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Welcome Academic Being Creative Christmas Sport


Welcome to another wonderful edition of our school magazine.

The excitement and anticipation of the Autumn Term is perfectly captured in our articles and images. As we all prepare for the dark and cold of winter we bring warmth to our homes with blazing fires, Christmas festivities and family togetherness. I hope this magazine will also bring a sense of warmth, celebration, and of community.

I am grateful to all who have worked hard to capture the many aspects of the very special community we have at the Prep School in the following pages. I trust you will enjoy it … and feel the glow.


Early Yea rs Fair yta le Ball Page 14

Roger McDuff, Headmaster

Pre-Prep Play ‘Whoops a Daisy Angel’ Pages 8 & 9

2013 Open Events

Friday 25 January, 3.30pm-6.15pm Rydal Penrhos Blitz Chess Championships Booking required for this event.

Friday 1 March, 9.30am-12pm Preparatory, Pre-Prep and Early Years Open Morning


Issue 3 December 2012

Friday 1 March, 2pm-4pm Senior School Open Afternoon

Wednesday 15 May, 9.30am-12pm Preparatory, Pre-Prep and Early Years Open Morning Friday 17 May, 2pm-4pm Senior School Open Afternoon

Issue 3 – Page 2

Maths at the Prep Page 5

FORPS & Society Events

Saturday 15 June 2013 Leavers of the the 1980s Afternoon tea at 2.30pm at the School followed by 3-course meal at St George’s Hotel, Llandudno. Booking required for this event. Saturday 28 September 2013 Leavers of the the 1990s Tour of the School from 2.30pm and a 3-course meal at St George’s Hotel, Llandudno. Booking required for this event. Book your place for Rydal Penrhos Society events by emailing Sarah Ritchie,

Academic News Thinking and learning skills

This academic year has seen the introduction of Thinking and Learning Skills lessons. These have begun in Year 2 with a sole focus on learning the rudiments of chess. Rydal Penrhos Prep School boasts national, county and school players, and this extra lesson is proving to be an excellent foundation for future players.

In Years 3 to 6 the lessons have looked closely at what makes an effective learner and how we, as individuals, can improve our own capacity to learn. Year 3 came up with a wonderful magic potion for effective learning made up of perseverance, creativity, healthy eating, exercise, discipline, mistakes, enjoyment, open-mindedness, ideas, knowledge, courage, humour and questions. This is now displayed in their classroom to help them focus on being a successful learner.

The second focus of our course has been on the art of questioning, how to construct helpful questions for research and how to make sure that our questions produce more than just a superficial answer. A simple technique some of the children have been using is the ‘three whys’ method, something you could all try at home. Firstly, ask a straightforward question such as ‘what are you doing this weekend?’ and then follow up the answer with the question ‘why?’. Repeat this twice and you will find that the third ‘why question’ almost always requires a deeper level of thought. Transfer this to research questions and children can begin to unearth some real gems of information.

Dahl-icious day at the Prep

Willy Wonka, Fantastic Mr Fox, Matilda, the Twits and even Oompa Loompas were seen taking part in lessons at the Prep School’s celebrated Roald Dahl Day, on 13 September.

An array of fabulous costumes were on show in the classrooms of Year 3 to Year 6, as pupils really got into the spirit of the day, dressing up as their favourite characters from Roald Dahl’s impressive catalogue of books.

In the afternoon, the children took part in creative writing, science and craft workshops all based on the Big Friendly Giant – better known as the BFG – which is celebrating its 30th birthday this year. The highlight for many of the children, though, was making and tasting their very own ‘snozzcumber’ sandwiches!

A fantastic £182 was raised throughout the day.The money has been donated to the Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, which helps to care for seriously ill and disabled children.

Welcome Academic Being Creative Christmas Sport Trips News

Tales of the jungle from author

Pupils in Year 6 took a trip to the Senior School Library to hear a talk from children’s author Pauline Fisk.

Pauline entertained the pupils with stories about her experiences in Belize, trekking through the jungle with her son, being surrounded by armed soldiers, getting to know the Kekchi-Mayan people and working with a gap-year project deep in the jungle. All of this formed part of her research for her novel In the Trees. Throughout the talk, Pauline showed various photographs from her trip and even played Belizean music to set the mood for the pupils!

The session finished with a short writing workshop where Pauline shared her Top Ten Tips for writing good stories before she was quizzed by the pupils about her adventures and her career to date.

Following her workshop, Pauline commented, “I love going into schools. I very rarely find children anything but interesting and engaging, and they certainly were at Rydal Penrhos Prep School I was asked everything from the obvious – ‘how many books have you written?’ to the more obscure – ‘what wild animals have you met?’”

Christening service for Year 1 As part of their Religious Studies lessons, the pupils of Year 1 have been investigatingbelonging to a Christian family. The children discovered that people are christened to welcome them into a family, and also into the family of the Christian Church.

Their investigations culminated in a christening service held in the Wedgwood Room, and led by Reverend Sissons. The children began the service with a short prayer and a song. Reverend Sissons then explained the use of a candle, cross and water during the christening ceremony, before reading the story of Jesus being baptised by John the Baptist to help the children understand the significance of the water.

The children who were acting as parents and godparents of the baby, named ‘Lizzy Lily’, stood at the front of the Wedgwood Room. Reverend Sissons christened Lizzy Lily by pouring water onto her forehead three times and making the sign of the cross. The ceremony ended with the family being presented with a certificate, prayer book and a candle for the baby.

Issue 3 – Page 4

Year 4 explore Roman history

To complement their study on the Romans as part of their History lessons, Year 4 visited the Grosvenor Museum in Chester.

During a guided tour of the city, the inquisitive pupils were keen to find out more about the Amphitheatre, the Gladiators and the criminal executions and even had the opportunity to dress up as Roman Soldiers as they marched around the fortress, Deva.

Back at the Grosvenor Museum, the pupils took part in a workshop where they dressed as Roman slaves and prepared food. They also became Roman engineers and created their own model building of a Roman bath house with a hypocaust heating system, finally they became archaeologists and looked at artefacts and replicas from the past.

Before returning to school, pupils spent time in the Museum’s Gallery working in pairs to complete a worksheet, where teacher Mrs Culver described the pupils as, “a real credit to the school, working hard to complete their worksheets and eager to find out the information and learn more.”

Creating a love of Maths….

Numeracy is fundamental to all that goes on, from practical role play in Early Years through to the maths table, cups and actions in the Pre-prep. ‘Doing’ maths is all-important and throughout the Prep school, whether with Maths Makes Sense or our Abacus scheme, children are active learners. At this young age maths is seen by children as dynamic and relevant. Various activities and events are held throughout the year to help children gain insight into the mathematical world and confidence in their own innate ability.

Pupils taking part in Maths Makes Sense

Alison Hind, Head of Maths at the Prep school, says “We strive hard to foster great enthusiasm for, and enjoyment of maths with all children at every stage of their development. Learning key skills and then having the opportunity to apply these on a practical level and in ‘real- life’ situations, brings maths learning ‘to life’ here at the Prep School. It is wonderful to see children opting to join the Maths Problem Solving Club as an extracurricular activity, which is run during the summer term, and to celebrate the success of our Prep teams when they take part in the Maths Challenge at the Senior school.

We know that the groundwork we put in now will influence their future relationship with the subject. We believe we are managing to do this successfully as so many of our pupils who move on from the Prep and through Senior school end up at university studying subjects that involve maths.”

Morgan, Hannah, Abhishek & Ioan with their medals

A recent addition to the Prep pupils’ maths calendar has been the Primary Schools’ Maths Team Challenge hosted by the Senior school Maths department.

Hannah Mew-McAdam, Abhishek Bathula, Ioan Peake-Jones and Morgan Kendall competed in the challenge against nine teams from schools from around Conwy and Denbighshire. They were delighted to take the prize for second place, only three points behind the winners.

The competition took place in the Memorial Hall and began with warm-up questions posed by maths pupils from the Senior school’s Sixth form pupils followed by several competition rounds. After lunch, and with all to play for, there was a 40-minute Grand Final involving a relay team passing the mathematical baton as questions were answered correctly.

The Senior school continues with the groundwork from the Prep and Dr Paula Rowlands, Head of Maths says “Mathematics at the senior school is a thriving and successful subject due primarily to the drive, enthusiasm and commitment shown by the staff. Broadly speaking, the aims of the department are to develop, maintain and stimulate pupils’ curiosity, interest and enjoyment of the subject by expanding their understanding of mathematics in its widest context, and showing how it relates to life outside of school. By teaching in a meaningful context, we aim to provide opportunities for the pupils to use their skills creatively, through problem solving and investigation.”

Mathematics is a popular choice at A-level, and for the more able, the option of an additional Alevel in Further Mathematics provides plenty of extension and challenge. For the International Baccalaureate, there is a choice of three mathematics options, so that pupils of widely differing abilities can be catered for. Of the 101 maths students in the Sixth form, 11 are taking Further Maths, 42 A-level and 48 are studying for the International Baccalaureate – a clear indication of the love of maths at a senior as well as a junior level in the school.

Many events are held in the senior maths department, including lectures and trips. A highlight every academic year is when the department enters many pupils for the UK Schools Mathematics Challenges at Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels. This year, for the first time, Year 6 Prep pupils were also invited to take part, resulting in Matthew Harrison receiving a bronze certificate, while Gowri Pradeep and William Sissons, both achieved a silver certificate. In Spring 2013 the same competition will be held with Prep school children entered once again.

Recent leavers from the Sixth form who studied maths have gone on to read for degrees at top universities and business schools such as Cambridge, Oxford, MIT (currently rated the number one university in the world), Hong Kong (currently ranked the number one university in Asia), City University, Edinburgh, University of London CASS Business school and the Munich Business School, in topics ranging from Medicine, Physics, Accounting and Finance to Economics and Engineering. An indication from universities is that, even for studying Medicine, maths is a desirable subject.

The Maths Dept at Senior School

Will, Matthew & Gowri score well in Maths Challenge

Above: Former Head Boy Thomas Warrington is now reading Engineering at Cambridge.

Left: Josefin Betsholtz is now reading Physics at MIT, while Emily Wynn (right) is reading Medicine at Newcastle University.

Issue 3 – Page 5


The music department at the Prep school has been a very exciting place to be this year, thanks to some new initiatives and the continued commitment of the pupils. While we continue to explore wide-ranging styles of music in our daily class singing and singing clubs, it is instrumental music that has seen a great burst of activity. As well as continuing their curriculum studies, every pupil in Year 2 has started to learn to play the recorder, and every pupil in Year 3 the violin in their class music lessons. This initiative is inspired by ‘Wider Opportunities’, a government incentive that has been operational in state schools in England and which has seen participating schools teaching instrumental classes for one year. The success of this programme has already inspired us to extend our instrumental teaching to include 4SB and 5PW; both of these classes have been learning to play brass instruments, guided by Mr Williams and our new brass specialist Mr Jon Powell. There are plans to add other classes into the initiative in the New Year.


Being Creative



Being Creative

Thanks to our new peripatetic teachers, we have more children taking up instruments, including the oboe, flute, saxophone and drums, making prospects for performances of the future very exciting indeed.

In short, our aim at the Prep school is very clear; to be part of a music school of excellence. Music at Rydal Penrhos Pre paratory School is for all. Every child in the school is regularly inv olved in musical activities, whether in a class environment or musical ensemble. In add ition to encouraging creative thinki ng and teamwork, a vibran t musical education provides a fun environment for self-expr ess ion whilst rewarding children for har d work. We strive to nurtur e the talent of every child, through our innovative and well-s tru ctu red programme of musical edu cation.




Julian Whittaker, Director

of Music

Our very own Brass Band!

Using an array of the school’s instruments, including trumpets, cornets, trombone and even a euphonium, pupils in Years 3, 4 and 5 took part in a brass workshop. Pupils were delighted to get the chance to try out each of the instruments. By the end of the workshop, everyone was blowing a note and playing basic rhythms to makeup a simple tune. The workshop was a result of an initiative by our new Director of Music, Julian Whittaker, and Head of Music at the Prep school, Peter Williams, to encourage each and every child to try out different musical instruments during their time at school.

The brass instruments were such a hit with the pupils that a weekly workshop with pupils from Year 4 and 5 is now taking place (while Year 3 concentrate on learning the violin!).

Issue 3 – Page 6

Peter Williams Head of Music

Festival performance

In September, pupils from the Prep school and Senior school were lucky enough to perform alongside the King’s Singers at the North Wales International Music Festival, in St Asaph Cathedral.

Prior to their performance, pupils took part in a day workshop with vocal coach Lyn Alcantara, who trains the boys of King’s College, Cambridge and frequently works with the King’s Singers. Pupils worked on their own arrangement of ‘Oliver Cromwell’ before performing it with the King’s Singers in front of a packed audience at the Festival concert.

Director of Music, Julian Whittaker said, “The pupils sang with gusto and enthusiasm and I must commend them on their singing, behaviour and eagerness to learn.”

Art Department News

Rydal Penrhos Preparatory School is experiencing an explosion of colour in the art department as Suzy Walsh takes over as its Head. She aims to transform the style of working into one in which community, inspiration and enthusiasm are in abundance, and a range of schemes are implemented which bring both the pupils and their families together to create masterpieces!

Ms Walsh has designed a programme for the next year that takes the whole school on one thematic journey each term. All the pupils in Key Stage 2 will produce work along this chosen theme, before combining it to create a spectacular display at the end of each term. The ‘gallery’ will then be open for parents, grandparents and friends to visit in order to engage with what the children have produced, and celebrate their work. As part of this scheme, all the children have been given sketch books in which they can draw or paint any ideas they may have, either in school or outside school time.

Parents and grandparents will also be invited to participate in ‘Family Art Activities’ with the children. During these sessions the art department will be open for all to experience the fantastic resources, and to work alongside the budding artists in the school.

The theme for the autumn term was ‘Just Me’. Ms Walsh chose ageappropriate ‘inspirational’ artists for each of the years; these artists then became the base line for the children’s work, allowing them to explore each artist’s style.

For their ‘Just Me’ projects, Year 6 produced self-portraits and teacherportraits in different mediums (ink, pen, collage) and styles. Year 5 did some research into the contemporary Welsh artist Shani Reece James, who uses thick brush strokes and dark colours to create intensity in her portraits. To mimic her work in their own portraits, the children used impasto methods, adding texture to their work.

i Ali Al-Raw

Joshua Peevor

Philippa Smith-Edwards

Kathleen Cheesley

Year 4 took a different approach to the theme by looking at photography by Bruce Nauman, who uses portraits of the face and body as inspiration to create intriguing and abstract pictures. In complete contrast, Year 3 produced portraits of the royal family in celebration of Her Majesty’s Jubilee.

An important feature of this programme is that all the children will experience the use of a wide range of different materials and styles. Ms Walsh is planning for the children to create sculptures, collages, mosaics, felt quilts, and much more.Forexample, during the Spring term,as part of the theme ‘African Art and Design’, the children will get the opportunity to learn traditional African art techniques such as batikmaking, African masks, puppets, musical instruments and African pots.

In the Summer term the children will be encouraged to venture outside into the forest school, collecting twigs and objects for the theme ‘Woodland and Environmental Art’. It’s going to be an exciting year for everyone in the Art department at the Prep school!

Ben Constantine

Holly Battersby

Issue 3 – Page 7





Being Creative



Pre-Prep Play Whoops a Daisy Angel Password is angel

Welcome Academic Being Creative Christmas Sport Trips

Sports and Clubs

Football Captain - Mich

ael Thomas

The football season has bee na doing its best to spoil the fixt busy one despite the inclement weather ure list. The season began wit h the Under 8 and Under 11 teams visiting Ma Lane to take part in the annual nchester City’s training complex at Platt IAPS tournament, with good perfor mances from both teams.


The U8 and U9 teams have played a number of fixtures and although the results weren’t in their fav our they gained invaluable experience from representing the school, many pupils doing so for the first tim 10 team played a fabulous e. The Under game against Oswestry Sch ool, eventually running out as 6-0 winners after some quality football fro m the likes of Harri Jones, Frankie Holmes and Teddy Roberts. The Un der 11 team had a fantastic tournament at Elle smere College and were cruelly through to the final of the denied going main competition when the y lost out on the ‘Golden Goal’ rule in extra time against Abbeygate College .

These season came to a clos e with a mixed bag of results across the teams, but improvement can certain ly be to all the players who have rep seen across all of them. Congratulations resented the school for footba ll this year.

Netball Captain - Brona Richardson

The U11 and U10 netballers have been working hard this season. Most notably, our U11s are Conwy Champions and go through to Aberystwyth in May to the National Finals. However, all netball teams have a 100% record in their matches so far, any losses only being incurred against teams of older age-groups. All-in-all a lot of hard work has been undertaken by the girls this year and this has paid off with a successful season to date. Congratulations to you all!


Hockey Captain - Amy Bale

The Hockey teams have shown plenty of promise this season. Congratulations should go to the Under 9s, who were runners up in the IAPS Hockey Tournament early in the season. All Under 9s have represented the school at some stage and have learnt from this experience. Our U10s, U11B and U11A teams have made good progress this season, with some excellent hockey played against Packwood and Liverpool College. Members of our U11 mixed team have been training hard too, and although they have played only one match so far it was a very convincing one, with an 11-0 victory over Kingsmead.


Swimming Captain - Finlay Hare


Our swimmers performed exceptionally well at the Urdd Swimming Gala, with eight qualifying for the finals held in Cardiff on 25 January 2013.

Finan Close secured first place in the Individual Breaststroke, while our Relay teams also secured themselves a place in the final with Brona Richardson, Keira Bonnington, Amy Bale and Cerys Cuddihy; along with Adam Lee-Browne, Finlay Hare, Finan Close and Teddy Roberts all representing the school in Cardiff.


Chess Captain - Abhishek Bathula

already had a very The Preparatory School Chess Team has for the rest of the year. successful term and promises much more North Wales Junior Fourteen children attended the Cheshire and our children were Championships in October and three of (U7) along with Ali crowned County Champions: Amrit Bolina Under 9 events. Al-Rawi and James Smith who both won also secured second Abhishek Bathula and Jonathon Osbourn places in their events.

enhanced by the The Chess Club itself is growing and has been een ten and Betw ol. inclusion of pupils from the Senior Scho coach our Prep fifteen come each week to play and also help see someone from School Players and it is not uncommon to from Year 2. child Year 13 sitting down to play a game with a


ntal this term in aiding Rydal Penrhos School has also been instrume or Chess Association Mr Camp to set up the North Wales Juni th Wales and provide which hopes to unite chess players across Nor for all children. Rydal coaching opportunities and tournaments tournament, the North Penrhos has kindly offered to host the first uary 9th, 2013 so look Wales Junior Chess Championships on Febr out for more details soon…

Ski Captain - Keira Bonnington

Rydal Penrhos Preparatory School returned from the Welsh Schools Ski Championships as Welsh Primary Champions!

Three teams travelled to the competition held at Llangrannog, all eager to take home medals.

The ‘A’ team consisting of Ski Captain, Keira Bonnington, Ben Constantine, Alex Davies and Harri Jones all put in fantastic performances to secure the Welsh Primary Champions and importantly for the team, the Kelly Elson Trophy.


The ‘B’ team of Jennifer Dick, Chay Bonnington, Harri Jackson and Max Robinson finished in overall second place, securing the silver medals. The ‘C’ team of Holly Battersby, Louis Gilmartin, Tirion Jones and Scarlett Spillane however missed out on third position, narrowly beaten into fourth place. Along with team success, many skiers secured individual medals with thirteen in total, 5 Gold, 2 Silver and 6 Bronze.


Year 1 Gardening Club has been busy getting ready for next spring. So far we have sown sweet peas and sweet Williams in pots to plant out next year. We also hope to have lots of spring colour with daffodils, violas and anemones. In the school garden we have planted out cabbage plants and strawberry plants, and we are experimenting with an early sowing of peas in pots.


Welcome Academic Being Creative Christmas Sport

Trips Self Portraits by Year 1

Reception meet the Bears

Reception had a Despite a wet and windy start, the children in Zoo to learn more fantastic trip to Colwyn Bay’s Welsh Mountain about their topic of Bears. of questions Seeing the bears in real life prompted a number from the children including;


• Do the bears have strong muscles? • Is the water deep where they swim? • How long do they hibernate for? • Do they sleep all together?

gh time to see the Before returning to School there was just enou penguins, sea lions and parrots!




Year 1 bec om

e art critic


To enhance their topic o f ‘Ou 1 visited Ori el Mostyn G rselves’, Year allery to see exhibition titled ‘Ope an n Spaces’ Longhurst. b y Pupils studie Jo d the photog of g ymnas raphs ts and tho ught about vocabulary th the ey conjured u p which inclu flips, splits, co d ed nfident, straig ht, and bend y. Next pupil big roll of pap er and worked s were ar med with penci ls and a bodies. Pup in pairs to dra ils worked to w around ea fill the life-siz ch other’s were import e bodies with ant and rele vant to them things that moving up, th . Starting at e pupils drew th e feet and things they li and toys, bef ke, which incl ore drawing uded food pictu wanted to be when they gro res which represented what they w up. At the choosing colo very top, fam urful papers ily and friend and materials s were added to make the before bodies 3D.



Celts Year 2 become trainee



Issue 3 – Page 12

Wrexham’s Celts, Year 2 took a trip to To learn more about the l Education Centre. Plas Power Environmenta s becoming day began with the pupil A fun filled and hands on ir faces with in tunics and painting the trainee warriors, dressing y helped with fierce patterns before the ndhouse. The daily tasks around the rou daub, spinning pupils tried out wattle and made clay pots yarn, designing a shield, wooden spear! and even tried throwing a

Year 4 visit St Joseph’s

To learn more about the church year, Year 4 took a trip to nearby St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church. Following a warm welcome by Sister Joy, the pupils were asked to walk around the church choosing their favourite object and then to think of a question they would like answered.

Next, Father Frank talked to the pupils about what happens in the church and he showed them some of his vestments, the clothes he wears during a service. There were four different colour vestments, and pupils would learn the difference between them on their return to school.

Reverend Sissons commented, “The children behaved themselves very well inside the church, because they knew that this was a sacred place and they must respect those for whom it is special.”



Year 6 visit Llanrug

Unlike last year, sun cream and sunhats were certa inly off the list for the Year 6 visit to Llanr ug Outdoor Education Centre. Instead, full waterproofs and watertight wellies were the order of the day – every day! This did not deter the pupils and accompanying staff one bit, and the full five days of activities were enjoyed by all. Quarry walks, exploring the mine s, gorge walking, climbing and beach studies were the main daytime activities, the latter providing an opportunity for the competitive spirit to come to the fore as everyone, including the teachers, scrambled over slippery seaweed in search of the best rock pools to hunt out the biggest and rarest specimens of sea life to show off to the group. Evening pursuits included orienteering, night-lining and a night-time strol l in the countryside. The week was rounded off with a session of boating on the lake, when the sun finally decided to make an appearance before our departure.












Issue 3 – Page 13

Early Years hosted a very special Fairytale Ball and invited Reception to join in the fun. Fantastic costumes and lots of dancing ensured everyone, including the Ugly Sisters, had a great time at the Ball!





Being Creative



We will go to the Ball...

Issue 3 – Page 14 Password is fairytale

Senior School News Academic Results 2012

Pupils from Rydal Penrhos continue to reach new heights with record achievements at the top of the A-level scale.

Out of 41 A-level candidates, 40% were awarded A* and A grades (the A* is awarded to candidates who score more than 90% in their final papers). Fourteen candidates achieved at least one A*, and the outgoing Head Boy, Thomas Warrington, was awarded 4 A*s, which has secured him a place at Cambridge University to study Engineering. Eleanor Murphy, Natasha Kanvinde and Gary Wu were awarded 2 A*s each, and Harriet Barlow, Nick Bellamy, Freya Cassia and William Pullman also scored one apiece. The top grades were achieved in Biology, Chemistry, Design and Technology, English Literature, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Religious Studies. Just over 64% of pupils scored grades A*-B, which is an improvement on last year’s best-ever figure for those grades at the school.

The results of the International Baccalaureate, saw an improvement on last year’s performance, with the 26 candidates earning an average points score of 31.6, representing the equivalent to 2 A*s and an A grade for each candidate. Amelia Dunton, Deputy Head Girl, scored 42 points out of a maximum 45, and Joel Sugarman scored a very impressive 39. Amelia is going to study English at Leeds, while Joel will be studying Medicine at University College, London.

Year 11 candidates celebrated their GCSEs, with some excellent individual and subject achievements. The results reflect the hard work that the pupils have put into their exams, and the year group scored an average eight-and-a-half A*-C passes. A good number of subjects, including Biology, Chemistry, Drama, English, Physics, Spanish and Welsh achieved a 100% pass rate at A*-C.

A-Level candidates celebrate their results

Some of the International Baccalaureate class of 2012

Hannah Davies, Sophie Cashell and Lydia Davidson celebrate their GCSE results

Friends Of Rydal Penrhos School

In October 2012, the newly formed FORPS held its first committee meeting – not only to discuss final arrangements for the eagerly awaited James Bond-themed Christmas Ball, but also to start work on next year’s Social Calendar.

In light of the tremendous response to the above event, FORPS intends to organise a Summer Ball in the Speech Day marquee. In addition,we are aiming to plan wine-tasting events, business networking and career development opportunities for students, as well as supporting the already successful Amnesty quiz nights and ceilidh, and the tremendous work done by the Sixth form Charity Committee.

Early in 2013, FORPS plans to select a school project for fundraising. The aim is to support specific initiatives that will benefit pupils in both the Prep and the Senior schools. In addition to this, we also intend to continue supporting local charities – many of which have a strong and significant connection with the school. With this second aim in mind, we have exciting opportunities to work with two large corporates, who have agreed, in principle, to matchfund any money raised.

From a personal point of view, I would like to say that sitting around a table of parents, teachers and staff who so enthusiastically give up their own time to support the school is very inspiring. We would like to encourage everyone in both schools to attend events, buy the odd raffle ticket – and most importantly,to give us feedback on how we can make our efforts on your behalf as effective as possible. Sue Lawton, FORPS Chair

Issue 3 – Page 15

The Heart of the School...

Rydal Penrhos Preparatory School Pwllycrochan Avenue Colwyn Bay LL29 7BP Telephone: 01492 530381 Email:

Rydal Penrhos Prep School Newsletter 3  

The third issue of the Rydal Penrhos Prep School newsletter. Released December 2012.

Rydal Penrhos Prep School Newsletter 3  

The third issue of the Rydal Penrhos Prep School newsletter. Released December 2012.