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From the President

As I write this message half way through my year as President, bunting is going up for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympic flame is on its way round the country and it feels like summer has finally arrived. What a busy 2012 for the Society so far, with some very successful dinners both at home and abroad, special reunions, lots of golf days, Regatta and Founders’ Day weekends and more to come. The dinner in Cambridge was a personal pleasure for me to organise, seeing nearly 50 guests enjoying themselves in the beautiful surrounding of Jesus College. Feedback has been such that a return in the future may be possible, provided Oxford alumni don’t get put out!

Members of the Society are spread all over the world now and with their help we can arrange dinners across the globe, like the one in Hong Kong in February which attracted over 25 members. If there is a dinner or event that you would like to organise in your locality then please contact Sarah Ritchie for assistance. Her innovative idea of hosting reunion lunches and tours of the school site for certain decades of leavers got off to a great start with over 100 attending from the 1950s and next year we move on to the 1960s and 1970s.

The Society is run by a committee and we are now looking for new committee members to join us from November. Duties are not onerous and we meet only twice a year but it is a great way of being involved and keeping in touch. If you feel you would like to make an important contribution to the running of the Society or find out more about this then please let Sarah Ritchie know. None of these events could happen without your support so, on behalf of the Committee, I thank you for this and we look forward to seeing you in the future.

Diana (Wildblood) Smith, PC 61-67

From the Headmaster

The school has joined in the Olympic spirit throughout this summer term in various ways. The Prep school held a combined Olympic and Jubilee celebration day, and the whole school was divided into national teams from around the world for a series of competitions. Canada won, closely followed by Russia and then Japan.

As a result of various connections with individual torchbearers the Olympic torch was paraded on several occasions, at the Prep speech day, in morning chapel in St John’s, and it was given a lap of honour by each house team at the start of the Methodist Schools Marathon, which we held on 20 June. This was an event in which all twelve of the Methodist Independent Schools have participated this term; each of our four houses put up two relay teams that each completed a quarter marathon through the combined efforts of the pupils in each team, and the staff also fielded teams. In slightly over 2 ½ hours the school ran three complete marathons. Unusually for this summer, the sun came out, and even calls for suncream and water were heard!

The weather has not been kind to us, and the sports fixtures have suffered badly as a result, though as I write this, the Dolphins cricket week has started in sunshine. From a Head’s point of view, bad weather should improve the public exam results, as the pupils have no excuse for lazing around outside, and can concentrate fully on their revision.

As you can see from the reports in the pages that follow, the Society is flourishing, and there are more and more opportunities for members to meet informally or through events organised by Sarah and individual members. Do please join in any events that you can, particularly Founders’ Weekend in September, and I look forward Would you like to join the Rydal Penrhos Society Committee? to meeting plenty of new faces in the The Society is run by a committee of members - it really is run by you, for you! We have vacancies for new committee members to join us from coming academic year. November this year. If you would like to be considered, and can meet with us twice a year in Colwyn Bay, please contact Sarah Ritchie by 1 September 2012. Patrick Lee-Browne


Rydal Penrhos Society Newsletter Issue 20  

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