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FORWARD In December of 2014, Design and Technology students at Western High school spent 2 weeks creating speculative designs with visiting artist, Ryan Hammond. Using the tools of industrial design, they imagined how emerging fields such as neuroscience, nanotechnology, robotics, and synthetic biology might affect daily life in the near future. The design process was prefaced by a collaborative mapping activity in which politics, movies, books, music, and current events were arranged onto a spectrum of utopic and dystopic themes. The following publication is a document of their work together.

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Briona Rhodes Dominique Cherry

Daiseanai Hines

Dasia Smith

Cherie Thomas

Brooke Price Nhiaya Williams So’Unique Henderson

Zil’Laha Clark Ingrid Donaire

Sharon Mitchell Green

Adora Mcknight

Brittany Wisniewski

Simone Sanders

Autumn Green

Kennedy Beard

Dominique Stepney

Tashawn Cornish

Se’Daysia Cooper-Lee

Madison Freeman

Brittany Veanie

Keona Smith Demetria Jackson Lanaya Cottman

Briana Gilliard

Quanye Carr

Toiresa Thomas

Zaire James Taylor Corporal Kennisha Riddick Madison Ferrell

Chamar Smith

Taylor Ramsuer

Yvette Powell

Derricka Franklin

Aleeya Brooks

Le’Rae Smith

Mya Maxwell

Sydni Ross

Erin Evans

Reona Macklin Rachel Joyave

Organ Builder Hi My name is Adora McKnight and I’m here to save a life, multiple ones. This product could be anywhere: A pharmacy, market, Wal-Mart, or target etc. Anyone can buy my product as long as they can show proof that they need an organ, its only $50.00. You can be from anywhere to buy this product Everyone is welcomed. My boyfriend motivated me because he may have to get another transplant and my invention can save his life if he does. I don’t want anything to happen to him and every time I think about it I feel sad. I decided to come up with a plan. i thought like what if he can’t get an organ he possibly can die and that can not happen. If you need an organ and can not afford it, the government will help you. With my product you don’t need to worry about it rejecting in your body. Our society would be so much better. Hospitals would have way more room for people that have more serious problems.

Adora Mcknight

In the year 2060 the world is crumbling rapidly.Due to the development of several new mental disorders, crime rates have gone up significantly. People are out here fighting to survive. There’s rarely anyone out here willing to help put a stop to this. This world is in need of help. I want to help decrease all the bad in this world so I think I may have a solution to the problem. I have created a microchip. The chip will be sold in health clinics for free with proof of mental illnesses. This microchip has fantastic abilities for it to be so small. It has the ability to control people’s thoughts and movements. Controlling people actions can stop this rapid increase in criminal behavior. The chip can also cure mental problems. Since there has been an outbreak of mental problems this could also help stop it. None will turn down something that will help them.

Aleeya Brooks

… wide nose, long eyelashes, full lips, beautiful smile, chocolate glazed skin, with a blotch of vanilla ice cream… Three words to describe my elementary school/partial middle school years, “A Living Hell”, sadly all the cause of a little appearance defect. I used to think my life was over forever just because I did not resemble the next person my age. Here I am living 8 years of my life just as a regular child with friends and living the life of any other 2nd grade child, until all of a sudden a little few blemishes changed it all. I was diagnosed with Vitiligo in 2nd grade, and both of my parents and I spent almost a month or less traveling all over in search for the best treatment for this random skin pigmentation. So many doctors told us what it could POSSIBLY BE, what it DEFINITELY WAS NOT, but never what the real problem was. But then when we had lost all hope, this one visit to this one specific doctor changed my life and took all of my pessimistic thoughts. Dr. Gaston is one of Baltimore’s well-known dermatologists and also it was a good 5 minutes from where I resided which was just another benefit. So over the past 8 or 9 years I have learned more about my condition and I am able to provide lots more info to the others who are constantly curious to the upbringing of it. During that time I llost so much self-esteem along with crying so many tears and losing many friends. I now realize apparently they weren’t my real friends because they disappeared once my physical appearance changed even though I was the exact same individual. Now to this day I can tell my story without hesitation or feeling like such a outcasted individual.

Autumn Green

Laser Teeth Cleaning One day while brushing her teeth, Briana wanted to figure out an easy and more affordable way to get whiter teeth. So, she did some research and found out that you can use lasers to clean your teeth but that was too expensive. She furthered her research and soon went on to realize there is a way to manipulate the bacteria in your mouth to make it sensitive to light. After months and months of research, she developed a mouthwash that can coats your mouth making bacteria sensitive to light. After you use the mouthwash you use the laser that will kill the bacteria and also whiten your teeth. Not to long after she released the prototype, every store wanted her product in their store. The product is available in all your local stores and is very affordable. Later on down the road the product became so successful that she won an award for most successful and useful invention so far this year. There is some controversy going on between Briana and local dentist. The dentist are saying that her invention is slowing down their business because now people do not need to come to the dentist for their monthly/semi-annual teeth cleaning. But although it may slow down business, it will not stop it all together because after all people still can have other oral problems like the need for braces or needing teeth pulled. Other than that, the product is very successful and approved by the FDA and ADA.

Briana Gilliard

Have you ever been late for school or work or maybe even late for date night and can’t figure out what to wear? It is always a hassle trying to figure out what to wear in a matter of time. Well now there will be a technology-based closet where you can type in the occasion, the amount of time you have to get dress and your mood for that day. The closet will suggest three outfits for you including your shoes. The only thing you have to worry about is hair and makeup. On a bright sunny morning, Laura woke up realizing she was going to be late for her meeting at work with the CEO’S of her business. She needed to be very professional when meeting with her boss. Luckily, Laura just had her walk in technology-based closet that helps pick her wardrobe for the occasion. To her convenience she was able to be ready at her meeting on time and very fashionable!

Bria Rhodes

Hi my Name is John, I am a dedicated and current user of the product “Dream Machine” by Brittany Veanie. This is the year 2075 so of course it’s very expensive, but I feel that I really need this product because I have paranoia and I need to know why I dream and do some of the things that I do. I think Brittany made this product for people such as myself. I wouldn’t refer myself as crazy but basically that’s who it’s mainly for or for people who are very scared and have nightmares or that have the same dreams over and over . . . never mind scratch that I think this product is for who ever feel the need to know why they dreamt about what they dreamt. The person who motivated me to get this product is my therapist. I told her about some of the dreams that I had and even she couldn’t figure out why I were having such dreams. The Dream Machine is a very beneficial product and if it were out more our society would love to use it. Right now the product is only in scientific labs but soon they will be in stores. I think that when it comes into stores it will be accepted by society with no stereotypes. I am lucky to say I know what this product is about and can’t wait until America see what this product have to offer.

Brittany Veanie

The product The Lung Cancer eraser goes world wide in the year 2017. First it was in the U.S.A by the middle of June in the year 2015. This product is only for people who have lung cancer. The invention was made by Brittany Wisniewski, who was 19 in 2015. The idea of this invention came from her two Aunts that have died from Lung Cancer. Lung Cancer is a disease in the lungs from smoking 1st hand or 2nd hand. This brilliant idea was first used from this 83 year old named Margret, who was the first one to buy and use the Lung Cancer Eraser in Baltimore ,MD. Four days later Margret send Brittany a letter on how much it helped her. She stated, “The Lung Cancer Eraser really works!” It really help that I didn’t have to go through chemo. I can breathe normally and live my life like I was 25 again! Brittany you are one Brilliant person. I love you! And I love that it is disguised as a cylinder. Noone knows. Thanks a bunch! This statement made it to the Baltimore Guide, Baltimore Sun, and CBS news.A month later Brittany and Margret actually talked about this wonderful product! In November, 2015, 45,000,000 Americans were using this product with success.After a week 30,000,000 of them wrote back at explained how much this product really helped. Before if was at 45,000,000 buyers and users it was on tv commercials. In the beginning of 2016, Brittany was invited to the White House to get the Hero Award straight from the president. Brittany was now a celebrity. Brittany got paid on how many people buy it. The number of buyers never decreased but increased. Before selling she made sure it was productive and worked perfectly. Brittany still makes sure that this product works 100% before selling. Brittany finally got her breakthrough of lung cancer. In year 2017, people were asking, What is Lung Cancer? It was now world wide and lung cancer has now dissapeared.

Brittany Wisniewski

At the beginning of 2017 the idea of the “brain light” had really flourished. Neurosurgeons in Maryland have raved about this new device that stimulates brain cells! Hundreds of patients have undergone light therapy as a cure to depression. The device is inserted into the brain with a syringe. The light is then turned on and it travels through the cord and into the syringe. The doctors are essentially injecting light into the “dark” cells. These “dark” cells are those that have trouble becoming stimulated. The light therapy is an ‘on switch’ to these “dark cells”. Unlike many other treatments, this is one of the only ones that hasn’t been recalled. After some time on the market there have been small side effects such as muscle spasms.

Brooke Price

Interviewer: How did Meshella’s glasses affect your life? was it worth buying? Would you use it again? Person#1: So, when I first brought the glasses I’m like wow I should just wait and see how it’ll turn out. But actually I used them and it showed me that me and my friend would actually get married one day. That of course we would have our disagreements but it would be worth it all at the end. I was also able to see a glimpse of the ring. So all of that just gave me hope for our relationship and made me look forward to being with him… Person#2: Okay for 3 years, I have been engaged YES 3 YEARS.. and I have always wanted this little church house wedding it has been a dream for me. And honestly I was tired of waiting forever I wanted to know how long would I be waiting or whatever the case may be. The glasses actually showed me a never ending engagement, every year there would be an excuse of why not to get married again. To me it was a sign to just go ahead and move on and find someone that had the same interest as me instead of wasting my time with him. So now I am happily single and waiting to use Meshella’s glasses on my next partner. Person#3: Because I’m old school, I was totally against these future glasses but my niece had actually bought me some and I had used them on one of my friends. It told me basically we weren’t going to work out. I am 35 years old and I have not had a long time term relationship like ever and I wanted to know why. It didn’t tell me exactly why but it gave me clues in so the men I were chosen to date all had similarities in these previews from the glasses. That they didn’t have the mindset of being with someone, a lot of men that I was interested in meeting. I would usually meet at a club and I guess they were the guys who just wanted to have fun and not really commit. So now I look for my men at different places such as the market (giggles) or even the little online dating sites. Person#1,2,3: THANKYOUUUU CHAMAR SMITH, we love your inventionnnnnnn !

Chamar Smith

You’re gonna love this new invention!!!!!!! It’s a tree that changes color when the sun sets and the sun rises. It adds so much life and beauty to your yard. Wouldn’t you love to look out the window in the morning and see a tree glowing a different color at the crack of dawn. While at night it changes to a deep blue color similar to the ocean . Where ever you are maybe you’ll see a beautiful view outside of your window. My neighbors and family love it also. I talked them all into buying one. Soon the whole block will look beautiful. My kids love to climb it and play on it like it’s a jungle gym. The teenagers love to take pictures of it and put it on social networks to show it off. For sure, I will be buying another one to add more beauty.

Cherie Thomas

The Everyday experience of people using my product would be so wonderful. It would be lovely because no one would have to depend on a person to get them anything. To buy this product you would have to order it online. Hello, I am a present customer that bought “The Magic Wonder Machine”. It was a sunny afternoon and I wanted to buy all of these expensive things but unfortunately I wasn’t able to buy them all. And I was online and I saw this ad that looked like it was fake but, that didn’t stop me. I love it. It is a great product. I bought, a lot of things that I’ve always wanted. I never have to depend on no one because I can just type in the things that I want. It caught my attention, when I was doing some online shopping. At first I thought it was a scam but, then I said “You know what I’m going to try this out”. And, since that day it came in the mail I loved everything about it. Daiseanai Hines, invented this product. It motivated me because I really hate spending money on expensive things but I love to shop. It cost me $500 but, it was definitely worth it because you can get ANYTHING you ever wanted.This product is definitely beneficial because it grants your every wish for even homeless people. But, at one point in time she did a raffle that gave out some free ones. So, I recommend that people

Daiseanai Hines

I went to school for psychology and decided that there should be other supplements for pain besides medicine. A person would be able to purchase a fashionable hat that immediately takes away pain when worn. Being the psychologist that I am‌I decided to come up with a solution for you all; not only will you no longer be in pain but you’ll also look fierce with your new hat that is sold in retail stores. The hat has helped so many people control their emotions and has turned many frowns upside down. A person is able to feel better and look great wearing the hat. The hat is affordable for all people.

Dasia Smith

The everyday experience of my product is to sterilize and clean water before it is used to drink, eat, or bathe in. If you purchase this product you could simply just sit it in the kitchen or the bathroom, whatever your prefer. This device will not have any cords so you wouldn’t have to plug it up. You could move it anyway in your home or if you going on vacation you can take it with you as you travel. It will simply just run off of batteries. With one push of a button the device will be up and running. Its really long lasting and it will be good for about 14 years. You could find this product online or at your local department store. It will come packaged in a blue and black box. Now this product isn’t for one specific group of people. Everyone in the world would have access to the device. This device will not be a bulk of money. It will range from 50 dollars to maybe 800 dollars depending on your social status or your income. So, this product is very affordable and will not break your pockets. I invented this product. What motivated me was seeing that many people and countries don’t have or are not fortunate enough to have clean sterilized water like many others have access to. After it sterilizes the water, there will be a separate compartment on the actual device that will keep the sterilized water away from the germs it has collected. The compartment with the germs would be able to come off so that you could dump all the waste and germs out.

Demetria Jackson

The Forever Young product is a new skin enhancement. You will no longer need to get painful Botox or any other non-permanent skin treatments. This new product is a lotion with your DNA, from when you were a baby, implanted in it and you simply apply our lotion to your skin and within 73 hours you will notice your skin becoming more youthful. This product is only given to females/males 40 years and older. This item is very luxurious and can be quite expensive but is meant for the everyday person. Forever young ranges from $1,000- $3,500. The product becomes more expensive depending on your age and amount of skin damage. The inventor of Forever Young, Derricka Franklin, was inspired by life and how no one really wants to age. Women always experiment with different skin products to get rid of wrinkles, so why not create something permanent to make you stay youthful forever. This item, if not used as directed, can cause over produced skin cells and a puffy texture to skin. Forever Young is a wonderful skin treatment. No more skin product scams or needles, use Young Forever and never fear old age or wrinkles again.

Derricka Franklin

My customers would buy this product at local beauty supply stores and online. This product is for anyone with thin hair or they just would like to grow their hair out more but in a healthy way. I invented this product because so many people would like long, healthy hair. My product is some what controversial because some people believe that you should be comfortable with the length of your hair regardless of what length it is. Other people believe that if the want longer hair then it shouldn’t matter what other people have to say. My product is somewhat affordable. It cost $200 but it is long lasting and worth the price. For loyal customers who buy my other products will receive a 50% discount on the hairbrush. I wanted this product to be available to people in the middle and lower classes that want healthy hair. My product does not have unseen effects on the environment, the people who use it or the places it’s manufactured. My product also has some natural aspects too. It doesn’t produce any waste.

Dominique Cherry

F-Mail is recommended for the LGBTQ, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Questioning, community. The process was made to have a second option for couples of the same gender to have a child that is 100% theirs instead of having to chose from a wide variety of unknown donors. There’s no reason why you and your significant other can’t have a child that’s fully yours. I invented this because I am a lesbian and I sometimes think about how it bothers me that my girlfriend and I can’t have a child between just us. I just thought, “what if there’s others out there that want the same thing that I want? ”. I’m not really sure if my invention would be accepted into society, that thought never came to mind. I honestly believe that it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks or says. If it makes you happy, do it. No one else’s opinion should matter. “Your baby will be born a sinner! ”, doesn’t really bother me but other homosexuals may take it a different way. I think people would fight for the F-MAIL, just because the LGBTQ community increases severely everyday. The product wouldn’t be cheap. It shouldn’t be, it’s making a baby for you. It would be $125.00 at the most. The normal plain product would be sold at your local pharmacies. Otherwise, they’ll be sold on a website. On this website you’ll be able to create/ design, buy extra parts like sperm, tubes, etc., or get exclusive products. If something goes wrong or something breaks, you could just replace it. For instance, if the tube that holds the empty sperm falls and break, you could get it replaced for a good cost.

Dominique Stepney

This basically a ball that uses nano technology to allow people to put in past memories and experiences with loved ones. It will compile a personality for the individual. Once it’s finished with that it can project a hologram that makes a simulation of a conversation you would have been able to have if that person was still alive. It’s made as a coping method for people who have just gone through the loss of someone close to them.

Erin Burgee

Pollen Detetor Plant Are you allergic to pollen? Do you fear high pollen levels? Wouldn’t you like to have a warning for pollen? Well now you can, using the pollen detector plant you can know the different levels of pollen. Be warned ahead of time before you suffer. The pollen detector plant illuminates a certain color for different levels of pollen. Just sit it outside your window. When it glows green it shows low levels. If it is a yellow/orange color the pollen levels are raised a bit. If it’s glowing red you better watch out, those levels of pollen are extremely high. Here is how our consumers feel about the amazing pollen detector plant. “With the use of the pollen detector plant I now know when it is a bad day to go outside when.” Said Isabel. “I love my little pollen detector, it’s so pretty when it glows, and it is so useful.” Said Taylor “Now that I have this awesome plant I know when to take my allergy medicine before I have to run out.” Cherry said. All our buyers are satisfied. If you’re not happy with the pollen detector plant after thirty days we’ll give you a full refund. So buy now while we’re in stock.

Erin Cronin

There was a guy named Seth. Seth worked for a well known bakery in the wonderful Charm City along with several other coworkers. One day, Seth decided that he wanted to bake a 5 foot, 5 inch cake for a barmitzvah. When he finished, he tried to pick up the cake, only to suddenly “pull a muscle�, which made him drop the cake. When he got off work, he got in his car and drove home. When he was driving, he started getting sharp pains in his back, and he kept saying that he needed to go to the hospital but he was in too much pain to drive. A huge pain shot through his back and made him crash into the Jersey wall. My car is and will be modeled to sense pain or any type of health related problems going on in the body and it will drive you to the nearest hospital or emergency room.

Erin Evans

My project It’s about a jacket with a necklace. This necklace is going to make you warm when it’s cold. This project is going to make your blood move into your body it’s going to be exercise without moving. We can buy this product in a jacket store or in any store of clothes this is for spectrum of society but this jacket we just can just it in cold placeses. I invented this project because I don’t like to have many jackets for the winter and I think why we can just use one jacket instead of three or four so my motivation was have one less problem in my life. I don’t think that someone can fight for this project, I make this project thinking about everyone how to make easier things it’s a natural project because it’s make it with particles of plants like chloroplasts that we can take from A plant cell and make energy. I thinks have unseen effects because this work into the body so actually we can’t see it. We just have to put the jacket in the sun so we can have energy for the next time that we use it. Is going to be like load a phone. I think this is going to beneficial product for the most part of people in general because we not going to watch people die for cold.

Ingrid Donaire

Jeremy forgot to set his alarm for school after summer break so of course on the first day of school he was late. He didn’t even have time to eat breakfast on his way out. Half way to school he realized that he also didn’t brush his teeth since last night. Not wanting to be made fun if by his friends he made a fast turn to the corner story down the streets. He went to the counter and asked the man at the register for a pack of sweet gum. Once he was done paying for it he ran back out and on his way to school. Before Jeremy stepped into the building he got a few pieces of gum and stuffed them into his mouth. Knowing that he had to go to the dentist in a couple of days and a big test on the summer reading the gum really helped him in more ways then one.

Jessica Alt

This product can be sold in your nearest technology store and biomedical facility. What inspired me to design this product were the Google glasses. I was also inspired by video games because of the graphic design portion of the product. The thought of helping the blind to see was a great idea but what about taking it a step further. If we have the ability to create robotic limbs there is a great possibility we can create a robotic/virtual eye. With this eye you can become that next robocop or even the next Titus, okay maybe not that far but this eye will help you to see and do above and beyond. You do not have to dispose this product you can simply treat it like you would have any regular contact. The product will be waterproof and will be able to protect all technology.

Kennisha Riddick

You could have the universe of your dreams! Ever wanted to catch the girl that got away? Ever wanted to see what it’s like to hold the whole world in your hands? Even ever wanted to see what your life would be like if you were in the shoes of another? Just want a really fun gift for under a hundred dollars? Well look no further. The Dr. Higg Universe Creator will do just that! Just go on to our website and customize your own world, deciding, who lives in it, who lives, and what rules them. Anything is possible and you can watch it all happen on your computer screen through the many cameras placed throughout your universe. Now what happens if you decide that you don’t want the universe anymore? Just send it back in the box it came and we’ll take care of it with our careful disposal system where we trap the universes in a closed and highly monitored space*. There’s really no risk at all! So what’re you waiting for? You could have everything you ever wanted with virtually no risk, and, at the low cost of $79 a universe. There are even payment plans to make it easier on you! So order now and experience the cutting edge in science and gift giving: The Dr. Higg Universe Creator. *The space in which the universes are enclosed is a special unit within an undisclosed area within the U.S. If one wants to send the universe back, they are subject to be denied of the request and asked to keep the universe. Dr. Higg Corp. is not subject to responsibility if anything occurs after the buying of the product and signing of agreement that comes with it. The universe may cause a time rip and warp the reality of the buyer/ whoever uses the product, strike them momentarily or permanently blind, and/ or kill them. It is not recommended by our company that more than one universe be in a household, though, if one happens to buy more than one, they have accepted responsibility to the mayhem that may ensue upon our world and any other one that may exist or ever have existed. Dr. Higg Corp encourages the recipients on the universe to have fun with the device and remember that the destruction of creation is one rip in time away.

Kyalah Vassor

My name is Chris and I was blind up until my parents finally made the decision to get the surgery done when I was thirteen years old. I’m now thirty-eight years old and I live in Littleton, North Carolina. I think if my parents hadn’t done all the research that they did I would not be able to look at my daughter’s beautiful face, see what horrible outfits I was dressed in as a baby, know that my actual eye color is hazel, or even know that my favorite color to see most of all is pink. I remember the first day that I could fully see for the first time in my life, everything was clear to me and not just darkness anymore. I didn’t know what I was looking at but it made me feel more than just a burden on everyone. Of course when specific people came around, I closed my eyes so that I could listen to their voices, maybe even reach for their hand every once and a while. When I met my wife, I feared that my daughter would end up like I was before but she was healthy. Nothing compares to the joy and excitement I feel everyday. I appreciate the women that had discovered option for people like me. Without even needing a glass eye I became what I never thought I would. Ms. Lanaya Cottman, who was just a high school senior at the time, is the person to thank for everything I live for today and is welcome into my life. From time to time, since most of her family lives here, she comes down from Baltimore, Maryland just to check up on me. I met her while I was in the hospital and she gave me this charm that now sit on top of my fireplace, and told me “Every day you wake up and see things differently because you know what it’s like not to see anything at all.” She made it possible with this invention that is giving me sight. I’m sure others feel exactly the same way. The surgery only lasted a couple of hours and then rehab was a breeze. I just can not put as much emphasis on it than I already have. Just know I appreciate this, only because if it was never here me and many others would not see the world for all it’s worth.

Lanaya Cottman

The Excalibur 347 is the most innovative invention of 3025. It is the most advanced piece of equipment in any technological field. This is the best way to create, discover and explore the world around us in a whole new way. Using the newest high processing computer, the Enterprise 557, the Excalibur creates any and every image in real life dimensions. Crystal clear mirrors reorganize themselves to reflect laser beams into the desired forms of the user. This is the best technology for anyone to have. This technology can re-innovate any field. Officers can recreate crime scenes months after the day has passed. Machine designers can invent like none other. Times are changing and the Excalibur 347 can help you merge smoothly into the new day.

Madison Freeman

My project is an android phone that can use Microsoft word to create documents. You would no longer need a computer or a tablet to use Microsoft when you’re at work or school. Often times college students spend hundreds to get a laptop, PC , or a tablet just to get their work done. This phone is very high-tech and reliable to most working students. The phone has a certain applications to make the documents easier to display and has large memory chips to accommodate the students’ needs. The phone has over 100 gigabytes of memory and has a strong battery source that last over 24 hours. This product will provide great usage to high school students and college students around the world.

Mya Maxwell

Hello my name is Jackie Ross, and I have been suffering with endometriosis for the last eight years. Endometriosis is a female health disorder that occurs when cells from the lining of the womb (uterus) grow in other areas of the body. This disorder has caused me to miss multiple days from school, work, and a lot of other fun activities. For years I went to different doctors all the time, tried different medications, had surgery, and nothing seemed to work. The I came across Nhiaya’s Medical Canibus Vending Machine , and though there is no definite cure for endometriosis after a weeks worth of using this machine I suddenly felt like it went away. I ordered the product offline from Let me be the first to tell you that this product helps with numerous disorders, diseases, and sicknesses. From endometriosis, bipolar, tummy aches, headaches, cancer almost anything you can think of. What’s so amazing about the product is that once the canibus is dispensed a legalizing certificate is printed along with it. And as a bonus you get a free snack machine with unlimited snacks ! There is some government controversy about the product, but Nhiaya has been making so much money off this product that there will be a contract signing with her and the legislative branch and the president to have her donate 30% of her earnings to the government. As far as society there haven’t been any complaints at all, in fact there has been as strong increase in peace and happiness. This product is 1500.00 for the machine but for the actual canibus you will be assigned a cash card and can upload money at any local pharmacy. Each pack of canibus cost 8.00 and to refill your machine call the 1800 number on the back of your card. For people who aren’t financially stable insurance will cover the payments. This product is completely eco-friendly !!!! It benefits society as a whole because you are able to cure your sickness without any harsh chemicals damaging your body or any bad side effects! Not to mention it has a 100% stress free effect on everyone.

Nhiaya Williams

Thanks to my Socks It’s a chilly October day; Grant and Gus are on their way to the sports store for their big game this weekend against Oak High. They need new socks because their old one’s are getting old and nasty. “Man, I really need some new socks. I keep getting Athletes foot and it’s disgusting.” Grant says to Gus as they walk into the store. The two boys wander around the sports store, trying to find the socks. When they reach the aisle, there are so many options for socks. Grant, being the smart man he is, finds the greatest pair of socks ever to be made. “Hey Gus, look at these socks. They are pro-biotic! They protect our feet from all of the nasty bacteria.” Grant grabs two packs of socks; he is way too excited to try these out. “Our coach should make everyone get these socks, they seem really awesome.” Gus says. Fast-forward to the following Saturday, Grant and Gus are on the football field trying to win their game. The two boys are sweating like crazy, but not their feet! Grant whispers to Gus while they are in position: “Man, my feet are as cool as a cucumber, and they feel great!” Suddenly, Grant looks up to the camera, because they have actually been in a commercial this whole time. “Thanks to my pro-biotic socks, I don’t have to worry about my feet anymore!” Grant gives the camera an award winning smile, and a wink. These socks are the best!

Rachel Joyave

Angelica’s New Outfit Angelica was preparing for the First Day of Freshman Year at Western High School class of 2095. Her mom said that she only had 45 minutes to get ready. When Angelica hears the news she starts rummaging through her closet. She finds a pink shirt but decides that it’s too girly for high school. She found a black midi skirt but realized she didn’t want to have too much attention on her, she wanted this to be a low-key year. She knew heels would be too much so she went with the new pair of hovercraft air Jordan’s. With only fifteen minutes left until its time for Angelica to leave for school she still hasn’t brushed her hair or done her makeup. Her mom told her to try the new Outfit Creator Bracelet. When she heard she immediately rummaged through her jewelry box and found the amazing bracelet. Angelica put the bracelet on and imagined the best outfit. In seconds Angelica’s underclothes turned thread by thread into a cute dress and cardigan with knee high boots. Everyone in school loved her outfit. Guess this won’t be a low-key year after all.

Reona Macklin

Hormone Camera Have you gone through puberty yet? Are you going through any physical or emotional anxiety? Wouldn’t it be great if we had a kind of camera or visual set up that could detect problems or success in these areas? Emotions, Estrogen, testosterone, and physical growth are all a part of necessary hormones in the body and brain. Science has already come up with technology like the thermal camera that can detect the heat within the body. It is very possible that there can be a camera that can detect hormones (see if someone is angry, happy, jealous, under-grown, over-grown, etc.) which may allow doctors or everyday citizens to understand the state of their bodies without therapy or diagnostic test. I propose that inventors and investors should take part in creating “The Hormone Camera”. This camera would look like any other but it will include a rubber handle for better hold on the heavy equipment, a flat but wide surface laser beem for better focus or view on the area being examined, and the visual image would revolve around colors to identify what stage of emotion and growth the mind is experiencing. For example, if the laser beem is focused on the head and the camera shows that through the skull the brain is yellow it can conclude that that individual is either going through some emotional absences or mental delays. This all depends on the color that is revealed when the body is seen through the camera. We have plenty of medical software and machinery that can help us make conclusions about the state of the body or surgeries that allows direct view of the inside of the body but I feel that this camera is a quick and painless alternative that could easily be a household product.

Sedaysia Cooper-Lee

Athletic Suit helps Student Athlete in Olympic Training: 18 year old Takes Home Silver Medal for the US By SHAWN DAVIS July 18, 2026

Eighteen year old student athlete brings home silver medal to the US in this summer’s Olympic games. The young man reigns from the city of Baltimore. The same state that Olympic medalist Michael Phelps is from. Jhamari Barnes is a student athlete who recently graduated from St. Francis High School in the top 15 percent of his class. Barnes plays basketball, football, as well as track & field, an all American athlete. We’ve all followed the fresh face of teenager on his journey to the Summer Olympics 2026. Being the newest member of the US Olympic team, he’s been training with the best of the best. The all star represented our country in track & field and shocked everyone as he became one of the top contenders. After taking the silver medal in both the 400 meter dash and the 200 meter events. The athlete gave us an inside scoop on his training after the first round of events. “ I was given this suit by an engineer by the name of Sharon Mitchell- Green. She’s an awesome person and she asked me to try out this suit she created to help with my training. I didn’t think it would be all that helpful but what could it hurt to try… So I started wearing it to practice and to my workouts and it gave me exact notes on what my body does when I run in my events. It was amazing how well it captured my movements and helped me commit better technique to memory. Before I knew it, here I am winning Olympic medals…” Hear more of the athlete’s training and personal recollection in this week’s issue.

Sharon Mitchell-Green

The Ultimate Shoe Maker Have you ever been stuck in between two different shoes that you love so much? Or maybe you even wanted to wear a shoe that was never created. My new design is made to fix those problems. This design is named the ultimate shoe maker. My goal on creating this is to increase creative individuality on shoes. This provides a person to create multiple shoes at one time using different textures, colors and prints. Coming soon, this product will be found

Simone Sanders

The Watch that’s Made for Luck Have you ever looked back in life and wondered why your life choices wasent the best choices ? Have you ever been in a situation were you are really confused about a situation and you need the best advice so that you would remain happy ? Some people choices take them down the road that crushes there life and they just want to start over . Well here’s a watch that will bring you luck ! This watch contains fortune teller substances and connects straight into your feelings or how you think . This watch is programed to only do the right things in a situation when you cant make your own choice . It takes both sides of a situation and detects the right thing to do so you are completely relieved . This product is most useful to people who get overwhelmed easily and people who get stressed out easily . This product will make you feel cool and smoothed ! Sometimes you are confused , even you upset or lonely . This is the best motivation watch that will keep you stress free . For example your in the middle of a situation were you and two bestfriends are fussing and they put you in the middle of it .You don’t want to loose neither friend so you click the on button on the watch and the watch will save your life . Any question any time it knows it all , it seems as if it’s a second brain but better ! It’s the secret in which now everybody is almost perfect .You will experience life to be more easier than seeming to do everything alone . Everyone needs that one lucky watch !

So’Unique Henderson

Attempted Murder Sitting on my bed in frustration, trying to figure out where Caleb could be at this time of night. This is the 10th time this month he’s been out with his friends past curfew, and it’s about time I finally lay down the law with him. Ever since Caleb’s mom died last month, I’ve been trying to go easy on him. I’ve been trying to let him cope with this situation in a way that best suits him, but there’s no reason why he should be going against his fathers rules. Caleb walked through the door at 11:45pm. I called him into the kitchen and demanded an explanation as to where he’s been. He looked at me as if I just spoke another language he didn’t seem to understand. He reached into the fridge, grabbed a root beer, rolled his eyes at me and continued up the steps. I never believed in hitting my children, but I think there’s an exception for disrespectful 16 year-old boys. I couldn’t even find the strength to confront Caleb about his behavior, so I decided to just handle the situation in the morning. As I stretched my sore body onto my bed, I began thinking about why Caleb has been so out of control. I remembered during Sam’s funeral, Caleb sat in his seat with a blank face. No emotions came about. I couldn’t tell if he was mad, upset, or just lost for words. He was just sitting there. I guess this was the day I’ve started seeing a change in his behavior, because after we came home from Sam’s mother’s house, he changed his clothes and went outside with his friends. I was left alone in the house with all kinds of memories of Sam. I went to sleep reminiscing on the last moments I spent with my wife . . . The next morning I went into Caleb’s room and just as I thought, he wasn’t there. I haven’t been in his room in almost 2 weeks. It felt so different being here. As if I didn’t belong. I began roaming around his room, picking up things and putting them where they belonged, basically cleaning up his room. I came across a stack of papers on his desk, and pulled out a white sheet that seemed to have a drawing of a stick figure on it. Caleb drew curly hair on it, must be a girl. He drew X’s for eyes, and a frown for a mouth. I finally realized the woman in the photo was my wife. I put the paper down slowly and walked back to my room cautiously. Is Caleb responsible for his own mother’s death? Is he even capable of doing something like this? I had to find out. I looked down at my hand and decided it was time to take matter into my own

hands. Before Sam and I had Caleb, we both thought of a crazy idea to get time traveling devices put in us just for the fun of it, but once we had Caleb we never had any time to travel in time. But all of this was about to change. I didn’t know what to look for, or how far back I had to go to find out what really happened to my wife. I put my pointer finger to my temple and held it there for 5 seconds. I felt the wires that were attached to the veins in my arms come to life. I followed the generating wires down to the palm of my hand. I stared at my hand as numbers glowed through my skin. I had to go back approximately 75 days to reach the day my wife was murdered. I Pressed in “75” on my hand, selected days, hit past, and closed my eyes as I traveled through different points in space. In less than a second, I was back in my home. As I watched Sam leave out for work, I couldn’t help to hear noises in the attic. I went up the stairs to the attic and stuck my head through the opening, where I saw Caleb reading a book. Caleb was supposed to be in school. I didn’t want to lounge around the house all day waiting for something to happen, so I looked at my hand, pushed in “7”, selected hours, pressed future, and closed my eyes as I traveled through space again. I was back in my home. But I realized it was too quiet. I looked at the clock hanging on the wall and saw it was 5:13pm. Both Caleb and Sam should be home. I rushed out the house to my wife’s murder place as quickly as I could. My wife was killed at 5:29pm. I saw Sam walking out her job. She must have worked overtime this night. Something inside me told me to look up, and to my surprise I saw Caleb on top of the building across from Sam’s job, with a gun pointing directly at her. It was 5:28pm. Caleb is about to pull the trigger. I funneled my hands with my mouth. “CALEB! STOP!” I yelled. Caleb’s attention was focused on me now. He looked like a scared child who just been caught doing something bad. “Matthew, what are you doing here!? Wait, where’s Caleb !?” Sam asked me. Before I could answer, and explain to her I came from the future, I saw Caleb, running into a black van. I had to think fast, so I picked up some glass laying in the gutter and threw it at one of the tires, busting it. The van started spiraling out of control, and eventually fell to the side. Sam screamed, and next thing you know the cops came racing down the street. People who were working overtime in the buildings around the scene came outside, and saw a black van flipped over. The police came up to Sam and I and asked if we were ok. I told him I saw our son on top of the building over there trying to shoot her. I told him he was trying to escape in the van, but I busted the tire with a piece of glass, causing the van to flip. The police officers walked up to the van with guns pointed. Caleb, and his four friends, were pulled out and handcuffed.

These were the four boys that kept Caleb out all night. Sam started crying in disbelief. All I could do was take her away from the scene, so I helped her into the passenger side of her car, and drove away before anymore police officers could come up to interview us. I took her to a small coffee shop on Prestone St. After we were seated, and the waitress took our orders, she asked me, “How did you know Caleb was up there?” I took a deep breath, and before I could explain, I saw myself walk through the door. We stared at each other until I motioned for him to sit down so I could explain to both him and Sam. Sam stared between him and I, and asked me who I was. “I’m your husband”, I told her, “…from the future…75 days forward. Your murder case went cold, and I had some suspicions Caleb did it, a month after your funeral. Your murder case went cold because Caleb and his friends escaped in that black van, so police couldn’t even find a clue of who murdered you. I’m sorry for not explaining myself before, but I had to. I miss you. And now that you’re alive, I’m just wondering how my life is going to be now…” Sam started crying, and Matthew looked at me with gentle eyes. Sam motioned for her husband to let her up, then motioned for me to stand up. “Thank you …” she said through soft lips. Matthew stood up and thanked me as well. I told them I had to get back to the future, my present time. I said goodbye to them both, and pressed in “75” in my palm. I selected days, but before I could push future, I started thinking whether or not Sam would be there when I got back home. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. “Hey, Matt...?” I asked. “Yeah, Matt? “ he replied. “ Make sure you remember to call your sister, tomorrow is her birthday, and well, I forgot to call her.” Mathew gave me a crooked smile, and said, “Will do.” I pressed forward and off I was. When I got back home, I was in Caleb’s room again. It was clean. No clothes on the floor, no loose papers, nothing. I looked down at my hand. It was still glowing. I pressed my pointer finger to temple for 5 seconds, and felt everything turn off. “Mat, what are you doing in here?” I turned around and saw Sam standing in the threshold of Sam’s door. “No reason,” I said. I grabbed her hand and walked her back to our room, where we lied until we both finally went to sleep. We still don’t know what were Caleb’s intentions were for wanting to kill his mother, and unfortunately we’ll never know. Caleb is in a mental institute, and as much as we want to go see him, and doesn’t want to see us. As his parents, I guess it’s best to give him what he wants, but we still have questions. I saved Sam’s life, I changed the future, and for some reason, I couldn’t be happier.

Sydni Ross

You would find my medicine in any doctors office but you would have to be prescribed it. It wouldn’t just be for anyone though, it would be for people who have really bad depression problems. The everyday life of someone that uses my medicine is that they will always be happy. The person will never be sad, angry or down frowning. It will make everyone happy.

Tashawn Cornish

Revolutionary New Device Can Help Protect Women From Potential Danger By TAYLOR CORPORALJune 18 2025

About 20% of all young women will be sexually assaulted during their college years. Some of these sexual assaults will occur when women are under the influence of alcohol at parties or bars. Alcohol is apart of college culture that is unpreventable. But the young women who are sexually assaulted while drunk have no way of preventing this. The Buzz Patch™, is a small and discrete patch that uses hormone signaling and pheromone detection to alert women of potential sexual dangers. The patch is a similar size and shape to the traditional birth control patch. The patch is worn on top of the skin and is flesh tone. It will go undetected under clothes so that no one will notice. The Buzz Patch™ uses Bluetooth technology to send rapid vibrations to a young woman’s phone when danger is sensed. The technology of the hormone sensing is not completely accurate because its not neurological. The intentions of people close by at a party are not clear but anything can. This is a small step towards protecting young women who cannot protect themselves when they are under the influence.

Taylor Corporal

In the year 2043 I am using the MoneyBaby machine and I can actually say that it helps with financial problems whenever I need money just insert a quarter an and I move around the tick until I receive the amount of money I want then it just falls down into the little whole then I pick it up an leave. This machine has helped me many of times there isn’t a day that goes by that I can go to the MoneyBaby machine an get whatever amount of money I want and not have to worry about paying it back. The MoneyBaby machine has endless amounts of money so whenever I need it its there.

Taylor Ramseur

This is a device to help people become aware that they are dreaming. It looks like a regular bandage except it is thicker and has a black cylinder in the middle going all the way through. On the back is a timer that goes off during key points of the sleep cycle. The timer is connected to the cylinder and the cylinder then pushes on the skin.

Toiresa Thomas

Greetings from the year of 2077, I am the wellknown dancer and teacher, Professor Powell. I study the philosophy and ancient history of dance. I am also the inventor of the famous shoes that are used in dance classes all over the world today. These shoes have been modified with monthly updates to keep up with the new styles. These special shoes are now affordable to almost everyone in the world now. In some situations the shoes will not need to be used after a couple of sessions. These shoe monitors are available in a variety of things. The shoes can be used for pointe shoes, tap shoes, and sneakers. For those who do not understand how the shoes work I will explain it to you. These shoes have a sensor that picks up waves through a headband. This set can work together to send waves the monitor in the shoes to pick up the movement and thoughts of the instructors. These shoes have also been installed into the soles of the special sneakers. These sneakers if worn by patients learning to walk in physical therapy can help their muscles memorize the ability to walk. Once the muscle has memorized

Yvette Powell

Sweet Carla was only 14 when her favorite singer Bob Marley was in concert for his last time. This was a once in a lifetime chance to hear all of her favorite song and see him live in concert. It was not an average thing for someone to go a Bob Marley concert, so when she founded out he would be performing in her city, she told her parents immediately. “Mom! Dad! You will not believe what I just found out!” “It wouldn’t have to do with Bob Marley’s concert coming this summer would it?” Her mother said. “What! He’s having a concert? Wow I didn’t even know.” “Sure you didn’t.” her father said as flipped the page in his newspaper. “Well would you guys have a problem with me going?” “Carla dear. You forget how old you are. Only 14, not old enough for her first concert yet.” “Seriously mom? Everyone else in my class has been to a concert before. I’m the only one who has not done anything exciting, like go to a concert.”

Carla was furious with her parents for still treating her like a little girl. But her parents had their reasons. Still looking at Carla as their little girl, they were nervous of the type of environment she would be in. Knowing the type crowd Bob Marley attracts. Only if there was a median where Carla could see the concert and get the full experience, with having her parents worried about the environment day. The goggles she is in. Well know there is. Let me tell you about the latest product created by Zaire James, Live2that let you experience a concert at home. So the child gets to see her favorite artist in the comfort of her home, with her parent’s supervision.

Zaire James

Excerpt from Call Away I remember the first time I got really sick. It was before we stayed at the Port. It was really bad, I was all itchy and I threw up a lot. That week we didn’t move around like we usually did Jonathan said that my body needed to do it’s work. Eventually Jonathan had to sneak me into the hospital and them back out again. They have a hospital here at the Port it’s just like the last time. They say that something is wrong with my insides, a failure. Jonathan just sat there and listened to the doctors go on and on. He stayed with me the whole time, well except when Arthur came and took him away like he did every day. after I was in the hospital for a week, they hooked me up to a tiny machine. “This little machine is gonna make you feel better Charlie.” The doctor said. I didn’t know his name he only talked to Jonathan. I nodded my head, because words wouldn’t come out. “You see here you can see how your kidney is doing.” the doctor said pointing at the screen. He handed me the small screen, it was smooth and it smelled like fresh plastic. The doctor took it away from me again and pressed a small button that made a tube com out the side. “The nurses will come in and set this up for you, “ he said “after that we’ll do a run through to make sure it works for you then you can go back to your quarters.” The nurses appeared and attatched the machine’s tubes to my back. They told me to just relax and it would be fine. That was the point when my life changed, it was the point when I decided not be burden any more.

Zil’Laha Clark

Today I had the worse feelings going through my body. I couldn’t feel my inner self-coming together with my feelings. Nothing was piecing together correctly. The reason for this was because I’m Autistic. I’m really not able to tell how im feeling. Its things I want to say but I really can’t express it. It’s frustrating to me and I really cant deal with it at times. I ball up and feel so much alone. My friend told me about a new jacket designed to help those with autism communicate, so I went out and bought it. It’s a mood-changing jacket to express the way im feeling to others so that I don’t have to struggle with trying to explain the mood im in. It’s a jean jacket that comes with a color card so that I can tell the way im feeling when im in certain situations. The design works awesome and not only is the jacket form fitting; it goes great with every outfit. Im so grateful that someone thought of designing a jacket special for those autistic like myself.

Madison Ferrell

One day I was lost in the forest and I couldn’t find my way back home my phone was about to die it was on 2%. I didn’t know what to do so I just kept walking. My journey to find my way back home took about six hours. This was the worst day of my life. I was hot, sweaty and my hair was soaked because it was raining. When I got home I took a shower and I watched t.v and I saw an advertisement for a “body temperature charged phone” It was something everyone could use. The person who invented the phone was Timothy Johnson. He created this phone because he was a person who liked to travel and he didn’t always have time to charge his phone. The phone ran on body heat so the way you charged it was to grasp it tightly in your hand. The phone was not only affordable but it was eco-friendly because it doesn’t require electricity. This would be a great investment for anyone to get.

Le’Rae Smith

Brickphones Brickphones really came in handy over the past 10 years. As a little girl I constantly brought headphones, and not just because of losing them but because of them consistently breaking. I probably spent at least $200 in headphones a year. Breiona G (the inventor) is genius; this product is for everyone and doesn’t effect the environment at all. Even though it was invented over 10 years ago, it’s still very effective today. Even though they’re a little pricey, because of the life expectancy everybody owns a pair. They even update to today’s technology every year or 6 months. Since everybody uses headphones in everyday life, this product wasn’t hard to sell. The first day the 2005 version came of it was a long line of people trying to buy these limited edition Brickphones . They only make 1,000,000 pair a year and their usually gone buy the end of the month through the whole state. There even sold around the country, they’re in very high demand.

Breiona Ghee

The Perfection Called PONSTA! This is journalist Emma Carrington on the Amazing Inventions Show! I am here, in LA, where the original and world-famous drink “PONSTA!” is selling! PONSTA! Is a fizzy and fun drink that was invented by the amazing Keona Smith. I could not hold an interview with her today because she is off doing some famous person stuff, ya know? Doing interviews, giving samples to eager kids, all of that good stuff! She is a very intelligent and calm-spirited person! If you can really get to know her, you will understand her wild mind and what inspired her idea. I sat down and talked to her earlier in the year, when PONSTA! first came out. She gave many reasons why she wanted to invent this terrific drink, her many inspirations, and how this wonderful product will help benefit the world! Keona told me that her inspiration behind the drink was watching the movie Inception! That movie is a little confusing to everyone (like me!), but Keona says she watched it about 7 times and she fully understands the importance of dreaming and she always wonders about the dreaming state of humans. She created the idea of the drink based on the “Dream Machine” used in Inception. She thought that was too unoriginal or mainstream, so she did deeper research and found the base of her drink: Pons! The Pons is a part of the brain, near the brainstem, and it is where REM sleep signals originate, which is the basis of dreaming. Activity in the pons influences a person’s dreams; how long they dream, what they dream about, etc. This drink contributes to dreamers of the world. Once you drink this drink, it will enhance your dreams! You can dream longer, and you can control your dreams more! The PONSTA! drink contains Pons stimulators that will travel to your brainstem, creating more Pons activity than usual. There are no backfires for the drink, right now, and I don’t believe there will be any backfires or disappointments! Everyone in the world should try this perfect drink and experience the wonders! Order now from the PONSTA! website or go to Keona’s own website! And journalist Emma Carrington is out!

Adora Mcknight

I am Arnold Chrome. I have had the pleasure of being able to use this incredible new era washing machine and dryer! Never have I ever been so excited to wash clothes. I cannot begin to explain how useful, extraordinary, and helpful this contraption is. It has changed many lives by giving people more time in their day on laundry day and less time washing clothes. Not one critic has given it a bad review! The president has even rated this amazing machine five stars! “Astounding!” “Life Changing!” “Very Handy!” I completely agree that the inventor of this should be awarded. All I’ve heard is that she’s a woman. Her identity is a mystery I would love to solve. There’s not one bad thing consumers can say about this. It saves time in everyone’s lives. Putting clothes in the washing machine and having them dry automatically without you taking the clothes out manually, I wish I would’ve thought of this! This machine is on high demand in this economy. You don’t want to be stuck without one of these things!

Kennedy Beard

Compatability Scanner Destiny always saw her friends ending up hurt in a relationship because the men always lied to them or because their personalities just didn’t go well together. This inspired her to try and create an invention to help everyone to find a relationship that will make them happy for a long time. It started out as a glove that, inside, held fingerprint scanners but with the input of her family and friends, it ended up being a full hand scanner that takes the DNA of the person and displays their characteristics on a screen. Years later, the Compatibility Scanner was officially finished. People can order the product online or go to one of our stores. This product is for people who would like to find a way to find a match for them that will last for a long time, if not forever. It is not the cheapest item but it is guaranteed to get the job done. The price ranges from $140-$300 depending on the features you want to be included in the device. This can be a very beneficial product for society.

Quanye’ Carr

THANKS TO The Young Women of Western High school

for sharing their intelligence, creativity, and curiosity

Jennifer Becker

for her dedication and passion as a progressive educator

Young Audiences

for working to bring the arts back into schools, and working towords an integrated approach to education

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In Between Utopia and Dystopia  

A series of Speculative//Critical Design projects produced collaboratively by Young Women of Western Highschool in Baltimore, MD, Ryan Hammo...

In Between Utopia and Dystopia  

A series of Speculative//Critical Design projects produced collaboratively by Young Women of Western Highschool in Baltimore, MD, Ryan Hammo...