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Proposal Web Design, Development

Prepared by:

Ryan Smith December 16, 2010

Proposal Overview | Technical Proposal | Production Estimate In response to your request for a costing for the development of the West Indies Group of University Teachers (WIGUT) web site, the following document has been prepared for your review.

The contents of this document include: 1. A technical proposal, outlining the development process and various elements of the project, and timeline within which they will be completed. 2. A production estimate detailing the costs involved in completing the project.

We trust this proposal will find favour with your organization, and any queries that may arise will be addressed expeditiously, by contacting us via the email address or telephone number indicated in the footer of this document.

Thanks for your interest! | 876.268.5774


Proposal Overview | Technical Proposal | Production Estimate


Supplier Information, examples of previous work Contact details Name:

Ryan Smith


3½ Palomino Way Kingston 8, Jamaica




For the past decade, Ryan Smith has been providing professional web development and graphic design services to a diverse array of clientele both locally and internationally, ranging from financial institutions and political entities to charitable organizations and the entertainment industry. That translates to invaluable experience in all things web, and the assurance of attention to detail, competence in industry techniques and standards, and exemplary customer service. Whether independently, or while contracted to several of the country’s leading creative agencies, dozens of projects have been conceptualized, developed and implemented, always mindful of the specific requirements and nuances of each. Common to every project is the end result: attractive, engaging, user-friendly, effective web sites.

Credentials include high levels of proficiency in web development and graphic design application suites, including the Adobe® Creative Suite of Photoshop™, Illustrator™, Dreamweaver™ and Flash™; knowledge of and experience with programming languages and server environments such as Unix / PHP / MySQL, Microsoft Windows Server / ASP / MSSQL, complemented with XHTML, CSS, Javascript and Actionscript, as well as extensive knowledge of various desktop publishing and productivity software. This comprehensive list of credentials has | 876.268.5774


Proposal Overview | Technical Proposal | Production Estimate been tested and proven in several applications, among which are:


Content Management Systems


Online Banking software


Banner Ad Management Systems


Ecommerce software and Online Catalogues


Open source software customization


Online Multimedia delivery (audio and video)

Our ever growing client list includes: Creative / Advertising Agencies -

Creative Communications Inc. Ltd


CGR Communications


Dcode Communications


Chrysalis Communications


Creative Media and Events Ltd (formerly Platform Media Ltd.)


Go-Jamaica (Gleaner Online)

Businesses, Organizations -



The University of the West Indies


Caribbean Coalition of National AIDS Programme Coordinators


DigiPoint Ltd.


JN Finance Ltd. | 876.268.5774


Proposal Overview | Technical Proposal | Production Estimate Notable, recently completed sites include: - design of Flash web site for Jamaican reggae artiste Protoje

- redesign of Caribbean Coalition of National AIDS Programme Coordinators web site

- design and programming of Flash-driven portfolio site for local creative agency (awaiting client approval)

- design and development of distance learning web site for health care professionals.

- design and programming of CMS, Banner Ad, Newsletter and Link Management applications for leading Jamaican portal

- design of corporate site for local law firm

More examples of work may be viewed on the accompanying showreel, or online. | 876.268.5774


Proposal Overview | Technical Proposal | Production Estimate B.

Project Methodology, Deliverables

It is proposed that the development of the web site will take place in three phases, which are outlined below.

Phase 1: Conceptualization, Planning The look and feel encapsulates the proposed project’s functions and features, as well as its aesthetic qualities and characteristics. At this point, drafts of the home page and web application administration (backend) page are presented, until you are satisfied with its appearance and objectives. This is considered the first deliverable, and sign off on the final revisions are required for project progression. The look and feel will highlight positioning and placement of page elements such as menus, content areas, as well as page styling (font usage, colour schemes).

The client will begin to gather information and material to be used for the development of the site, aided throughout by consultation with the supplier. This will include any collateral such as existing photography, audio / video material, graphical elements (logos etc) and textual content in their appropriate formats.

A site map outlining the various pages and features of the web site will also be provided at this point.

Estimated completion time: 7 days | 876.268.5774


Proposal Overview | Technical Proposal | Production Estimate Phase 2: Application Development, Site Design Upon successful completion of Phase 1, the supplier will begin the most arduous phase of the project, developing web applications based on the requested site requirements in a controlled test environment. Phase 2 will also see the transformation of the look and feel into a fully functional, dynamic web site, complete with intuitive navigation, guaranteeing an immersive, user-friendly experience. Finally, with so much emphasis placed on aesthetics, many often overlook the site’s main purpose: a medium for the exchange of information. Our close attention to detail will ensure that your content reaches the widest possible audience, irrespective of different computer configurations, or user capabilities, through search engine optimization.

The web applications planned for implementation are:

Content Management System Our dynamic, robust Content Management Solution (CMS) brings you a little closer to independence from the site’s developers, as it allows designated users within your organization to access the core of the site’s operation, and create, edit and update content on your site on the fly. The applications for such a software solution are limitless, as the layout is only restricted by the content’s ability to be manipulated in a word processor.

The user interface is similar to those often found in popular productivity suites, and utilizes a Rich Text Editor to manipulate the content to be displayed. This Rich Text Editor (or RTE) allows for the formatting of text (bold, italics, underline, font selection, size, etc.), creation of hyperlinks, and insertion of objects such as images, The content can then be categorized, itemized, and archived based on your settings, and saved to a database for its fast and dynamic retrieval from the front-end of the site, based on a particular user input or request while visiting. | 876.268.5774


Proposal Overview | Technical Proposal | Production Estimate Your Content Management System comprises of the open source software solution Joomla, in use on several thousand sites across the World Wide Web, and is easily configurable through its user-friendly backend administration interface.

Estimated completion time: 14 days

Phase 3 – Site Launch

Upon completion of the previous two phases and sign off, we will work together in finalizing the site launch, and ensuring that the site is error-free and operational.

Finally, the last series of checks and balances are performed, and the site is moved from its test environment and goes live to the general public. Of course, our involvement doesn’t end there, as we will continue to maintain your sites based on agreed upon warranty schedule and / or maintenance agreement, as well as provide assistance and suggestions for improvements for the lifespan of the sites. | 876.268.5774


Proposal Overview | Technical Proposal | Production Estimate

Attn: Ms. Nadine Buckland West Indies Group of University Teachers (WIGUT) Mona Campus University of the West Indies Re:

Production Estimate – Web Development


Graphic Design (Logo refinement, photo retouching) Design of template, look and feel of


site Content Management System


(installation, customization and configuration) Total



All prices quoted in JMD dollars. 40% deposit required on contract signing.


Subsequent maintenance work, or work outside the scope of this proposal will be billed at

an hourly rate of JMD$3750. | 876.268.5774


Proposal Overview | Technical Proposal | Production Estimate Appendix 1

Content Management System (CMS) Functional requirements 

Specific areas for the following groups of members o Negotiation o Pension o Grievances o Professional Development o Publications & PR o Finance

Faculty Representative listings

Partner links with WIGUT Trinidad, Barbados and Open Campus

Facility to upload: o Research, Publications by members o Annual Reports

Executive and Management Member Profiles

Community Outreach

Bursaries and Scholarships

Photo Gallery

Member login and privileged user access to specific content | 876.268.5774