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Between Nice And Backstab

A Foreign Documentary On A Severed Body

Diodes Make Importance Too

Go Kill Yourself Genie

Felt Woman Is A Nightmare

Static IX [Black]

Static IX [White]

Rainbow Drinker

Rainbow Man

A Golem Digests

Rosie Fo足oh Thousand

Worse That This Cannot Be A Mirage

I Can See You, And Hear You


Blink Yourself Better Elsewhere

Static XI E

Subtle Greenery Creek Trickle

Break This Cold Ship Of Light

Data Interpreting Themselves

The Notebook She Found Underneath Her Boyfriend’s Mattress, And In A Fit Of Sorrow, Threw The Treacherous Lies And Bitter Truth Into The Puddle On A Street, Where It Became Illegible From Soaking, In Rain, Oil, And Tears

Triangular Rivers That Surely Deliver

Static XVI

Static XIX

Grand Prix Edition Dice

Route 66 Canadian Band Poster

Days On Our Lost Hope

I Am And You Are余 We Became Legion

Great Junkyard In The Heavens

Spider Guts And Fish Guts/Unrealistic Love And Love

1 x 3 = 33

The Sky Hard足Fi


pC - 32 Bits Of September [2012]  

32 pieces of glitch art made from hex editing a NES emulator.