Part 1: Early Theatre 1 Greek Theatre 2 Roman Theatre 3 Early Asian Theatre 4 Medieval Theatre in Europe Part 2: Theatres of the Renaissance 5 The Theatre of the Italian Renaissance 6 The Theatre of the English Renaissance 7 The Theatre of the Spanish Golden Age 8 French Neoclassical Theatre Part 3: Theatre from 1660 to 1875 9 The Theatre of the English Restoration 10 Theatre in the Eighteenth Century 11 Theatre from 1800 to 1875 Part 4: Modern Theatre 12 Theatre from 1875 to 1915 13 Theatre from 1915 to 1945 14 Theatre from 1945 to 1975 15 Contemporary American Theatre: 1975 to the Present 16 Global Theatres Pronunciation Guide Glossary: Theatrical Terms Selected Bibliography Index Student Text (Hardcover, 656 pages)


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Film Art

• Boggs, Petrie • Seventh Edition, © 2008

• Bordwell, Thompson • © 2008



New to this edition

Table of Contents

An Introduction

his introduction to film appreciation uses both contemporary and classic movies to help students develop critical skills in the analysis and evaluation of film. By suggesting what to look for and how to look for it, the text challenges students to sharpen their powers of observation, establish habits of perceptive watching, and discover complex aspects of film art that will further enhance their enjoyment of watching films. In addition it makes the link from literature to film in chapters on Thematic Elements, Fictional and Dramatic Elements and a unique chapter on Adaptations. 4New full-colour format enhances the student experience through colour movie stills and vibrant design. 4New treatment of film history in the form of "Flashback" features help students to place film-making techniques in their appropriate historical context. 4New chapter on Film and Society covers controversial topics like censorship, the MPAA Rating System, and the treatment of sex, violence, and language. The chapter also includes a discussion of foreign and social problem films. Text (softcover, 608 pages) with Tutorial CD-ROM


The Art of Watching Films


ilm Art has been the most respected introduction to the analysis of cinema. While continuing to provide the best introduction to the fundamentals of serious film study, the eighth edition has been extensively re-designed in full colour greatly enhancing the text's visual appeal and overall accessibility to today's students. Throughout the text, all images presented are frame enlargements as opposed to production stills or advertising photos. Supported by a text-specific CD-ROM with video clips, an Instructor's Manual, and text-specific website.

Part 1: Film Art and Filmmaking 1 Putting Films on Screen Part 2: Film Form 2 The Signficance of Film Form 3 Narrative as a Formal System Part 3: Film Style 4 The Short: Mise-en-Scene 5 The Shot: Cinematography 6 The Relation of Shot to Shot: Editing 7 Sound in the Cinema 8 Style as a Formal System Part 4: Types of Films 9 Film Genres 10 Documentary, Experimental, and Animated Films Part 5: Critical Analysis of Films Introduction: Writing a Critical Analysis of Film 11 Sample Analyses Part 6: Art and Film History 12 Film Art and History

For current pricing call 1-800-565-5758. Text (Softcover, 576 pages) with CD-ROM Tutorial Tutorial CD-ROM

9780073310275 9780073265926

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Launching the Imagination

Additional Titles

• Stewart • Third Edition, © 2008

Art Introducing Art Mittler, Ragans, Morman, Unsworth, Scannell, © 1999 Student Text Teacher's Wraparound Edition Fine Art Print Package Fine Art Overhead Transparencies


$82.88 $118.40 $493.51 $182.76

0026623560 0026623579 0026623722

$82.88 $123.55 $182.76

0026623595 0026623617 0026623765

$82.88 $123.55 $182.76

0026624087 0026624095 0026624125

$92.23 $141.56 $479.15

0026617234 0026617250

$458.30 $141.56

Exploring Art

aunching the Imagination offers a comprehensive framework on which students, teachers, and administrators can build. The approach in this third edition is refined, distilled, and updated, using over 600 examples drawn from traditional and contemporary sources. Profiles with interviews of artists and designers introduce students to working processes, career choices, and criteria for excellence from a remarkable group of masters. 2D Student Text (Softcover) 3D Student Text (Softcover)

0026623633 0026623641 0026623668 0026623676

9780073327303 9780073327310

Mittler, Ragans, © 1999 Student Text Teacher's Wraparound Edition Fine Art Overhead Transparencies

Understanding Art Mittler, Ragans, © 1999 Student Text Teacher's Wraparound Edition Fine Art Overhead Transparencies

Art in Focus Mittler, 4/e, © 2000 Student Text Teacher's Wraparound Edition Teacher's Classroom Resource Fine Art Print Package (Twenty-five 22 1/2” x 28 1/2” top quality masterworks that differ from the text) Fine Art Transparencies

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Introduction to Desktop Publishing with Digital Graphics

Creating and Understanding Drawings

• © 2008

• Mittler, Howze • © 2006 Student Edition Teacher Resource Binder

0078682193 0078682207

$72.93 $330.80

Creating and Understanding Drawings Mittler, Howze, © 2001 Student Text Instructor's Guide & Teacher's Resource


0026622335 0026622343

$70.13 $320.11

0026624346 0026624354

$88.70 $142.45

Art Talk

ntroduction to Desktop Publishing with Digital Graphics provides project-based instruction that gives students the skills needed for planning and creating desktop publishing documents. Presents secondary students with engaging, real-world projects for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

Ragans, 3e, © 2000 Student Text Teacher's Wraparound Edition

Music Music: Its Role and Importance in Our Lives

Table of Contents


Unit 1: Design with Word Unit 2: Design with Publisher Unit 3: Create Images with Photoshop Unit 4: Create Art with Illustrator

Unit 5: Integrated Team Projects Project Management Create an Ad Campaign Technology Handbook

Student Edition Teacher Resource Manual Teacher Resource CD-ROM ExamView® Pro Testmaker CD-ROM

9780078729133 9780078760457 9780078760464 9780078760471

$72.05 $126.86 $311.47 $207.98

Fowler, 2/e, © 2000 Student Text Teacher's Annotated Edition Instructor's Guide Teacher's Resource Binder MIDI Activities Binder CD Program (includes 3 new CDs and contains over 450 selections) * To order French editions, see page 18

0026556928 0026556936 0026556944 0026556960 0026556979

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A History of Western Art, Adams, 4/e, ©2008 ............................................8


Index AmericanCinema/American Culture, Belton, 3/e, ©2009 ......................13 Anthology of Living Theater, Wilson, Goldfarb, 3/e, ©2008 ..................14 Art Across Time, Adams, 3/e, ©2007 ............................................................8 Art Fundamentals: Theory & Practice, Ocvirk et al, 11/e, ©2009 ..........8 Art in Focus, Mittler, ©2006 ..............................................................................3 Art in Focus, Mittler, 4/e, ©2000 ..................................................................16 Art Interactions DVD............................................................................................7 Art Showcase DVD ..............................................................................................7 Art Talk, Ragans, 4/e, ©2005 ............................................................................6 Art Talk, Ragans, 3/e, ©2000 ..........................................................................16 Creating and Understanding Drawings, Mittler, Howze, ©2006 ..........16 Creating and Understanding Drawings, Mittler, Howze, ©2001 ..........16 Exploring Art, Mittler, Ragans, ©2005............................................................5 Exploring Art, Mittler, Ragans, ©1999..........................................................16 Exploring Theatre, Prince, Jackson, ©2005 ................................................12 Film Art: An Introduction, Bordwell, Thompson: ©2008 ........................15 Glencoe Art Series, ©2005................................................................................4 Hands in Clay, Speight, 5/e, © 2004 ..............................................................7 Introducing Art, Mittler, Ragans, ©2005........................................................4 Introducing Art, Mittler, Ragans et al ©1999 ............................................16 Introduction to Desktop Publishing with Digital Graphics, © 2008 ....16 Launching the Imagination, Stewart, 3/e, ©2008 ....................................16 Living Theatre: A History, Wilson, Goldfarb, 5/e, ©2008 ........................14 Living with Art, Getlein, 8/e, ©2008................................................................8 Make it in Clay, Speight, 2/e, © 2001 ............................................................7 Music: The Art of Listening, Ferris, 7/e, © 2008 ......................................10 Music in Theory and Practice, Benward, 8/e, ©2009 ................................9 Music! Its Role and Importance in Our Lives, ©2006 ................................9 Music! Its Role and Importance in Our Lives, ©2000..............................16 The Art of Watching Films, Boggs, Petrie, 7/e, © 2008 ..........................15 The Creative Spirit: An Introduction to Theatre, Arnold, 4/e ..................13 The Stage and the School, Schanker, Ommanney, ©2005 ....................11 The Theatre Experience, Wilson, 11/e, ©2009 ..........................................12 The World of Music , Willoughby, 6/e, ©2007..............................................9 Theatre: Art in Action, ©2005 ........................................................................11 Theatre, Cohen, 8/e, © 2008 ..........................................................................12 Theatrical Design and Production, Gillette, 6/e, © 2008 ........................13 Tonal Harmony, Kostka, Payne, 6/e, ©2009................................................10 Understanding Art, Mittler, Ragans, ©1999 ..............................................16 Understanding Art, Mittler, Ragans, ©2005 ................................................5 World Music: A Cultural Legacy, ©2003 ....................................................10 World Music: Traditions and Transformations, Bakan , © 2008 ............10

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Examination Copies

Service Hours

For information on this policy, please contact your local sales representative or McGraw-Hill Ryerson Head Office at the contact information provided on the inside back cover of this catalogue.

Examination copies of selected School Division resources will be made available for course selection to those directly responsible for evaluating and selecting materials for classroom use. Requests are granted at the discretion of your Sales Representative. Due to rapidly increasing publication costs Answer Keys, Solutions Manuals, Teachers’ Guides or Manuals, Instructors’ Manuals, BLMs, Software and Videos are FOR SALE ONLY and available only to authorized personnel. When requesting an examination copy please provide the following information: 4The title you wish to consider 4Name of course you are considering the resource for 4Anticipated enrollments in the course 4Date of resource adoption 4And all other information that will help our sales representative to grant your request quickly and serve your needs efficiently

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te for Online Visit our Websi s acher Resource Student and Te ool ra g c .m w w w

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