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EDUCATION Full Sail University | Winter Park, FL Masters of Fine Art, Media Design Wayland Baptist University | Plainview, TX Bachelor of Arts, Studio Art Final Cut Pro 6

SKILLS Project & Creative Direction Ability to lead and manage a wide variety of design and development projects in team or independent situations Design From furniture to websites to business cards, I’m a student of good design. I like things that work and look great and do my best to implement what I learn in my designs. Creative Thinking I never stop thinking about how things work and how they could be better. Never stop thinking, never stop learning.

EXPERIENCE Creative Director | Cobb Cycling, 2013 As the creative director I was responsible for rebranding and brand management, campaign development and product design. I was responsible for the creation and deployment of all advertising, oversight and direction of all photo/video shoots and served and the content manager for the online presence through the company website and social outlets. Freelance Designer | Richey Creative, 2005-13 Previously under the name Richey Design Co. I was responsible for a wide variety of creative art and design projects from large outdoor murals and custom painting to set design and interior environmental design to graphic and web design. Electronic Media / Journalism | Community Christian School, 2009-10 During my stay at CCS I established an electronic media course that taught the principles of design and their application to a wide array of electronic media outlets. I also introduced and directed the concept of online journalism. By bringing the school news online and only printing a monthly magazine publication I was able to decrease the environmental footprint while lowering the journalism budget. Art Teacher | Kountze ISD, 2003-06 As the only art teacher at Kountze High School I designed and taught all teaching materials for all levels of art. I was also responsible for purchasing and maintaining supplies and inventory within small budget restraints. Volunteer Creative Design | 2005-10 Family Worship Center, Beaumont, TX -Eagle Heights Church, Orange TX Graphic Design, Print layout, Videography, Media Projection and presentation

DESIGN PHILOSOPHY We are a visual people. Everyday we encounter companies using media and graphic design to compete for that split second of our time where they try to convince us to buy into their product, ideals or lifestyle. We have become so accustomed to being informed visually and drawing conclusions through the media we are inundated with, it only makes sense that creative media designers, artist and creative directors continue to look for new creative ways to communicate to their audience without

from them instead of falling victim to reproduction that gets lost in the crowd. My philosophy is: Keep it simple. Keep it clean. Make it work.

The demand for well thought out designs has never been so high. From print publishing and package design to website interfaces, clients expect and demand that their company’s branding will help move their product and elevate their company’s status. It is up to me as a designer to not use my ability to think in terms of aesthetics but also to think of the needs and problems that need to be solved. No longer am I just a designer but a problem solver. As a designer, my goal is not to wow people with amazing talent, skills or techniques, but to communicate in a creative, simple and effective way. In my opinion, there is much to be said in favor of simplicity. Simplicity in design, and simplicity of life. So many times we over stimulate our lives with unnecessary distractions, and the same is true about us designers. Although I have degrees that say I’ve completed my education, I will forever be a student of great design, always looking, always studying, always learning.

STATMENT OF FAITH I grew up in a Christian home, and being theson of a preacher, I had the privilege of being in church every time the doors were open, whether I liked it or not. With all P.K. jokes and stereotypes aside; I have seen and been apart of just about every aspect of ministry. I, like many others, have experienced the unbridled enthusiasm and the unbearable pain that ministry can brings. I gave my life to Christ at the young age of nine not truly understanding what that meant until I became and adult. After graduating from high school I attended Wayland Baptist University for one reason, to play college baseball. Baseball had been all that I ever loved as a kid and like many kids, I wanted to play pro ball. Well, God had other plans in mind. After a couple of years of running from God I spotted a beautiful new freshman student, Kristin, who stole my heart and helped me turn back to Christ and soon became my wife. Shortly before we were married I surrendered to the ministry. Not knowing what exact ministry I was called to, I defaulted to youth ministry. Over time I realized that youth ministry was not my calling and I stepped away from ministry all together. It was during this time that God really began to work in my life and show me how I could use the talents and gifts that He has given me in ministry. I began helping my pastors with creative thinking, collaboration, graphic design and environment design. Since then I have come to realize that the calling I felt was the calling to serve the body of Christ with all that I have and in whatever way possible.

In Exodus 35 Moses said, “All who are skilled among you are to come and make everything the Lord has make artistic designs... to engage in all kinds of artistic craftsmanship. And He has given both [Bezalel] and Oholiab...the ability to teach others.â€? I feel that is the calling that God has placed on my life. It has been my goal for some time now to ďŹ nd a place to use my creative mind and artistic ability and help develop help reshape our culture and media and help the Church communicate the Gospel through creative media.

IDENTITY & BRAND DEVELOPMENT Branding and Identity are massive buzz words in the business world these days, but they are often misused. As a designer it is my goal to identify what a client is really looking for. Many times a client will ask for a brand and what they mean is a logo or they will ask for an new identity and what they are looking for is a complete rebranding of their company. The way I can describe the differences between a logo, brand, and identity is simple. Think of a Logo as a photo of your best friend. You are able to know who they are by their mug shot. That is what a logo does for a company. The Brand of a company is like the personality of your best friend. You can recognize your friend by a photo but it is the experiences you share that build the true knowledge of WHO they are. That is what a brand does; it the gut feeling someone has about a company based on experience. The Identity of a company basically refers to all the tangible and visual things that customers identify with. In reference to your best friend, it would be their style of dress, music they like, or even thing or phrases they say.

Rebranding & Identity design for Fair Haven Baptist Church Shelbyville, TN

Rebranding & Identity design for Stepstones Ministry International Center, TX

BRANDING Branding is so much more than creating a logo, website, and business cards. Branding is a painstaking process that involves market research, evaluating the competitive landscape, honest analysis of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) and many, many hours of creative development.

To the left is a very small sample the design collateral created during a complete branding project for Stepstones Ministry International whose base of operations is located Center, TX.

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LOGO DESIGN Logo design is one of the most important and one of the most requested consumer. So much about a company or organization can be communicated in such a short amount of time.

To the left is a handful of logos I have created within the last year.

WEB DESIGN Quality Web Design is so important with more and more consumers spending more and more time online and spending more and more money online. Web Design has come along way in the last ten years and it exciting to see the creativity in utilizing new and emerging technology. I am not a web developer, only a designer. I leave the code to the experts and stick to the aesthetics and user experience. Web design is quickly becoming the most requested design project.

To the right are my two favorite web designs I have created in the last Stepstones Ministry International.

ADVERTISING DESIGN CONCEPTS Advertising is challenging and even grueling at times but so rewarding with you hit the bulls eyes with a spot on campaign. Matching up message, image, voice and response is something that helps me stretch my creative muscles and helps me to stay sharp.

To the left is an advertising concept design for CrossFit.

(Concept Only)

CREATIVE DIRECTION Creative direction of a project is so much more than creating graphics, ads or even video commercials. Being the CD means visualizing end product managing not only to production of the piece and the people involved but also maintaining focus on the end product and feel and voice of the project. It is very easy for a project to evolve in mid production and lose its original intended impact on the audience. It was my job to originate the Journey Campaign and to oversee the production of every piece in the campaign. To view the video visit:

To the left are screen shots from the Journey campaign keystone video I created during my time as the Creative Director for Cobb Cycling.

REFERENCES Mike Brister - 254.718.5040 President / Founder, Stepstones Ministry International Rusty Dollar - 409.779.4158 Executive Pastor, North Orange Baptist Church Jeremy Boeselt - 210.414.4396 Worship Arts Director, Cibolo Creek Commuity Church

CONTACT INFO 16614 Overland Stage Dr. Tyler, TX 75703 903.288.6038

Ryan Richey | ministry resume  
Ryan Richey | ministry resume  

Resume of Ryan Richey