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Presentation for October 23,  2013

The experience. Just for You.


15 Minutes From Airport!

Free Shuttle Service !

300 Free Parking Spaces!

Hassle-Free Travel


Cross Country Partnering!

Toast to Travelers!

Experience Nighttime Entertainment!

Seamless introductions


Award-Winning Chef: Ricardo Guido!

Wide set of Menu Choices!

Restaurants Nearby!

Dinner made Just for You

Guest Rooms

Variety of room types and sizes!

$10 group discount per room!

Free suite for every 40 booked!

Stay in a room Just for You

Meeting Space

8000 ft2 of Renovated Space!

A/V Equipment In-House!

Trained Tech Staff On Hand!

An unforgettable view!

Give an effective presentation

Awards Banquet

Stage and equipment set up!

A/V Support to record and stream!

Dinner prepared and catered!

Proper recognition of hard work


Transportation without hassle!

Facilities are Newly Renovated!

Trained, Attentive Staff!

Award-Winning Dining!

An experience made just for you.

Cardinal Health - Presentation and Notes  

This presentation was part of a semester long project that established a client looking to book a hotel and meeting space for an annual busi...

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