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Ryan Pitt



Celiac Disease is a common disease that restricts the small intestine from absorbing the nutrients in gluten, which causes difficulty in absorbing food. The Celiac Disease Foundation was founded in 1990 by Elaine Monarch to serve as a forum for people with wheat sensitivity to discuss the challenges and ways to deal with the disease. The foundation has since expanded their goals to now researching for cures. Every year the CDF hosts an annual run to bring patients together. They would like to improve their logo, event flyers, and event apparel. The new logo incorporates a new color palette, aiming to attract a larger audience with a friendlier, and more refined design. The graphics are approachable for individuals of all ages by incorporating facts while still containing playful vectors. The pattern in the new logo is repeated various times, it is designed in a subtle way that doesn’t overwhelm. The appealing design for the annual run displays the pattern and the headline. The design for the appeal was crafted based on the opinions of my peers on what they would feel comfortable wearing.


Henry’s Honey is a fictitious, British company that sells honey and tea related products. Henry’s Honey is harvested in London where all products are straight from their local gardens. Not only does our product taste delicious, but our product has been proven to be a natural sleep promoter, promote healthy weight loss, boost energy, and it is a natural cough syrup. Our different flavors offer a wide variety of health benefits and consistent delicious taste! The Product design uses a minimalistic approach for Henry’s Honey. Keeping in mind the clean images the company had liked I incorporated a specific color palette that would nicely compliment the serif headline type. The honey jar itself has a back side that explains what their promise to their customer is as well as important health benefits. Because Henry’s Honey is more of an upscale brand, it makes them likely to appeal to someone with more mature tastes. This is why my goal was to make a design that still embellishes their classy characteristics, but may also appeal to a child walking down a grocery store aisle with their parent. I believe that the playful color pallet will help better capture the attention of a diverse group of people.


“Blonde” is a new magazine that has been capturing the world’s attention one blonde moment at a time. A variety of topics are covered inside the monthly minizine; the classy, yet lighthearted editorial spread aims to target the younger demographic. March 2018 is the Ryan Pitt edition, focusing on her life and personal interests. The cover includes an open layout that is not cluttered, instead, it shows attention to detail in each title. Each page has a variety of content but is separated into sections to create better eye movement and more negative space. I did not want a cluttered spread, I wanted to portray me and how I am a very organized person.


Newport Skating Center is re-designing their current trifold brochure to inform people of their new prices as well as their daily events. Focusing on the brand, I used a limited color palette as they have in the past. To create a unique brochure, I used a square shape to stand out from others and create more attention. I also added more information about the skating center to information about benefits they provide to certain organizations and local visitors.


The Tipsy Llama is a Peruvian wine line serving and marketing for the millennial age bracket. The simplistic llama is complimented nicely by a mimicked line pattern found in many Peruvian designs. While encompassing our roots and culture we strive to create premium organic wine made by our people for our people. The brand has a playful name with an affordable price range for all ages, especially our target market. The brand design keeps the same objectives by using a limited bright and vibrant color scheme while a minimalistic design is also incorporated. As our company has grown so has our audience, which is why we will be releasing a special edition of our best-selling original wine; the Sauvignon Blanc. The black wine bottle will come in a slim black box with a stamped design on the outside; this will display the logo, Peruvian design, and the TL pattern.



KnockOut Odor is a fictitious brand and sprays technology that has the ability to completely eliminate any and all odors. This groundbreaking product bonds with the odor molecules to make sure that the bad smells are never an issue again. While products like air fresheners can only last a few weeks, KO’dor promises a permanent fix to any odor Issue. The pop art style of this brand correlates effectively with the name, KO’dor. This product will stand out from the other cleaning products on shelves due to the bright colors and unique look. KO’dor advertisements are very similar when looking through a magazine the harsh reds, blues, and yellows are eye-catching and memorable, compared to competitors.



A typebook pinpoints the exact location and anatomy of letters residing inside of certain typefaces. I wanted to design my personal typebook for a specific city or town I could photograph and find actual examples of to incorporate my own technology. My hometown, Newport was easy to choose due to the various venues around. I found inspiration in everything from business cards to the physical Newport “Welcome Signs� upon entering. It was easy to find the type in Newport, the hardest part was locating specific typefaces, for instance, Blackletter. I also wanted the book to have a specific shape which I tried a few methods and eventually settled on Lazer Cutting. It was easy to find examples but I found challenges finding specific examples. Newport does not contain Blackletter style as well as a few other specific font styles.



On April 19th, 2007 National Record Store Day was created to promote small record businesses and to bring people together that appreciate the unique culture. Most independently owned record stores participate in the national holiday. The holiday consists of not only record stores giving promotions but the artist also releasing promotional albums and memorabilia. For this yearly event, I have created a promotional card and envelope to represent an actual record and sleeve. The concept is to distribute the cards/envelopes, wrapping paper, and informational card to promote the day. With each purchase, the wrapping paper will be used for products. The awareness card will be placed in the bag as a gift to be given to others to support the event. This is not only to thank our customers but also promote the April 19th and make people more aware of the holiday.

Ryan Pitt's Print Portfolio  
Ryan Pitt's Print Portfolio