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portfolio ryan alexis michka

working ground floor

working north section // thesis //

// Architecture can serve the needs of evolving and ever-diversifying communities in the interest of providing a platform for intellectual development, shared thought, building local social networks, and lessening the division between different social and ethnic groups. // My thesis research focuses on the ways architecture can facilitate interaction and participation among individuals in a community, and how it can be used in the interest of integrating refugees within those communities. By reinventing the idea of an urban commons, my thesis project seeks to make neighborhoods more social and open-minded. My thesis design is currently a work in progress.

My name is Ryan Michka and I am passionate about all things ryan mic creative. When I am not working on my school projects, I enjoy exploring other artistic pursuits; playing instruments alone or with friends, woodworking, designing and building guitars, model-making, and various art projects. Outside the artistic field, I enjoy backpacking, hiking, climbing, reading, listening to records, and going to see live music at every opportunity. My travels have given me the opportunity to experience a wide variety of cultures and meet a diverse range of people, and I enjoy getting outside my comfort zone to see all the world has to offer. (above) hiking Jezera, Croatia.




project // education center location // los angeles program // combination research

and education center with an emphasis on migratory species including the addition of several exhibition spaces for use as a mult-functional and adaptable community space in central LA. Completed in third year, this project was an experiment in structural, facade, and kinetic systems.

bimetallic strip facade // Bimetallics change shape due to fluctuations in heat, allowing the building to ‘breath’ in warm weather, as panels open to allow airflow. Panels take inspiration from that of bird feathers in flight.

Additionally, panels have rotational movement which allows the west facade to track the sun during the day and either block or allow sunlight based on weather conditions.



Movable research pods attach to the building facade and may be moved and set up in any location to act as small, outfittable, research stations, habitational units, educational installations, or migratory pit stops.

south section



east section


project // mixed use-market hall location // nuremberg, germany program // combination living

space, market hall, cafes/ restaurants, and international center located adjacent the river Pignitz and near the NĂźrnberg Altstadt. Completed in fourth year, this project again draws inspiration from German design philosophies, seeking to fulfill the role of providing a regular gathering place for members of the community .



02 west elevation

west section

market stand

south elevation + section


project // gallery/residence location //


program //

combination art exhibition space and artists in residence located within the Englischer Garten in Munich.

design intent // look at project as

bridge between artists and public, historic and contemporary design, and between city and park. Form was drawn by synthesizing the formal and circulatory qualities of bridges. Completed in fourth year while living in Biberach, this project drew inspiration from both German architectural theory and graphic representational style.





03 02





section model 1:24 model of structural connections and facade system


laser cut model 1:200 chipboard model of market hall mixed use project


hand-cut model early design project for a single family residence

Design credenza [ply] simplistic baltic birch plywood piece. Legs hand-turned on lathe from walnut blanks. Miter joints strengthened by wooden spline.

guitar crusader electric Fully functional electric guitar, 100% personally designed, constructed, wired, and finished. Inspiration was drawn from 1950’s guitar design. -alder body -maple neck

twostep user-defined furniture

The combination of rotational movement and pins allows for a wide range of applications and functions of which a small selection are shown at right.

thank you for your consideration.

Ryan Michka Architecture Portfolio  
Ryan Michka Architecture Portfolio