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Ryan Noel Visual Communications 6/12/13

Intro ď‚ž

The Final Project was for me to go out and take pictures of a teenager doing something positive for themselves, there school, or there community. I decided to take pictures of my friend Brandon playing Basketball at the Greendale YMCA. Basketball is a sport that you get a lot of exercise in, which keeps you In shape. Basketball also allows you to spend time with your friends which is good. You also have a chance to make new friends. Basketball is an all around sport that is positive to be involved in.

Want to Play?

Brandon is trying to find teammates to play Basketball

Game Time!!!

Here Brandon is taking his first shot of the day

Skill Shot

He decides to take a One-Handed shot

Big Man

He’s going in for the rebound


Brandon getting a drink during games so he doesn’t get dehydrated

Free Throw

Getting ready to take a free throw shot

Fade Away

Brandon imitating Kobe Bryant with the fade away shot


Brandon going in for a lay-up (he scored)

Three Pointer

Here he’s taking a long shot

Game Over

Brandon walking away from the court because his team lost

Final project noel