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Erotic Foreplay Techniques to Please a Woman during Lovemaking In any relationship, no one has really come to state how long foreplay should take. In itself it expresses and lights the way out into the final leg that is sex, the majority of cases take 20 to 30 minutes. The objective is really to please her; the gate valve rush down to the genitals using fingers or the tongue should be avoided completely. The whole process is for her to feel that she is appreciated and not to feel used. Women like to be smoothened before hand by employing all the techniques of foreplay. Foreplay in real terms begin far even before you reach the bedroom. In the day you can start by sending her a text message on your mobile phone or computer or any media. The message explicitly relays words that prick her up. Explain to her what you are up to and let her know you are just waiting for time. In the house, the whole space right from the kitchen entrance to the bedroom is adequate. A short sharp kiss is just enough to set the ball rolling plus a tight squeeze for a second leaves her elated. The time duration in between, you can stroke her briefly on the buttocks; or any convenient spot while she does her chores. An eye catch is important; eyes play a much more role than even any other characters in foreplay. There is a sense of admiration; moods start signaling the changing circumstances and ideas. Women are like slow cookers while men are like microwaves or gas stoves; meaning women need more help. Take your time don’t be in a rush; begin by undressing your girlfriend or wife slowly kissing her lips or chicks, neck, face and other spots accessible if need be. Give her the time to enjoy herself while she responds to your support too by undressing you. This is an emotional preparation and should not be selfish one way down the road. Responses are several, deep breaths are popular, watch and coordinate by massaging the breasts, tickle the nipples or suck, tap the buttocks and thighs as you watch further responses. Find out how she is feeling; what else does she prefer, which other parts of the body should be given a tender touch. The clitoris is among the last spots because of what is bound to happen. She should be free to indicate what she prefers. Which tool to use the finger or the tongue and how best should it be done? Breast orgasm differs a lot, other women easily orgasm during this time because of their sensitivity. The majority of women need prolonged foreplay in reality because orgasm is not just a button switch; it is a serious activity. Taking a shower together provides a double dose of massage and caressing and an opportunity to explore senses using water. Good quality caressing is important and quality time must be spent; breasts often have a shorter direct

link to the clitoris. Stimulating clitoris is almost the completion o the event of foreplay as this will be followed by the ultimate. If oral sex is included make sure you avoid the clitoris for a while; concentrate on the vulva itself. The tongue should be able to do several rounds inside the vulva and this gives a mind set of what to expect. This in return hardens the clitoris and sharpens as it gets filled up with blood. The pleasure set and techniques employed pushes the woman to levels of ecstasy she would not like to miss again. Copyright Š Ryan Mutt, All Rights Reserved. Ryan Mutt is an active writer on health topics. He has written many articles on fitness, weight loss, herbal remedies and various diseases and conditions. He is also an active member of many social networks and is associated with some highly appreciated and popular health websites. One among them is Diabetes Natural Treatment. This website focuses on treating diabetes through planned healthy diet, exercises and herbal supplements especially formulated for natural diabetes treatment.

Erotic Foreplay Techniques to Please a Woman during Lovemaking