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Lincoln Nation, Commanding Officer Capt. Ron Ravelo

Executive Officer

Capt. Amy Bauernschmidt

Command Master Chief CMDCM Lee Salas

The final stages of RCOH are just around the corner and soon, our crew will redeliver a fully operational warship to the fleet. The completion of RCOH is a significant milestone in an aircraft carrier’s life. We’ve spent the last four years restoring this fine ship for 25 more years of service. I’d like all of you, to think about the major prepartions and evolutions we have this year to qualify us to return to the fleet. Prepare yourself and your family for the coming change to your daily life. Lastly, as we transistion from shipyard to sea life, many of you will return to the job you joined the Navy for. Take full advantage of these final months to prepare.


Spend this time to learn all you can so that we can have a fully trained crew ready for any mission. Lincoln Nation, 2017, will indeed be an exciting and actionpacked year. We are going to need each and every one of you engaged in getting our ship back out to the fleet - make good choices on AND off duty, and as always;

Strength and Respect,

Capt. Ron Ravelo

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MEDICAL Department M

edical department is committed to providing quality medical care and assistance with all services pertaining to the health and well-being of Lincoln Sailors. Administrative services include: Dependent Affairs, Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), Limited Duty, Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC), Medical Records, Medical Training (CPR, 105, 302, and 310), Referrals to Off-Ship Medical Care, Tricare.


Location 2-105-1-L

Patient Lobby


4-5394/5393 (J-Dial) Office

Hours Mon-Fri

0730-1500 Audiogram: 0845-1100 Birth Month Recall: 0845-1500

Ancillary Services include: Laboratory, Pharmacy, Physical therapy, Optician, Radiology, Health Promotion and Wellness, Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation Program (SARP).

Laboratory: 0845-1000

Sick Call Procedure: Sailors should report for sick call no earlier than 0900 and no later than 0945. No one should line up earlier than 0900 for sick call. Those lined up for sick call will be screened by a provider and given either 1) an overthe-counter remedy when appropriate, 2) be seen acutely or 3) given a scheduled appointment to return to be seen.

Physical Therapy: 0900-1030 *Afternoon hours by appointment only

For questions, contact LT Owens at 4-5411 or

Sick-Call: 0845-1000

Pharmacy: 0730-1500 Physical Exams: 0845-1100

Preventive Medicine: 0845-1000 Psychology: 0845-1500 Radiation Health: 0730-1100, 1300-1500

Urgent/Emergent Care (including urgent mental health): 24 hours

Vision: To promote and protect, the dental health of those entrusted in our care. In doing so, we must ensure dental readiness while optimizing dental health for all Lincoln Sailors.

DENTAL Department Location 3-121-0-L

Patient Lobby

Mission: To provide dental care for our Sailors that will prevent disease, disability, and injury of the teeth, jaw and related structures, which may interfere with the performance of their military duties and overall health.

Hours Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri

0900-1200 Tue

0900-1200 1300-1400

Phone 4-5445 (J-Dial) Office


DINING Aft Galley





0600 - 0700

1100 - 1300

1600 - 1730

CPO Mess




0600 - 0700

1100 - 1300

1600 - 1730

Wardroom 3




0600 - 0700

1100 - 1300

1600 - 1730






Meal Rates

*Meal rates are subject to change on a quarterly basis.

Wardroom Etiquette

Wardroom dining rooms, pantries and washrooms are out-of-bounds to personnel other than mess members and mess personnel, except those on official business. Dress Code: Officers should be in the uniform of the day as prescribed by the Plan

of the Day. Flight deck jerseys and flight suits are authorized for wear in all wardrooms. Physical training (PT) clothing is prohibited.

Charging of Meals

Mess bills will be published monthly by the wardroom officer before the 5th day of each month and members are required to pay their bill on or before that date. Mess bills can be paid at 2-186-6-Q, Monday through Friday, from 0900 - 1000 and 1300 1400. In port: Only meals consumed while in port will be charged to the officer mess

member. Please remember, even if you stop by and only grab a quick snack, (fruit or bread) you are required to check your name in the in port wardroom binder. At sea: While dining in the wardroom during at sea periods, each member will be

charged for a full day at sea, regardless of how many meals were consumed. This is standard procedure on naval vessels and consistent with Navy Regulations. 6

SUPPLY SERVICES Jittery Abe’s Located at

2-148-3-L Open from 0630-0745 0900-1500

Jittery Abe’s offers a wide variety of coffee. All proceeds benefit MWR.

Barber Shop Located at

02-195-6-L Open from

Four Score Store Located at

3-148-0-Q Open from 0900-1400 5434 (J-Dial)

Four Score Store offers a wide range of products commonly found in most convenience retail outlets.

Disbursing Located at

2-122-2-Q Open from 0900-1130 1230-1400 5940 (J-Dial)

Navy Cash is the only method of payment for any goods on board. Temporary Navy Cash cards are available at the Disbursing Office.

Vending in a Box Located at


Additional Vending

128 Bay

0900-1200 1300-1500 1800-2000 Appointments are available in 20 minute time slots or first comefirst served. Call-in appointments are available for O-5 and above. J-Dial: 6560

Navy Cash and ATM Locations 02-190-8-Q

Outside Four Score Store

3-148-3-Q Outside Post Office 128 Bay

Of the Mess Decks

Of the Mess Decks


Laundr y Ship’s Laundry 3-235-0-Q

Drop off: 0900-1200 Pick up: 1300-1400

Self-serve Laundry 4-235-1-Q

All uniform items (NWU’s, flight suits, coveralls, etc.) can be cleaned in ship’s laundry. Patrons are required to provide their own mesh laundry bags and laundry pins which can be purchased in the ship’s store. Please ensure that all uniform items and mesh laundry bags are clearly labeled with your name and rank. Self-serve laundry is for personal items only. Machines are not industrial strength and therefore cannot accommodate heavy loads. Washing or drying of uniform items (NWUs, flight suits, coveralls) in self-serve laundry is strictly prohibited. Patrons are required to provide their own detergent (available in the ship’s store for purchase) and are asked not to leave their laundry unattended.

Hotel services Hotel Services Office 0830-1430 2-186-6-Q

The Hotel Services Officer assigns all staterooms. Personnel occupying a stateroom must check in and out with the Hotel Services Officer. Please do not attempt to change stateroom assignments without approval from the Hotel Services Officer. HODs/O-5 and above will have their linen changed on a weekly basis. All other officers are responsible for changing their own linens. Officers shall place soiled linens in appropriately labeled lockers by 0830. Please report all stateroom discrepancies to 2-186-6-Q or by phone at J-5328 or (757) 534-1193


An officer’s stateroom should be neat, orderly and clean at all times. All HODs, regardless of rank, and all officers O-5 and above will receive full hotel service. Full hotel service includes daily cleaning and bed-making. O-4 and below are responsible for cleaning their own staterooms. Cleaning gear is provided in designated gear lockers.

Linen Service

Soiled 3-199-2-A / 3-209-2-A Clean 3-194-2-A / 3-203-2-A

Our Fun Boss, Fit Boss, and the MWR team develop and conduct various programs to help improve Sailor morale. These programs include a variety of entertainment options.

Main Office 2-120-2-Q 0900-1130 1300-1500 1900-2000

Tickets and Tours 2-120-2-Q

Physical Fitness Facilities There are a variety of options to stay in shape while on board. The ship is equipped with numerous cardio and weight-lifting machines as well as free weights. Conservative attire is required when utilizing the gymnasium spaces.


O3 Cardio Gerbil Gym


O2 Full Service Gym


MWR Gear Issue 2-123-2-Q


4th Deck Jungle Gym

Exercise Classes Our Fit Boss hosts a variety of fitness classes to include: high-intensity training (HIT), Olympic lifting, combative conditioning, cardio conditioning, spin classes, yoga and pilates. Check with MWR for class times and availability.

0900-1200 1300-1500 1800-2000

Available for Check-out Electronic Entertainment

PS4 Vanguard Combo, PS Vita (mobile playstation), Nintendo Wii, and portable DVD player.

Traditional Entertainment

Open from

0500-0700 0900-2200

Board games, dominoes, cards, casino style, outdoor recreation sports equipment. *all items checked out must be returned within 24 hours.


Postal Ser vice 0930-1100 1230-1400 3-148-0-Q Your mailing address while on board is:

NAME/RATE USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72) Unit 10034 Box # FPO AE 09520-2872


Services offered include shipping/receiving mail and packages. Postal sells electronic stamps. Divisional mail orderlies are responsible for picking up mail upon the announcement of “mail call� or at any time during normal operating hours. Registered packages must be picked up in person during the prescribed working hours.

Legal department can provide Sailors with notaries, powers of attorneys, and contact information for legal assistance. Legal also has resources and links on the Sharepoint site,

0900 - 1100 1300 - 1400 2-98-5-Q

J-Dial: 4-6549

Personnel Mon-Thur 0900-1400

Location: 3-113-01-Q

J-Dial: 5396/5430

Fri 1000-1300 Personnel and the Educational Services Office provides a wide range of services including SGLI/Page 2 updates, pay and allowance processing, reenlistments, extensions, ID Cards, DEERS, educational and Navy enlisted advancement services, and electronic service record maintenance.



Command Religious Ministries Department

Chapel 03-133-10-L

Library Services


Divine Services



Schedule a confidential pastoral & counseling session

Engage in a COMREL project

Divine Worship Service Sundays at 0830 in the Chapel

Leadership development coaching




Library and Computer usage

Morning Devotions Mondays at 0615 in the Chapel

Hours: 0900-2200

Communion Wednesdays at 1200 in the Chapel

First Tuesdays at 1000

Resiliency Team Meetings


J-Dial: 4-6767

Electrical Safety shop Mon-Thur 0845-1100 1200-1545 01-175-2-Q

5793 (J-Dial)

Electrical safety shop is specifically checking for the insulation resistance of each charger/cords of the portable/mobile/ personal electrical/electronic gear to make sure they are safe to use.




Berthing A standard rack will consist of the following:

(1) Clean white sheets and white pillow case (2) One pillow (Department issued or personal) (3) One Navy issued wool blanket. (4) Two blue individual curtains (to be left open when n  ot in use).

Other authorized bedding materials shall be s  towed in personal locker.

Quiet Hours:

Aft of Frame 180 from 2200-0500 daily

Optional Bedding: (1) Comforter (Twin size only) (2) Sleeping bag (3) Stuffed animal (size must not exceed dimensions of a standard Navy pillow)

*When transiting to the head from berthing, PT gear or robes, and closed toe shoes are mandatory.




LINCOLNINST 1100.1A, USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) berthing policy details the requirements for berthing assignment, cleanliness, and responsibilities. Refer to this instruction or to your berthing petty officer if you have questions.

Contraband is items that are unlawful to possess by federal, state, Navy, ABRAHAM LINCOLN or local statutes or regulations. Examples of contraband, while not all-inclusive are: -Controlled Substances -Drug Paraphernalia -Any device which produce visible or audible effects by explosion and/or detonation (pyrotechnics, firework,flares, etc.) -Pornographic/obscene material -Gambling equipment -Prohibited weapons (to include firearms, clubs, batons, knives with a blade greater than 4 inches

Transportation and Parking Transportation Two vans on station and rotating between 50th Street Turnstile and normal route as needed.


Parking 50th Street, Newport News, Va. Parking passes can be obtained from Security.

Dispatch (757) 636-3802 Seat belts are required to be worn by all passengers while riding in government vehicles. Transportation is manned 24/7. Sailors requiring emergency medical transportation should contact Medical department. To receive emergency medical transportation, contact medical.



phone numbers Name


Trouble Call

6146 /1400 (J-Dial)

DC Central

6100 (J-Dial)



4441 (J-Dial)



5574/5716 (J-Dial)



5396/ 5430 (J-Dial)



6767 (J-Dial)



6156/6716 (J-Dial)


5981 (J-Dial)



5069/5014 (J-Dial)



6763 (J-Dial)



6549 (J-Dial)


Public Affairs




(757) 636-3802





5930 (J-Dial)


5029/ 5030 (J-Dial)


6362 (J-Dial)



(757) 534-0871


(757) 447-4ABE

FamilyAdvocacy Program

(757) 448-8037


7211 / 911 / 211


1 5

Name_____________________________ Dept/DIV___________________________ Berthing___________________________ Rack______________________________ Locker_____________________________ Nearest head_______________________

Sailor handbook  
Sailor handbook