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Ryan H. Pratt 691 Park Place Brooklyn, NY 11216 (513) 708-1686 LIST OF WORKS

Composition for Piccolo and electronics (2018) For Izumi Miyahara 4 minutes Two v. 2017 (2017) Giacomo Baldelli, electric guitar Part of Nidra, Giacomo Baldelli 8 minutes Kinetic Sculpture (2017) String Quartet 6 minutes Drishti (2017) for Clarinet For Naum Goldenstein 9 minutes Rooms – for Vita’s workshop (2017) For Vita Wallace For Ukelele, Arpeggione, 2 Violins, Baroque Violin, ‘cello 5 minutes ColorBars (2017) For Giacomo Baldelli and Nadav Lev, electric guitars To be performed Fall 2017 19 minutes Drishti (2017) for piccolo or flute For Izumi Miyahara 8 minutes “Eardances” (multiple) (2016-2017) Electronic compositions investigating virtual tones through the use of sine tones, square waves, and triangle waves (à la Maryanne Amacher) 30+ minutes

Pratt 2 Solo drum set improvisations w/ and w/out computer (2016-2017) (several) String Trio with electronics v. kintsugi (2016) Tenri Cultural Institute 10/29/2016 8 minutes M (2016) Saxophones and electronics New Thread saxophone quartet 12 minutes Base (2016) Processed Double Bass with electronics Jason McNeel, bass 5 minutes Ode (2016) (to Maryanne Amacher) electronics 4 minutes Blend (2016) New Thread Quartet University Settlement New York, NY 6/10/2016 7 minutes invariance (2016) Wet Ink Ensemble St. Peter's Church, NY 4/30/2016 10 minutes invariance v. elec. (2016) Electronic composition 10 minutes N2O (2015) Electronic composition 12 minutes

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Sadhana (2015) Carrie Frey, viola and electronics Columbia University, Prentis Hall 12/3/2015 and 12/5/2015 9 minutes Mizaru Climbs (2015) Electronic composition 9 minutes Defining Silence (2015) Ekmeles Ensemble, 6 voices and electronics added electronics, 2015 Premiered as Deafening Silence 2013 Columbia Composers concert Issue Project Room 12/3/2013 7 minutes Transit of Venus (2015) Electronic composition 18 minutes Remnance (2015) Electronic composition 10 minutes Two (2015) Giacomo Baldelli, electric guitar Part of Nidra, Giacomo Baldelli Queens New Music Festival 5/16/2015 Gallery MC, New York, NY Oct. 2, 2015 Mantua, Italy 3/2016 8 minutes k. tracing (2015) Wet Ink Ensemble Violin concerto, Marina Kifferstein, violin Eric Wubbels, conductor DiMenna Center for Classical Music, New York, NY 4/25/2015 17 minutes

Pratt 4 Spokes Unspoken (2014) String Trio Chartreuse Spectrum, New York, NY 1/5/2015 Constellation, Chicago, IL 9/8/2014 12 minutes Lattice work (2014) Electronic composition 9 minutes Và nh! th" (2014) Recitation in Vietnamese, Lara Pham Electronic composition with voice 7 minutes Strand (2014) Electronic composition 7 minutes Violin’s Other (2014) Electronic composition 6 minutes Synaptic Transit (2014) Electronic composition 30 minutes Music Box (2014) Electronic composition 6 minutes Viaduct II “Overtones and Undercurrents” (2014) Sound installation collaboration with Victoria Estok Viaduct at 125th street in Harlem, New York, NY 5 hours Tunnel under the Viaduct (2014) Sound installation Collaboration with Douglas Repetto, Victoria Estok, and Nolan Lem Viaduct at 125th street in Harlem, New York, NY 7/5/2014 2+ hours

Pratt 5 Someantics (2013) voice and electronics. I speak music Concert Series Recitation in Cantonese, Viola Yip Shapeshifter Lab Brooklyn, New York 5/27/2014 Staged by Alexandra Zelman-Doring Gallery MC, New York, NY 6/5/2015 12 minutes Lucie Tect (2013) Recitation in Czech, Lucie VĂ gnerovĂ  Electronic composition with voice 3 minutes Deafening Silence (2013) Ekmeles Ensemble, 6 voices and electronics Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY 12/3/2013 7 minutes Strand of Continuity (2013) 15 musicians and electronics, Wet Ink Ensemble DiMenna Center for Classical Music, New York, NY 4/7/2013 8 minutes Strand (2013) Ensemble Pamplemousse Firehouse Space, Brooklyn, New York 4/13/2013 7 minutes In/Of (2011) Yarn/Wire DiMenna Center for Classical Music 1/27/2012 Firehouse Space, Brooklyn, NY 5/3/2013 12 minutes

Pratt 6 Along a Lattice (2011) (flute/viola duo version) Daniel Buscher and Lilian Belknap Portrait concert Mansion Glass, Olympia, WA 6/16/2011 12 minutes Along a Lattice (2011) Talea Ensemble The Italian Academy, New York 4/9/2011 8 minutes Implicate Order (2010) for Matthew Conley Trumpet in C and electronics McGill University, MontrÊal, Canada 5/29/2010 9 minutes On Expansion (2009) Sophia Yan, piano Composer’s Voice concert series Jan Hus Church, New York, NY 9/25/2009 25 minutes Tributary (2008) Daniel Buscher, Flute and electronics, Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA 12/6/2008 Neanderhall, Olympia, WA 12/7/2008 Mansion Glass Olympia, WA 6/16/2011 10 minutes Cloud Complex (2008) Dominic DeStefano, viola and electronics College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) Lilian Belknap, viola Mansion Glass, Olympia, WA 6/16/2011 8 minutes

Pratt 7 Stream of Consciousness (2008) Two flutes and electronics Daniel Buscher, and Izumi Miyahara College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) 5/16/2008 Daniel Buscher and Jennifer Brimson Music08, Werner Recital Hall Cincinnati, OH 6/21/2008 12 minutes Interactions (2007) Richard Valitutto, two pianos Two pianos - Just intonation version Two pianos - Equal-Temperament version version for 1 piano and tape Sophia Yan, College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) Cincinnati, OH 5/16/2008 11 minutes Zelig (2007) Christopher Bailey and Aaron Krister Johnson, pianos Two pianos tuned in 19-tone-equal-temperament Midwest Microfest, Temple Sholom, Chicago, Illinois 10/20/2007 6 minutes Scintillation and Reflection (2007) Flute, Viola and Harp Music07, Izumi Miyahara, Wes Collins and Danielle Beleu College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) Cincinnati, OH 6/16/2007 8 minutes Projection (2007) Hannah Sun, piano solo “Les Six� night, Fontainebleau, France 7/16/2007 4 minutes Particles (2007) 3 percussionists 6 minutes

Pratt 8 Quatre Horizons (2006) Orchestra with electronics *Chosen as an alternate/runner-up in the Minnesota Orchestra Composer Institute competition. 15 minutes . Dimensions of Time (2006) Electronic composition Sonic Explorations College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) Cincinnati, OH 4/8/2006 6 minutes From the New Environment (2006) Shoko Nakamura, 5 movement piano solo 4/10/2006 Music06, Shiau-uen Ding, piano College-Conservatory of Music Cincinnati, OH 6/8/2006 mvt. III, Sophia Yan Salle des Colonnes at the Palais de Fontainebleau Fontainebleau, France 7/20/2007 25 minutes New Environment (2006) 18 musicians. Performed CCM Chamber Players, dir. Rodney Winther, College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) Cincinnati, OH 11/8/2007 12 minutes ĂŚthers (2005) 4 violoncelli Music05 College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) Cincinnati, OH 6/17/2005 10 minutes

Pratt 9 Flute Polyphony Daniel Buscher, flute 9/26/2005 College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) Cincinnati, OH 12/3/2005 6 minutes Natural Surroundings (2005) Orchestra Blue Ash/ Montgomery Symphony Orchestra dir. Michael Chertock Blue Ash, OH 9/4/2006 5 minutes Viola and Piano Duo (2014) Shoko Nakamura and Nick Jeffery Recital, College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) Cincinnati, OH 5/3/2005 Recital, College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) Cincinnati, OH 4/19/2005 12 minutes

2018 listofworks  
2018 listofworks