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Spa and Salon Advertiser Georgia Launched New Website for Georgia Spa and Salon Industry Georgia’s premier website for spa and salons industry, Spa and Salon Advertiser announced that it has recently launched a new website to better serve Georgia spa and salon industry. Cartersville, Georgia (GA) – Spa and Salon Advertiser Advertiser,, Georgia's spa and salons specialized web site announced the launch aunch of its New Site ( ) for the Georgia spa and salon industry to help meets its needs and to help ens ensure its on-going going success. The website will enable consumers to search for Spa/Salon Locations, Spa/Salon Employment, Spa/Salon Products, Products Spa/Salon Equipments, Spa/Salon Suppliers Suppliers, Spa/Salon Business Services, Spa/Salon Training, Training & Spa/Salon Other Industry Resources in Georgia (GA). Spa and Salon Advertiser Georgia is the most complete connecting resource to the over 70,000 licensed Georgia professionals, about 12,000 Georgia spas and salons and the rapidly increasing spa and salon customer market. Here are some features of this website: • •

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Target Local Market - Spa and Salon Advertiser target product and services to buying professionals in Georgia (GA). Spa and Salons Employment - Spa and Salon Advertiser markets it's services to the licensed professionals to make sure that the spa and salon operators can make the best employment decisions possible. Spa and Salons Products and Equipment - Suppliers can market products and equipment equipm directly to the entire Georgia spa and salon industry. Spa and Salons Training raining Classes - Spa and Salon Advertiser classified section ection provides the best way to market other services such as training classes to the Georgia spa and salon industry.

The founder nder of Spa and Salon Advertiser says ““Our Our mission is to assist Georgia spas/salons in connecting with the various resources in the industry. We are providing the vehicle to connect customers, job seekers, suppliers, trainers and other resources to Georgia spas and salons all in one web location.” For more information about Spa and Salon Advertiser visit . Become a fan on Facebook -

About Spa and Salon Advertiser: Spa and Salon Advertiser is a service to the Georgia spa/salon industry indust connecting industry to professional services, products/equipment needed for the successful operation of spa or salon in Georgia. Spa and Salon Advertiser is the most reliable and comprehensive business advertising resource for the Georgia spa and salon industry.

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