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January 2008

RYAN’S RAVIN’S What a exciting year to come !

Adriel and Ryan to get married.....But we need your prayers.... See prayer requests.

GO INTO ALL THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOSPEL Reef to Outback: championing & mobilizing young people to fulfill the call of God.

If this is the first time that you are getting this news I am sorry. But

starting to also catch on to what was about to happen. Well the heart

this year is a year that I wont forget. I’m getting MARRIED. As many of

was pumping the smile was from ear to ear and down I go onto one

you know in Townsville every Christmas the Combined Churches put

knee, in the background you here this one almighty cheer, as I ask this

on a Christmas Festival that goes for 5 days were we will see around

beautiful and amazing woman to marry me. Adriel had a feeling I was

20 000 plus people go and visit the festival and have the chance to

going to do it that day but she had NO idea that it was going to

hear the true message of Christmas.

happen this way. OH...she said yes. A great Christmas that we wont

Well I heard God confirm to me that Adriel is the lady that I’m to

forget. If you would like to see the video of it go to this link.

marry (and the story of that is wonderful, and a testimony of God leading and speaking. But that is for another time) So the question was how was I going to propose. I had to keep it in the style of Ryan Booker. Well James Morrision (famous Jazz Musician) was playing on the strand for 3 nights and just before he got up to play they would interview people from the community about different activities that go on in the city. So I lined it up for them to let me go on stage this night. Adriel thought I was getting up there to do a Youth Street Promotion, but little did she know what was about to happen. I told her that I wanted to take her out to dinner before we went down to watch James Morrision and do my promo. So we had a beautiful dinner over looking the water. Then we went for a nice stroll down to get comfortable seats to watch James. Well I left Adriel to go and do my “promo” and as they invited me up I invited Adriel to join me, By this time she was aware of what was about to happen and the crowd of over 1500 people was


CITIZEN OF THE YEAR Ken Mulligan (Reef to Outback Director) is Townsville citizen of the year. Well this year has started off for Reef to

as they settle in to a new city,

Reef to Outback was given one of three

build new friendships, learn

achievement awards by the Townsville council.

there roles in ministry and now

Which is great, cause we found that we are

they have the amazing

getting recognized by the community but that

blessing of being a Dad and

the community is stating to see that we have

Mum. Allot of excitement.

something that they need and this gives us

Pray for Adriel and I as we get married.

unfolded we saw the doors open. From

Our biggest prayer needs

meetings with Local, State and federal

at the moment relate to Adriel and I getting

ministers, to working along side Townsville

married. We are so excited to begin our lives

council on some of there projects. Well this year Ken Mulligan has been recognized by the City as the Citizen of the Year. Which only builds stronger relationships with key people of the city but tells us what we are offering the city is desperately needed. And the great thing about this is that they are very clear that we are a Christian organization and the we will tell

Taylor had a baby boy call Jackson.

to see this processed quickly so that she can be back in Australia in time for our wedding!

together, and have no doubt that God has spoken to us about being together, beginning a family, and venturing into ministry together. We have already seen God do some amazing things as we prepare for the wedding, and we’ve also had so much confirmation about the things he has spoken to us. We are both

people about the love of God.

called to Missions and believe in seeing young

My sister and Brother-in-law had a Baby boy.....

God has for them.

For the Booker family it was a very

Ben and Koronae

change and growth for them

Outback with a pleasant surprise. Last year

many open doors into the council. And as 2007

I’m a Uncle....

people released and equipped to do all that After we are married, we plan to live and continue to serve with YWAM in Townsville

exciting month. Only two weeks earlier from

together. I will continue in my youth and

me getting engaged. My Dad and Mum

community work, and Adriel hopes to get more

became Grand Parents. Koronae and Ben had

involved in the leadership development side of

a baby Boy named Jackson. Now I am a guy

things - equipping young leaders to serve their

so I don’t know all the details that you all are

communities and in missions abroad.

wanting right know. But I can tell you that they are health and well. Which at the end of the

2. Our Relationship. Getting ready for a life-long commitment is a big deal! We are both so happy about becoming a family, but we need God to continue to help us grow in our love and understanding and communication so that we can have the healthiest, happiest possible marriage. 3. Our Families. They are also very involved in helping us get married, especially Adriel’s family as they make travel arrangements to get to Australia. Please also pray for both of our families as they are merged into one through our marriage! 4. Our Wedding. Please pray for us as we work out all the details of our Sydney wedding (25 March) and our USA reception (11 April).

As we prepare for marriage, we’d appreciate your prayers in some areas: 1. Adriel’s Fiance Visa - Adriel is

day is the most important thing. Ben and Koronae are both in Adelaide

currently in the States we are in the process of

ministering in a local church. They have been

obtaining the visa she needs to re-enter

there for 12 months. It has been a big year of

Australia and marry me! We need God’s favor

HELPING ADRIEL AND I GET MARRIED Many of you have financially given to me over the years and together we have literally effected the lives of tens of thousands of people’s for God’s Kingdom. And I want to say again THANK YOU. Today I just want to ask wether you would consider again giving in helping Adriel and I get married. Adriel has been in YWAM for over 6 years and myself 7 years. And believe to continue to serve God in Missions. We still have many costs in seeing our wedding happen from Reception, Photographer, Honeymoon, Tickets to USA for USA reception, Suit and wedding dress, and much more. So if you are interested you can e-mail me or text me and I can give you my details or you can go to Reef to Outback web site and give through that. Thank you for reading. please don’t feel pressured to give that not my heart, but only give if you want to. THANK YOU AGAIN

RYAN BOOKER P.O. Box 6221, Townsville 4810 QLD. Aus. E-mail: Mobile: 0409 712 144 Home : (07) 4724 1165 Work: (07 ) 4771 2123 Web: (see Staff/student page - Ryan Booker) or


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Adriel and Ryan to get married.....But we need your prayers.... See prayer requests. Reef to Outback: championing & mobilizing young pe...

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