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Alumni Authors

Since selling Filoxenia, a tour operation organising holidays to Greece, in 2004 and effectively retiring, Sue (Drake) Stembridge PC 47-56 has been writing novels. These are being published on Amazon Kindle (although they can also be read on a smartphone or computer through a Kindle app). She is now on number eight, with six of them published. The early premise behind the novels was to bring history to life. A further aim was to publish a book which as well as being a good story, would also act as a travelogue, particularly with the Greek Letters series. The Coming of Age series features mid-twentieth century challenges; life as an air-hostess in the 1960s, marriage, alcoholism and lost identity. For further information about Sue’s novels, please visit her website at Rev. John P Atkinson RS 59-67 graduated in Behavioural Science in 1971, studied Theology in Manchester obtaining a Bachelor of Divinity, and has worked as a Methodist Minister for 27 years. He has two adult children, three grandchildren, and has been married to Lynda for 42 years. John is also currently a Governor at Rydal Penrhos, as well as being Chair of Churches Together for Healing and the British Methodist Churches Connexional Advisor for Health and Healing. In his recently published book, Gift or a Given? A Theology of Healing for the 21st Century, John reflects on his own personal engagement in healing ministry. He seeks to show that healing is not the miraculous special intervention of God but rather that those wishing to engage in healing are allying themselves with the purpose and processes of a God who draws all things together towards perfection. Healing is not a subset but rather the foundation of all mission.

At 27 years old, Heloise Goodley RS 88-97 swapped her power heels for clumpy military boots when she left her banking job in the City to join the Army. She joined the commissioning course at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in January 2007, and was one of 32 girls to start that winter. After months of hard work, including many hours of toil, punishments,


inspections and thorough training, Heloise was commissioned on 14 December 2007.

“Sandhurst was the best and worst experience of my life. So much of what I was taught there seemed irrelevant: the marching, crawling and trench digging. Yet there was other stuff that I learned at Sandhurst: the personal pride and stubborn resolve to keep going, to hold my head high and carry on because I can do it. The standards and morals to make the right decisions.”

Heloise was commissioned into the Army Air Corps and was deployed to the first of two tours of Afghanistan in January 2009. She is now a Captain undertaking the role of adjutant for an Apache helicopter regiment. She has written about her experiences in her book, An Officer and a Gentlewoman: The Making of a Female British Army Officer, which is available to buy now.

Jean (Tattersall) Dorricott PC 47-56 grew up on a sheep and dairy farm in the mountains of Snowdonia, and it was the memories of these beautiful surroundings that encouraged her to begin writing poetry and romantic stories. Jean attended university and teacher training before meeting her husband in Birmingham. They lived in Leicester, Leeds, Coventry and Lowestoft and brought up three children and several foster children before Jean returned to teaching. In her spare time, Jean edited small magazines and wrote articles for journals. Her short stories and poems began to win awards, and she was asked to write a non-fiction study-guide to science and religion. Jean currently lives in Norwich, where she continues to write with great enthusiasm. Her new thriller, Ruin of the Soul, is set in the mountains of North Wales and is the riveting story of a young widow, Rachel, and her son, Ben. To escape riots in the English Midlands, Rachel accepts employment with the Eckstazia research team on the beautiful but sinister Penybwlch estate. Will Rachel find romance and a kind stepfather for her troubled son? And who is the uncouth tenant farmer killing pigs at midnight? Can she succeed in her frantic ride across treacherous mountains for help? Will she and Ben survive the threat to their lives? And what is the real reason for Eckstazia’s research into deadly cattle plague? Ruin of the Soul is now available to purchase at Jean’s website,

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