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RYAN MURRAY BA (HONS) ARCHITECTURE INTERNATIONAL Leeds, West Yorkshire E-mail: Telephone: 07904997112 Portfolio: PROFILE I have always had a a love for design and making. Since I was young I have spent time drawing, through out school i studied Art and Graphic Design. However it was during my time at Art College where i had the opportunity to explore 3D design that i knew i wanted to pursue a career in Architecture. The ability to design and manipulate space for people to experience is the alluring aspect of Architecture to me, it provides the opportunity to make my ideas a reality and to allow other to experience the joy of a building that has been specifically designed for them. I am a very hard working and committed individual. I consider myself to be a logical and methodical designer who strives for the best results in every aspect of my work which means I am very meticulous in my design process. Working as past of dynamic team is something I love and I relish the opportunity of collaborating with other to develop richer architectural designs. My strongest skill is my sketch design and idea generation and having the opportunity to work on difficult design problems in order to produce interesting Architecture. During my career my main ambition is to explore the architectural design of homes to see how they can be improved to help solve social and economic problems. This was the subject of my dissertation and during my research i developed a very strong interest in this aspect of architecture.

EDUCATION University of Huddersfield 2012-2015 BA Hons Architecture (International) - 2:1 2 design projects each year, plus urban studies and investigations in the planning of towns. Both second year projects involved community feedback, including a live brief and meetings with local residents. Undertook international field trips each year; Year 1 Holland, Year 2 Barcelona and Year 3 design project in Yunnan, China which included working with local students and producing an urban study book. Throughout my time at University I have been involved in reviews in the studio for 1st & 2nd years in order to help them develop their designs and giving another students’ perspective on their projects. I was recently involved in the Pavilion design by 500 Words of Design (student fanzine about design) for the Huddersfield Architecture Festival. Leeds College of Art 2011-2012 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design - Merit   Crawshaw School, Leeds 2009-2011 A-Levels Art - A* Economics - A Maths – D 12 GCSEs all A-B Maths A English A B

SKILLS Programs: Languages: AutoCAD German GCSE ArchiCAD Sketchup Photoshop Illustrator InDesign I am the holder of a full UK driving license.

EXPERIENCE Architects Practice For my high school work experience I worked in a local architects practice for two weeks. It was during this time that I realised that this was the career which I wanted to pursue, during my time there I had the opportunity to work on a number of different projects from domestic home extensions to large developments such as an apartment building. I gained experience on AutoCAD, as well as SketchUp and I was invited back by the Architect to work for the duration of the Summer holidays which was really exciting for me and meant I was able to make a number of site visits to one particular project and see it develop of a short period of time. Primark I have worked part time for Primark for over four years and during this time I have become an experienced and valued member of staff. I am often asked by my line manager and supervisor to help them with essential tasks throughout the store, such as remerchandising, showing I am a respected part of the team as well as a trustworthy individual. I regularly work as part of a team to help maintain the standards of the store but I am also capable of working individually e.g putting out new stock from deliveries. Working in a fast paced retail environment, I have to regularly meet deadlines, and be pro-active e.g offering guidance and support to new employees. I am constantly interacting with either my colleagues or the general public and this has helped me develop good communication skills. I can listen carefully, deliver instructions and clearly articulate my thoughts/ideas to others. Recently I applied for a position on the specialist Visual Merchandising team. I was chosen for the role due to my creative background and understanding of fashion. In my current role it is my job to interpret the mood boards and create eye catching and stylish outfits which represent the latest fashion trends. I have to consider how the mannequin fit with the wider aesthetic of the store. During my time as a Visual Merchandiser members of staff from other stores have visited my store to take inspiration from our displays and how the store has been merchandised. Problem solving skills are essential to my job as the store is constantly changing layout/trends which means mannequins and displays need to be changed, so it is up to me to make sure the store is looking as modern and fashionable as possible. I am constantly communicating with managers and department staff when carrying out jobs. This is important as staff need to know if stock has been moved etc. Even though I work as part of a small team I often have to work independently which means I am responsible for creating a job list for my shift and I have to manage my time efficiently so as to make sure all jobs are completed by their deadline. Since graduating, in my free time I have carried out modelling work for a local interior design studio. This work included producing a 3D computer model of one of their projects so they could use the model to show their client the proposal for the scheme.

INTERESTS I am a very active person, I am a big football fan. I often play 5 a side twice a week and enjoy running and keeping fit. Travelling is something which I also enjoy. Over the past few years I have been to Holland, Spain, Greece, Portugal, China and Hong Kong. I love to experience new places, cultures and meeting new people. I am also a student member of the RIBA this enables to me to keep up to date with the latest developments, not only in the field of architecture but also product design and fashion.

Thank you taking the time to read my CV

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Architecture CV