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Athletics­ Improving  Performance

Factors Influencing  Performance     

Previous Experience Knowledge of technique or strategies Level of related fitness components Internal attitude, motivation, confidence External – Facilities, equipment, conditions

Peak Performance Profile  Identify performance skills  Assess performance skills – on a scale of 0=poor, 5=average, and 10=excellent  Planning- now use your profile ratings to set goals for improving the various skills in your performance of the athletic event  Create a performance skills worksheet, identify the performance skills for the athletic events you select TECHNICAL / TACTICAL / PHYSICAL / PSYCHOLOGICAL

Examples of Performance  Profiling  Physicalstrength, speed, endurance, power, flexibility  Technicalcomponents of the athletic event  Tacticalstrategies when competing i.e. running the bend, height increases in high jump Psychologicalconcentration, motivation, confidence, coping with pressure


Improving performance

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