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The FAKE story of Cinderella One quiet summer day there was a beautiful young teenage girl , who was white. Her name was Hannah. Hannah had 2 other sisters who were not as beautiful but still around a 5 or a 6. She had been taken over by her stepmother the day her father had passed. Her two step sisters were spoiled with IPhones, Uggs, and Starbucks every day. Hannah was always the poor little girl cleaning her step mother’s house wearing bear paws, drinking dunkin donuts coffee, and being bossed around. One Sunday there was a newspaper that was delivered to everyone in the city. Stating that there was going to be a party at a wonderful place called Disneyland, and the famous one and only most handsome sexy beast, Carson was going to be there. Hannah had seen the newspaper and almost died when she heard about it, she couldn’t wait to meet Carson. She was his biggest fan, she thought he was so hawt and sexy. Hannah couldn’t wait to meet him, of course every girl wanted to marry him so Hannah had some competition, and it was especially hard because she was not treated well by her step mother or sisters . The last day of summer the party would happen, Hannah had prepared to go to the party, and then the news came from her step mother that she was not allowed to come . She ran from home and cried herself to sleep. Hannah had woken up to the smell coffee, she saw a guy who looked awkwardly unreal. He started by saying, “hello there! I’m Captain Starbucks!!” Hannah was so confused, she had told Captain Starbucks what had happened, he nodded and

then came up with an idea. Captain Starbucks had used his magical coffee stirrer wand and out of nowhere Hannah was in the most beautiful dress, the most beautiful Uggs in the universe . Hannah was so amazed. She was stoked. She thanked the captain and left to be on her way. But before she had left the captain told her she must leave Disneyland before 10 :00 when the dress will magically disappear. Hannah had arrived at Disneyland and there he was the one and only most famous handsome sexy beast Carson right there to greet her out of her amazing matte black Mercedes. Carson had thought she was the most beautiful amazing girl in the world . They spent time together all day long. Walked around together and everything, but when the clock struck 9 :00 she only had one more hour with the love of her life. She had seen her step mother and sisters trying to approach Carson. As she saw the clock strike 10:00 Hannah had run. One of her Uggs , somehow no one even knows how it’s possible, but one of her Uggs had fallen off. Hannah just kept running, she ran past the exit so she didn’t get a stamp, which sucks because she can’t come back later without paying again. When Hannah got home she was wearing her bear paws again cleaning . Carson had chased her when she had run; he was too slow somehow even though he was the most fit handsome sexy beast in the world. He did however find the one Uggs that had fallen off when she had run. Carson wanted to find her so badly he went out all by himself searching for the one girl that could fit her foot in the boot; the issue was that there were so many people

including boys who had fit in the shoe. Carson had come up with an idea that the owner of the shoe would obviously have the other boot. One day Hannah went and saw Carson, she showed him the matching boot and he recognized her. He wanted to marry her, Hannah went to get dressed for the marriage but before she could leave Captain Starbucks appeared and waved his magic wand. Hannah was dressed in the most beautiful dress ever and the couple married and loved each other so much. And they lived happily together in the castle at Disneyland . While Hannah’s terrible step mother and sisters worked as their maids and did everything they required. They cleaned the moat, the gardens the floors and every attraction there, even the tower of terror.

The fake story of cinderella  

this is a fairy tale

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